After some research, it appears there is a VOIP phone exchange number in Henrico Country, VA (town: Varina) which has been sold/leased to one or more telemarketers. The callers may be anywhere in the world when they call over this number. If you check out another number from the same exchange804-234-9010, you will see that many people have reported this as a car warranty scam. In the case of the calls from (804) 234-9049, I was left a message telling me I had "won a cruise." As I have not entered any such contest, nor did the caller address me by name, I figured it was a scam and did not return the call. In fact, it may be more than a scam, the callers may ask for personal data, e.g. credit card information, as part of the operation. As I am on the do-not-call list, I shall report this outfit.
 May 20th, 2010