They said they were my credit card company (either mastercard or visa). When I asked for the company name he said "Direct Credit Card Services". I asked for the address and he told me Texas although the caller ID said Tampa, Fl. He would not provide me with full address. He wanted to give me a low interest rate for life!! Pretty unbelievable. He hung up when I pressed him for more info on the company, which credit card and how he got my number.
 Jul 26th, 2013
called my cell phone at 9:59PM. Didn't answer. Drop dead.
fed up
 Jul 26th, 2013
I received a call from this number yesterday at 6:31pm and there was a hang-up as soon as I answered. I have friends and biz assocs in the Tampa, Florida 813 area code, so I didn't have a problem answering a number I didn't recognize. I called back and was notified that it was a "non-working number."

This morning I happened to look at my checking account online and noticed an unauthorized "Point of Sale" purchase FOR $30.63 at JFK airport in NY last night at approx. 8:30PM. I was in Florida. I contacted my bank to report a possible fraud and they noted that there was also a $5.95 "PoS" purchase at a California airport very early this morning.

Point of Sale purchase means that someone physically used a card to make a purchase. I have to believe that the farcical call was to confirm my telephone number or some other information so that these criminals can duplicate debit and credit cards. Everyone who receives a call from this number should immediately check their bank accounts or credit card activity to make sure there are no fraudulent transactions.
 Jul 25th, 2013
Didn't answer. No voice mail left. I returned the call and a message came on to say this number is not a working number. It must be sales.
 Jul 24th, 2013
They rang my cell phone. As I did not recognize the number, I did not answer. They have rung my phone several times in the past few weeks. I screen all my calls and will not answer a call from any number that I do not recognize. If it's important to them, they can talk to my voice mail. Most times, they don't bother. Must not be very important.
 Jul 22nd, 2013
I received a call right now by this number.. didn't know who so never picked it up
 Jul 21st, 2013
My husband answered and there was a message that said this was the last chance to talk about our cc interest rate. My husband asked what his (my husband's) name was and after much delay the man on the other end gave the wrong name. My husband told him where to go and hung up.
 Jul 19th, 2013
Credit card
W Patterson
 Jul 19th, 2013
Someone was on the other line when I picked up. I could hear background noises. They never said a word. So I hung up.
 Jul 18th, 2013