I called Mr Edward Dements personal number, 813-985-3783, in the early evening, and get this, he was upset I called his personal number! I mentioned now he knows how I feel every day getting calls from investment companies I am not nor was ever remotely interested in, which he sold my # to.
He did give me a number to call to get my name removed, 813-987-2490, half afraid to call, as one post says that just verifies an active number.
It was good to hear him get irritated anyway. Call him anytime!
 Dec 11th, 2012
For anyone referring back to this string, apparently my number was put back on the call list or never taken off. Once again, I've been receiving calls from people wanting me to invest. So I tried all previously listed numbers to L&J and none worked. I did a search and found one today that did work and spoke with Marvette, who supposedly put my number on their Do Not Call list. Of course I was nice and polite and she was too.

It appears that a current working number is: 813.987.2490

C. Hopkins
C. Hopkins
 Apr 19th, 2011