Do not give these guys anything. When they try to verify your identity, deny the information even if it is right. Place a freeze on your credit with the three bureaus. Contact the BBB.
This has to be related to the Experian breach. As the debt they were trying to collect on is 6 years old and already paid in full.
Hope this helps.
 Feb 08th, 2018
This number has called my 15 year old SON and my grown daughter's boyfriend asking for ME, reporting to have some sort of complaint and can they give him information about me. (I do NOT pick up any numbers I don't know). He left a name DON TERRY. I am aware of scammers everywhere so I just ignore, but I am a bit unnerved as to how they connected my daughter's boyfriend with me, or how they found it to call me 15 year old son.
 Feb 07th, 2018
Some lady called leaving a message that my wife has a formal complaint, called same number back spoke to bob wells, saying that there’s a court next week that my wife needs to attend.... ( in ny you haves to be served papers before any court proceedings) said I didn’t know what I was talking about calling me a “big shot, when I told him to F off he mocked me, total scam scum bags
New York
 Feb 06th, 2018
These are some really nasty people. They called my work office and when I called back some mean guy screamed at me, “I’ll see you in court”, without any explanation.
 Feb 03rd, 2018
They called me today and literally said the same thing everyone else is saying in here. They are full of shit
New York
 Feb 02nd, 2018
They Called under unknown but left their phone number in the voice mail. It was a girl that left a message for my wife. The girl said it was an urgent message regarding a formal complaint about our property (she has the correct address which isn’t hard to piece together) that she had questions to ask my wife and to contact The issuing office at 844-378-8610 with a file number 21496 ASAP failure to do so and they will be FORCED to proceed with further action without her participation..... (then there was a long pause I think she was trying to read a head on her script lol). Complete scam my friends don’t waist your energy on this. Booming economy and still some piece of crap would rather be a career criminal and risk going to prison then get a job while the jobs are good. Special place in hell for these people They bully their way through phone call after phone call until they finally get that one person that is ill informed, scared, elderly, and gullible. Wait till your god judges you. stealing from the old and innocent. Your a piece of something alright. Burn in hell you coward!!
 Feb 01st, 2018
They called and left a message that they have a legal file against me and they are notifing me and sending a letter to my employer. They also knew my employer name. They stopped called months ago and are now calling me again. Can’t find any legit information about their company.
 Jan 31st, 2018
They just called me saying there was a formal complaint about my property. Gave a file # too. As I was calling back I did a search of the phone number & found this site. He wanted info & I refused telling him I see this phone number is associated with a scam. He said that I called the "Executive Offices". I said that is your business name? He said yes it is. I hung up & he called back 2 more times very belligerent & threatening that he will show me! I laughed & laughed....
The End
 Jan 25th, 2018
I just got off the phone with good ol bob wells said im going to court laughed at him told him im looking at his number on google and got really defensive about it
 Jan 25th, 2018
My sister who has never lived with me got a call today from this # saying there was a complaint filed for my home address and tried to get info from her. Refused to give her any information about the complaint nor what company/organization they were calling from. HUGE SCAM
 Jan 24th, 2018
 Jan 24th, 2018
Called & left a message saying there was a complaint and that I or my lawyer needed to call. They didn’t come right out and say the complaint was about me or if it was a complaint I made. Seems shady & since the number is on this list already I assume it’s a scam.
 Jan 24th, 2018
I got the number of 1-844-378-8610. Same person Bob Wells called stating that I had an outstanding balance of over $1,000 dollars. I am glad to see that this is in fact a scam and also not on my credit report.
 Jan 23rd, 2018