Some notes on this "scum":

Same old tired old "PAIN RELIEVING CREME" SCAM which is a PHISHING SCAM for ID THEFT (Name/Address/SS#, etc) and BANKING FRAUD (acct numbers, etc.) Has called from other numbers including 458-201-1265 and 458-201-1270. Also, 949-256-6278 (yesterday) and 302-257-7802 (8/25/14). Also uses the CID of "ST", calling from 805-408-8317 (7/14/14) and 714-607-6430 (7/11/14). Probably connected to other calls, with other names, but since I try not to let it go to ans. machine NOR do I answer these calls, there are probably more I do not realize.

BTW, THIS call (458-201-1262) came in just NINETEEN (19) MINUTES after a call from "UNAVAILABLE" at **888-568-6514** that I *did* allow to go to answering machine, thinking it MIGHT be 'valid.' (I've inadvertently hung up on VALID calls, thinking they were also spam!) Rang FOUR times, then disconnected. Machine set to FIVE rings. Suspect they were just TROLLING for valid numbers, since I pick up/hang up after just ONE ring of the "SVC" numbers - and any other I'm sure are SPAM - to BREAK the calls and 'confuse' the robodialers (when I can). Looks like I'm in for another round of 3-6 calls DAILY, now.

New Mexico
 Sep 10th, 2014