The calls coming from this phone number are likely a SCAM. Many people are reporting these calls with the following information in their caller ID: Louise Moreau, Matthews, Pierce and Lloyd commercial debt recovery specialists) in Tampa, Fl, and Florida

This sounds very similar to the warning from the BBB regarding SCAMMERS who are using the phone numbers of regular people and small businesses to attempt to get people
to pick up the phone.

Sadly, Louise Moreau and Matthews, Pierce and Lloyd have most likely joined the ranks (without even
knowing it ) of many others who recently have had their phone numbers hi-jacked (spoofed) as well: a florist in cape coral, fl; a florist in naples, fl; a child care center in Zephyrhills, fl; a 77 year old man in venice fl; an 86 year old woman in haines city,fl; a carpet business in fort myers, fl;
and a small Italian family business in tampa, fl.
Don't answer the phone no matter what the caller ID says!
 Sep 30th, 2014