Scammer - 18327494574: address so i can make the payment right now. 2:55 PM
Scammer - 18327494574: Structural Engineer for Don Pedro offshore oil and im currently onboard right now. I will be paying with my paypal account text me back with your paypal email 2:55 PM
Scammer - 18327494574: I'm okay with your asking price, but i will like to ask few questions; Why are you selling? the present condition? im buying it for my Step Dad.. I'm a 2:55 PM
Scammer - 18327494574: i will be responsible for the payment fees/charges on this transaction do not worry about shipping or picking up as my pick up agent will come and pick it 2:55 PM
Scammer - 18327494574: up from you once I make the payment to you.Hoping to hear back from you soon 2:55 PM
North Carolina
 Mar 13th, 2015