This telemarketer harassing me just about wants my credit card to charge postage to receive a $100 Walmart gift card, but won't identify the company...IT A SCAM I have asked that I not call me again, but it has and continues to ignore my requests!!!! I have filed a formal complaint, nothing has been done...AND I AM ON A DO NOT CALL REGISTRY...this company or person should be FINED TO THE MAX I am contacting the local authorities in Montpelier, VT to file another complaint. PLEASE STOP THIS SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEFORE SOMEONE ELSE PAYS THE PRICE WHO IS NOT SMART ENOUGH TO SEE THROUGH THE CRAP AND SCAM!
sharon godrick
 Feb 01st, 2014
I have received several calls from the above-referenced from Montpelier, Vermont landline...I listened to the telemarketer who as for my credit card information to pay for postage to supposedly mail a $100 gift card, etc. I told them I would not give my credit card information to a company the telemarketer refused to identify....I asked not to call me again and to stop harassing me....I receive calls and have continued to receive calls since a week ago just about on a daily basis.... I do not want to be part of a scam and will file a formal suit of this does not stop!
sharon godrick
 Jan 29th, 2014
its a telemarketing call....
Diane Bogdan
 Jan 23rd, 2014