I received a call from a guy with an Indian accent, from a local number 832-454-9049) stating that he was from Card Services. The reason for his call was to offer me a much lower rate than my current creditors (Visa/MasterCard) offered, because I’d been making my payments on time.

This guy knew my credit card numbers, balances, available credit...He knew it All.

I asked if he was calling from a call center and was told yes. I asked for a number to verify and was given 800-847-2911.

I grew more and more suspecious and questioned him more, he then hung up. I called the real Card Services for Visa/MasterCard and was told it was a scam.

Why wasn’t this scam made public to Visa/MasterCard holders? What ever happened to consumer protection?

If you get such a call ask them to not call again. Block the number. SCAM ALERT 🚨
 Sep 19th, 2018