Got a voicemail from someone claiming to be from the IRS saying there has been an error on my tax filings. Scam, ignore, and block.
 Jan 10th, 2018
New York
 Jan 09th, 2018
Called the number back, but it was on a voice mail that did not sound professionally done. I doubt shes with IRS
 Jan 09th, 2018
Computer voice telling me that they were the IRS and I did something wrong on my taxes. Total scam - I hung up and blocked number on my phone.
 Jan 09th, 2018
This person is claiming to be with the IRS she will tell you that you have a federal warrant out for you arrest by the end of the day if you so nor come to an arrangement she will tell you if you on social security that you have not been doing your taxes right and you are being sued for x amout of dollars I was told 1,179 dollars and I had to today or I would go to jail either pay that in full or make payment arrangements. Also all my accounts are frozen. She ask how much do I have in the bank and I told her I think 10 dollars. Instantly the call was ended and not by me because I told her I was going to call the IRS myself then I was told if I hung up that there would be nothing for she could do to see if this was a mistake and I was a law bidding citizen or if I did this with malicious intent to our government. I recorded the call and told her the call was being record. I ask her name how it spelled if she had a identification number or a bag number she gave me one I asked which branch she was working out of she sound very legitimate but something didn't feel right I've never gotten anything in the mail from the IRS and then all of a sudden I'm being sued and but to go to jail. Well after the call I did a reverse look up to the number it came back to a Tarsia Tarsia with New Cingular Wireless PCS IL YXMAX COMMUNICATIONS FROM HOUSTON TEXAS AND THE PHONE HAS ONLY BEEN FUNCTIONAL SINCE 1-14-2009 I CALLED THE NUMBER BACK AND HER VOICE MAIL IS EVEN SET UP TO BEING AN AGENT SO IF ANYONE CAN FIND A WAY TO SHUT THIS WOMAN'S COMMUNICATIONS DOWN THAT WOULD BE GREAT RIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS SHE SCAMMING A LOT OF PEOPLE HAD I NOT JUST BEEN SCAMMED AND KNOW THE SIGNS I PROBABLY WOULD OF BEEN RIPPED OF FOR MY CHRISTMAS MONEY. SO PLEASE IF ANYONE KNOWS A WAY TO SHUT HER DOWN I HAVE THE RECORDING IF IT NEEDS TO BE HEARD OF NOT JUST CALL HER PHONE LISTEN TO HER VOICE MAIL IT'S ALL RIGHT THERE.
 Dec 21st, 2017