This outfit has called with recorded messages on my cell TWICE today, already. Not only is there nobody there, but it's a defective recording, and the only option is 1 to contract for Dish Net services.

I will NEVER purchase ANYTHING that I can tell is connected with Dish Networks! Such nuisance calls (and e-Mail spam before that) have been going on for YEARS! As far as I am concerned, they already owe me service (or payment) for HOURS of wasted time due to their unsolicited and unwanted contacts.

I was cross-eyed enough that it turns out it was 818-870-8183, not (818) 887-8183 but I don't see any way to correct it -- so see and won't take this full rant, anyways, on one listing, so part of it will go over to the RIGHT number.

The interesting thing is that I am in Wyoming, and Wyoming Consumer Protection laws FORBID this kind of call by any business, whereever located. Since Wyoming has one unique area code, and my cellphone is in that area code, the caller has no excuse to not know that. It's obviously a "recorded advertisement" business.

So, the state or some sharp lawyer could OWN these companies, just from the punitive damages! There is zero doubt in my mind that they use a sequential dialer, with NO checks for "listed" numbers, and that "discovery" would prove that.

Note also, that while "good faith error" is a defense for National "Do Not Call" list, it is NOT a defense for calling unlisted numbers!
Trakfone User
 Feb 02nd, 2008