Call Lexington Law 888-683-2455 they will end collector calls and clean up credit scores for you. I had an ex-wife leave me a mess, they took care of business at a reasoable fee! I wish I would have found them sooner.
 Oct 24th, 2012
U r fucking retarded, all of you. Get ur fucking facts straights and stay out of other ppls goddamn business. So fuUcccckkk uuuuuuu
 Sep 09th, 2010
What's wrong with A&S Collection Associates, Inc you ask? They are drug dealers. Google, Ronald Saldi cocaine, to see the article in the Vermont newspaper. Google, Arizona A&S Collection, to see a copy of the court case revoking their collection agency license. Write to and include the above information to the Attorney General in your state, The Attorney General in Vermont, The Better Business Bureau for Vermont, The Federal Trade Commission, Arizona Department of Financial Institutions, Equifax and the Minnesota Department of Commerce. Good Luck!
 Mar 18th, 2009
what's wrong with these people????
 May 25th, 2008
also got calls within the last several days with nasty message; referred to me and hubby by name although we have nothing joint except our house (which is paid for free & clear). I noticed another Toya in the comments--maybe looking for another LaToya who has some debts outstanding (my married last name is very common) and they are just calling anybody with anumber similar.
 Jan 04th, 2008
Called looking for person of same name as husband's. Wouldn't believe what they were told about incorrect. Got snotty and threatened to ruin our credit!
 Jan 04th, 2008
Have received several calls in the last few days from this number. No messages left.
 Dec 20th, 2007
It is 12 noon and I have already had 4 calls from this number. On the 5th call they called with a different number, 802-433-2101 listed as private call. They left a message saying the call was from Verizon Wireless to upgrade my service, which I unfortunately just did. If I had known the calls were from them I would have canceled the service and gone to another carrier.
 Nov 27th, 2007
Some yahoo named "Jennifer" keeps calling and leaving snotty messages for someone named "Rachel." Ain't got no Rachel here...which I would tell her if she ever called when someone was home.
Annoyed Callee
 May 18th, 2007
A & S Collections Associates, Inc.
2847 VT Rt 14
Williamstown, VT 05679
802-433-2100 fax: 802-433-2124

Ron Saldi, Saldi Enterprises...802-433-2100

Chip Saldi Owner

Erin Class of 2010
 Oct 14th, 2006
They call on Saturday's as well as during the week. they call several times a day.
Michael Stark
 Sep 02nd, 2006