Mike, I agree with you completely, that this is a form of bullying and harassment. A person who lives due south and right next door to me has been harassing me using the phone ever since he moved in, starting October 10, 1999. He thinks it is cute to harass women who have no man in the house to stand up for them. I also have definite reason to know that he is connected with drug cartels in Mexico and Venezuela, but the police here are paid off by his "friends" and won't do anything to stop his racketeering. So, I try to ignore him and hope that he will stay out of my way.

When I had an answering machine on my phone, he fried each one. After the second one, I gave up on answering machines altogether. I know he watches for when I leave home and when I return. He probably even keeps track of when I'm in the "necessary room" by when the light and the heater/AC is on. When I go out to mow the lawn, he hides in a window, taking pictures of me.

You can bet that within the hour, the scam and spam phone calls will begin. (I just hung up a while ago with a friend, and no sooner did I hang up, than a nuisance call began to ring. Now, I have caller ID, and as soon as I see the tell-tale IDs of "Toll Free Call", "Private Caller", or "Incoming Call", I know not to answer at all. I have filed reports with whocalledus, Number investigator, Do Not Call, and the FCC. All of this keeps right on happening, especially those credit card bimbos. The next thing left to do is to contact my local elected officials.

The real criminal, as stated in postings here at whocalledus for various numbers is the phone company (dare I suggest AT&T?). According to the postings, the phone company sells blocks of phone numbers (to whom?), and then this source packages the numbers in lots of 1,000. One such package is allegedly owned by a company in Hong Kong.

The Attorney General's office will check on numbers for which it receives complaints, but it takes two weeks to get an investigation going, say for the number 835-210-0001. By the time two weeks are up, the number has been rolled over to 835-210-0002.

This practice of selling blocks of numbers must stop. You and I and everyone who has a home, cell, or office phone pays a lot for that privilege and that number. The Attorney General should investigate the Phone Company, and fast! (But the Phone Company makes money this way. Well, it's consumer fraud.) Thanks for letting me have my say.
 Nov 14th, 2011