Initial call got blocked as they were trying to hide who they were; using call routing to display a local number. A neighbor came by 2 days later stating they received a call from same company on my behalf. Telling them I had called this company back in Dec and they were now trying to reach me to lend me some help. Having now done Internet searches and knowing I didn't call this company, I believe they're a very devious Credit Recovery Service. My searches returned a relationship to Citibank's Credit Card Service; I owed them before becoming disabled. Based on their actions and everything else, I can only assume this is whom the number belongs to. The actual company name is DuPont De Nemours, it is not DuPont Chemical; they designate "E I" in their name. They're also using a Toll Free number; 800-866-5317; if they can leave a message. If you're on Verizon and want to activate Call Block; wait for dial tone, press Star Key followed by 77, then hang up. Press the Star Key and then 87 to deactivate it.
 Feb 07th, 2009