Same info as all the other calls. Started last night. Three time today in the last 5 hours.
This is a scam, don't answer your phone. Caller ID is Jaclyn Carzoli.
We started getting calls last night from this number with the caller id "Jaclyn Carzoli". They just called again, for about the 8th time. I finally answered and had a similar experience as described below - silence and then a robotic "good bye". I hope it's goodbye forever!
A guy has called me countless times from this number. I finally answered and he said he was from Windows 10, I told him I don't have Windows 10. He then told me he was calling from Microsoft. I told him I wasn't interested several times and had to hang up on him. He has called both of my numbers countless times since. I recently answered again to ask him to stop calling me, I'm on the do not call list and he told me, "No". I was shocked he didn't just lie and say okay. He continues to call both of my numbers and I'm not sure how to get him to leave me alone.
A guy from from this number has called 7 times and claims we haves an issue with Windows. We tell him we have a Mac . We told him to take us off his calling list but he keeps calling. We hang up on him. Get these people OFF the PHONE! Every night he calls. Caller ID says Jaclyn Carzoli
 Nov 11th, 2017
This number has called me numerous times about 7 and this time I answer. No one spoke nothing just hung up with what seemed to be an automated good bye
 Nov 09th, 2017
When I said I only have an iPhone he said he would buy it. I said it’s not for sale. He said he was on his way already and just a block from my house. I told him no several times and hung up. He called back and told me not to hang up. I told him I have a big dog and I was calling the police. He called back two more times but I didn’t answer. Relieved to find out this is happening in other states too.
 Oct 25th, 2017
multiple calls ----- twice in one hour\ Missouri
 Oct 14th, 2017
Called at 4:45 pm about my computer. She said her name is Jaclyn Carzoli. I told her I don't have a computer and to take my number off of her list. I'm sure that probably didn't do any good.
 Oct 09th, 2017
Scam....called 2x within an hour. claims to be Microsoft. Told them I have no computer so they hung up on me.
 Oct 08th, 2017
Multiple calls from this number, no voice just hangs up. Caller ID says caller is Jacklyn Carzoli. Most recent call was @ 3:01 pm on 10.05.17. "Scam" call I believe.
 Oct 06th, 2017
Scam call. Claimed to be with Microsoft. "About your computer". Told him I have an Apple and to remove my number from his list. He hung up. Have received several calls since then.
 Oct 05th, 2017
Called me multiple times from it said plainfield illinois also came back as same name. Also it would not let me call them back!
 Oct 05th, 2017
Scam claiming to be Microsoft hacker protection; wants to gain access to your computer to help you solve "your problem". Caller ID is Jacyln Carzoli.
 Oct 04th, 2017