Chase Collections calls 8am-9pm 7 days a week (including Sunday's and National holidays)paying absolutely no attention to a particular State's Collection Laws. While it's true, theoredically they are not regulated by the "Fair Debt Practices Guidlines" since the guidlines are intented for regulating 3rd party collection agencies and they are collecting 'their own paper'. However, many states, such as Texas, where I live, have State Laws that expressly forbid calling anytime after 9pm and before 8am local time Monday throught Saturday or at all on Sunday's and holidays, JP Morgan Chase pays no attention. They also start their harrassment at the 10 day delinquent stage of aging. Someday someone will bring them down--but it won't be me, i like to play with the morons too much when they call---most of them are real jags--and if your real lucky--someone from INDIA calls (they are the most fun)--ROLF. Some other numbers Chase uses are, 1-210-586-0050, 1-407-771-0978, 1-407-771-0887and 1-402-220-4351 and their newest 1-816-936-3784--enjoy fellow "Deadbeats"---LOL.
 Sep 08th, 2008
US Govt
 Jun 21st, 2007