scammers. They have several number they call from and if you actually get someone to talk to you they will try to convince you that you are about to be arrested. I am sure if I pretended that I believed them they would have a solution for me that I am sure would involve monry. Get as much information as you can without giving them any of your information and then report them to the FTC your local distric attorneys office and any where else you can think of that will try to help. They tell you they are legal assistants with the sate and will give a name of what sounds like a law firm. If such a firm does exist where you live call them and let them know they are bing used as part of a scam and they will also assist in stopping this.Yes they will just try from a new number but do what you can so they are not able to get someone to actually believe them (like your grand mother0 and milk them of every cent they have
 Aug 23rd, 2013