Telemarketer trying to get me to "SAVE MONEY" by choosing DTE ENERGY as my electric supplier. Agent offered to walk me through the steps necessary to change my current supplier to DTE. I refused telling the caller that every time I get a call offering to save me money it ends up costing me money it time and cost.
 Jan 15th, 2014
Telemarketer trying to sell discounted electrical service. I talked to Carol at length. If I accept their service, I have to agree to a 1 year contract during which time my rate is locked-in. After 1 year, my rates are subject to change (read increase). My savings would be about $2 a month. I'm guessing the second year will make up the difference. You make your on decision if they call you. I turned them down. Since I am a business, they are not bound by the do not call registry. If they call you and you are on the don not call list, do not report them to "do not call", make your complaint to the FCC. They might actually do something about it. The do not call bureau is like the presidential jobs council - they meet twice a year, have lunch, get their pay check and go back to doing whatever they were doing before they were interrupted to report to Barry Obaman
 Feb 14th, 2013