This group of obstinate pests obviously use an online identity search program (such as Spokeo, Find a Friend, Face-Book, Ancestry etc.)and then auto-dials everyone within a certain geographical area with the same or similar last name as the "target"; sort of a shotgun effect type hunting style, if you will. Nothing new about the process, same as the 1980's , just waaaayy easier to pull off with today's technology. And they don't care who they offend, pester, or harass, as long as it works. This is simply a way of playing the law of averages, and eventually ONE of the people being harassed WILL either BE the "target" or know them and give this company the information they desire JUST TO BE LEFT ALONE. It stinks, but it's also highly unlikely it will be stopped because it IS so successful.. Something to think about for folks who feel the need to "tweet" or "post on their wall" every aspect of their (and their loved ones) lives.. My observation, nothing more, nothing less..
 Feb 18th, 2014
I took my daughter to the Er on October 1,2013. Then on October 31,2013 my daughters hospital bill was put up for collections. How the hell can this be possible. You people didnt even give me time to pay it. Then you tell me that it is going on my credit. Hello, my daughter is 18 years old.
 Nov 05th, 2013
I took my baby to the ER. The doctor just checked her. Gave her a tylenol and a prescription. There was no tests taken to the lab. Whatever the nurse, doctor checked on her it was the same as to go to a twgular doctor. This HRRG sent me a letter to pau $817.00. I am so mad because how can you get such a expensive bill fpr being in a hospital less than a hour and haven't nothing special to do? I am going to file to Medicaid to see if they are going to pay. But even if medicaid pays it is not fair the amount was given
 Aug 14th, 2013
they keep calling my husban wanting money, they said if we dont pay then they will go after our credit. they say you can pay online, go to thier site and it says clearly they are a debt collection agency. we cant afford for them to attack our credit
 Apr 23rd, 2013
Call Lexington Law 888-683-2455 they will end collector calls and clean up credit scores for you. I had an ex-wife leave me a mess, they took care of business at a reasoable fee! I wish I would have found them sooner.
 Oct 24th, 2012
Suprisingly i haven't really had any problems with HRRG. They called one time to let me know that i had a bill to pay, they asked when i could make the payment, I told them i would need a week, and they gave me two. They only called that one time and they have been very helpful since then whenever i call them to make sure my payments are going through. Im sorry that everyone else is having problems with them. Maybe i just got Lucky. I dunno. But i mean, if you make small payments on a weekly basis im sure they'll leave you alone, and if they dont then bring it to a lawyer for harrassment.
 Oct 13th, 2012
Hey Matthews.
I pay my bills. The reason I have medical in collections is between 2008 and 2011 - my company did not offer health insurance and I am a contractor with a pre-existing condition. For me to have purchased insurance from a special pool for "High Risk Patients" because of the pre-existing condition - it would have costed more than $1200 a month for limited services which I cant afford. During that time I started to have alot of problems related to that initial condition with ddd, a failed fusion from 2002, spinal stenosis and on and on. There were times where I had no choice but to go get treatment or risk being paralyzed.One visit to the ER encompasses 4 seperate bills that I can only pay a certain amount at a time. Then the episodes became more and more frequent and was admitted to the hospital for 2 days at $22,000 total bill. I dont make a ton of money and cannot take a second job because of the injuries. So my medical debt was uncontrollable through nobodies fault. I even sent letters to the Govenoner of TN to help. He responded and apologized for my situation and was referred to TENCARE - which will not cover a working single male.Long story short. I needed surgery or I would risk not being able to walk again. I begged and begged my employer to make a special exception in my case to put me on the company policy even though I was a contactor to have the necessary surgey - and because of my hard work, loyalty, honesty and character - they put me on the policy. And I had my surgery and I am still in alot of pain - but doing better - thank you. And paying what I can to those old bills and my child support and my taxes and my insurance (health/auto/life/renters) and my rent and the extras that my children need, it will take me a lifetime to pay those medical bills off. And as a result my 97% of the negative item on my credit report are medical collections, and I have to suffer with the results of that - by having to pay higher interest rates on used car - having to have a secured credit card because of the collections and so on - I accept my plight - even though it is not my fault - I make the best of it day to day. So, before you spout off with the general statement of people not paying their bills and labeling them as pieces of sh**, you need to see and feel my story and my pain. And if I could meet you face to face you would be sorry you ever opened your stupid mouth.
 Sep 14th, 2012
FYI man a lot of us have payed our bills and your are a pice of ****!
 Sep 05th, 2012
The guy said give me your birthday and last 4 dig of my Ssn. He yelled at me to give it to him and I told him I was calling the cop and he hung up the phone. These people are really making me mad. Something needs to be done with these people.
 Sep 05th, 2012
Once again
 Aug 31st, 2012
You know why these people call? It's because you people are pieces of shit that don't pay your bills. Had you been a decent human being and paid for the services you were rendered, you would not be getting these phone calls.

I am not racist, bigomist, prejudice or anything other than a free white male over 21 with a mind and the right to speak it. If you are under 18, please do not read my comments.

Tim Mathews
 Aug 31st, 2012
My husband went to a Florida hospital in 2009. He was billed separately from the hospital for the emergency room doctor's portion. By the time that I returned home he was already turned into the HRRG company. I tried to set up payments with the original company Parragon Emergency Svc. But they said it was too late. This was only 6 weeks later.

HRRG threatened ME, called non stop when I didn't adhere to their demands for MORE money per month. They told me to get a job, threatened court action. The list goes on & on. I tried to settle the account for less, but they refused. I have paid them religiously every month with a $10.00 money order. They quit sending me an invoice 1 1/2 years ago. Now I don't even receive a statement, so I have no idea where my money orders are going, or even if they are being credited to Parragon Emergency Svc.

Last month I sent a registered letter requesting an accounting. It's been 3 weeks and I have had no contact from them. I also offered to settle the acount for a lessor amount at that time. I STILL have heard NOTHING!

I blocked their number from my phone, although they have used different numbers. When I see a number that I don't know I don't answer it, or I will pick up and just set the phone down. The calls have stopped. I told them to send an invoice in my letter to them. To date, nothing.
 Jun 07th, 2012
They call for my husband all the time but refuse to give me any info. Then ask him personal info but do not offer any settlement just lots of rudeness.
Mrs G
 May 09th, 2012
I am a Latino male, I don't speak english, but this people keep on calling my cell phone aking me for the date of my birth and a lot more personal information, and the worst part is that when we ask de identify themself, they refused and hung up the phone.....
Manuel Pacheco
 Dec 14th, 2011
Ijust got a call from them. Like others I know it is them that has been calling and when I answered and said it was that person (ready to make a settlement) they hung up on me as soon as I identified myself. What is that all about?
 Jun 10th, 2011
I get a wake-up call from them every morning. I don't answer of course, but it IS like having a free wake-up service, lol.
 May 12th, 2011
I have been dealing with this agency for the last few months and they have been nothing but rude to me. I tried making an agreement to send a monthly payment and they said they wanted it in full by midnight or they would put it on my credit report trying to scare me into paying them, but of course since they cannot legally do that since I was agreeing to make payment it did not happen. I had a service 6 months ago and it was never filed to my insurance and it was just taken care of after multiple calls requiring that my insurance co three wayed to them and this agency was even rude to them! If someone is calling them trying to work out a claim then this agency should at least have the decency to work with them especialy when it was not my or my insurance companie's fault, it was the main provider for not sending a claim. This agency needs to just be shut down. They obviously have no manners and do not care that we are in a recession and cannot pay a hospital bill in full.
 May 02nd, 2011
HRRG. some rude ppl.... they need to be shut down or sued...dose anyone know the address to HRRG? in missouri? will i guess it dosent matter all i need is a lawer .. they keep calling for someone thats doesnt even live this number...then there say i know they do .. HRRG is bout to get a rude awakenimg..
 Feb 07th, 2011
Caller: I have an important message for .............My name is Norman Spencer. What is your name? I want to speak with ............ She wants to speak with me. Tell her to call me back. 'Ax' her to call me. Do you have a pencil? Get a pencil and write this down. 'Ax' her to come to the phone. I know she wants to speak with me. She knows who I am. I am from HRRG. Just ax her to call me or talk to me now.

My comment: I have been getting these calls several times a week at my cell number. I have called all my medical contacts to find out what bill could be outstanding. I will not talk to this unknown 800 number. The caller is always rude and pushy. I don't owe any of my physicians or medical care facilities any money. How can I get rid of this unsolicited 800 phisher. I feel threatened.
Jean Copeland
 Feb 05th, 2011
My mother has been receiving calls from this number stating that she has a balance due on a physician's bill which we have already paid to the original physician. We have proof of payment and the person who received the payment at the original physician's office stated that there was never anything sent to any credit company.
 Jan 31st, 2011
I was seen in the ER Dept at a hospital in Florida while on vacation in March 2009. In May 2009, I received a bill from HRRG for services given while I was in ER. After some investigation, I was able to determine that HRRG was/is a collection agency that TeamHealth used/is using. When I contacted TeamHealth I found out that they had sent my original bill to the right name, right street address, BUT WRONG CITY & STATE!! After clarifying the address, TeamHealth sent me a bill which I paid. Also sent a letter to them explaining what happened.
In regards to those of you who are unable to pay your bills, you need to contact the health care provider (hospital, doctor, etc.) and find out the address that they want you to send a monthly payment to. Then you need to set up a monthly automatic payment from your bank to the health care provider. The amount can be as little as $5.00-$10.00. The main thing is that you pay SOMETHING MONTHLY to the health care provider, and not to HRRG. I have written a sample letter that I have used several times for several bills when I got sick and became unemployed for several months.
Sample Letter:

Attn: Collection Department/Accounts Payable/ Billing Dept.
Health Care Provider

RE: Name: Patient’s Name
Account #: Account number for this health care provider

Dear Manager;

I have set up a monthly payment through my bank, _____________, in (city, state). The bank will be sending (name of health care provider) a check for $__.__ on the 10th of the month starting 01/01/2011. I hope that this arrangement is agreeable with you. If my financial situation allows me to make additional payments besides the monthly payment, I will do so. (If you can set up the automatic payment via your computer, then print a copy of the payment agreement for your files and a copy to send with this letter.)

(You could add, “Please contact HRRG and notify them that I will be making monthly payment to your business office/accounts payable office so that HRRG needs to end any attempt to contact me. If HRRG continues to contact me, I will forward copies of everything that I receive from HRRG to your office.”

Thank you for your patience in this matter.



Also, if you owe money to a hospital, some of them have “Charity Forgiveness” where they “Forgive” your bill because of your unemployment status. You will have to complete a comprehensive financial report; however, it is worth the time. I had a few thousand dollars “Forgiven”. PTL!!
In regards to the telephone calls, you need to keep a log of each phone call, who you talk to (or who won’t talk to you), and what you talked about. It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you talk in a calm, professional, & business-like voice no matter what the caller says. Do NOT get angry. They want you to get angry. Use the broken record technique, such as, “I have made arrangements with ____________Hospital and am sending them a monthly payment. Please contact ___________Hospital for further information.” “Repeat message." “Repeat message again and again and again.” Remember to use a calm, business-like voice. Do not get in an argument with the caller--it will get you nowhere.
As to the letters that state that you hadn’t paid yet—you can contact your bank and ask them to verify whether the check has been processed. If it has, then you can send a copy of the front and back of the check to HRRG (and file their letters without worry.)
I hope that this helps. Yes, I worked for a health insurance company for a couple of years. These hints are some of the things that I learned that make it easier in regards to paying your bills.
 Jan 05th, 2011
HRRG Again! Enough warnings and BBB complaints. It's time to file a lawsuit against them for harassment and violations of the FCPA.
Dana Nutter
 Dec 17th, 2010
Why stop at complaints, MP? Send the collector a cease-comm and make its very next call too costly. The FTC and many consumer groups explain how.
 Dec 17th, 2010
Keep getting calls from HRRG for a Amanda who is unknown. Probably get our number because the way telephone listing is shown. They sure don't have correct information for a credir collection agency.!! Another call & i'll report them to the Gov't.
 Dec 16th, 2010
A "limit on notices"?! Yeah, sure. Daffy and Meg, if you haven't seen a dunning letter a week after that first call, and you're definitely their target, that's a Fair Debt violation.
 Dec 02nd, 2010
Received many calls from HRRG. For people that have illnesses and this is the respect you get? Harrassment and no way of paying an debt because the insurance companies don't pay in full. I pay enough weekly and barely get by due to all these extra expenses. They will get paid WHEN I FEEL LIKE PAYING AND NOT ONE MINUTE SOONER! I ignore all calls from them and all I get is a recording left on my voice mail "This is HRRG." no information as to why they are calling. I won't call back.
 Dec 02nd, 2010
Keep receiving calls from 800-567-1757 people are rude do not identify themselves and then when questioned get even ruder. I told them if we owe you money mail us a bill and I will pay it. They claim they have mailed their limit on notices, and either I pay over phone or they attempt to collect thru other means. I refused to hand over my debit card without first examining the debt.
I seriously believe some of those folks are con artist.
 Nov 30th, 2010
It's a tragedy how medical billing is often so poorly coordinated and rigged to trap people when they can least afford undue expense and anxiety. Then these collectors, from an industry full of gangland thugs, seem especially keen to punish people in this category. "Elderly Patient" had a fine answer thirteen months ago which I will second.

If you are receiving repeated, misdirected, and/or abusive calls from a third party debt collector, you may find relief in the provisions of the FDCPA, the Federal law which regulates collector behavior and provides you simple tools for your own defense. It grants you control of how you are contacted, and collectors can be sued for their crimes. Learn your rights and first response tactics at FTC-dot-gov. See also your state laws for additional support.
 Nov 20th, 2010
I had the same experience as the others who commentedon on the service form HRRG . My insurance did not pay them because they had the misspelled name on the form. I was trying to tell them they did not have the right name and give them correct name, then they could file with the insurance. I talk to three people related to a bill they were all very rude, not helpfull, un professional.One hanged up on me. As a result I cut all my businesses with Lewis Gale Hospital who used HRRG.I wrote to the hospital and they do not care either.
 Nov 20th, 2010
 Oct 06th, 2010
A. H.
 Oct 05th, 2010
They are calling my cell phone and not leaving messages.
 Sep 26th, 2010
I was in a hospital in WA state last fall. At that time I was told they had to be very careful re medications since someone else with the same name was also there at the same time. I was not surprised when I starting getting calls from Imbs. The first man was rude and wouldn't let me explain there were two of us. He demanded I write a letter stating the bill wasn't mine. I refused and he yelled: If you won't write the letter, then it's yours! - then he hung up. I called back (got the same person) and asked to speak to a supervisor. He cheerfully stated one would call me within 24 hours. Of course, none did. I'm sure he didn't put through the request. The next day I called the number again, got a very polite woman who said I certainly didn't need to write a letter and checked that the birthday and last 4 of the SS# they had were not mine. I gave them no info, just stated that the info they had wasn't mine. She said my # would immediately be taken off. We'll see, but I did feel like she told the truth about removing me from their list.
P. Downing
 Sep 03rd, 2010
I appreciate this site, been getting calls from 1 800-567-1757 telling be they are trying to collect a debt; I don't owe any money and did not call them back. Thanks everyone for posting about this scam!!!
 Sep 01st, 2010
They call my number asking for a person that I never heard of.
I called and told them to quit and delete my number immediately.
I receive calls 2-3 times week.
 Aug 04th, 2010
They call and it shows a toll free number, and they ask for someone and u tell them they are not home and they leave a number and say camm me pls, I have goodnews for that person. I think they should not be allowed to do that. Do communication thru mail service and stop harrassing ppl. You make payments but they want it in full and they tell you that u can make payments but they still call. It should be against the law!!!!!
 Jul 28th, 2010
HHRG - Constant harassing calls. At least once a day for over a month. They do not get it that
I will not respond to this type of call. I am on do not call list. Use mail! Considering contacting an attorney.
 Jul 16th, 2010
 Jul 16th, 2010
My job's workmans comp has taken care of that claim
mark johnson
 Jul 13th, 2010
Its obviously spam cllas because im only 21 yrs old and dont even pay bills
tryin to get money for no reason.....
 Jun 22nd, 2010
They call at all hours weekends holidays. Message was hrrg we can help.Last call was hrrg calling to collect a debt and get information. We don't owe anyone so we don't answer or return call.Too many thieves out there..
 Jun 19th, 2010
Some Indian lady on the phone. Could barely understand what she was saying. I asked for someone who spoke English. She said "pay your bill" and hung up on me.
New Jersey
 Jun 12th, 2010
did not give name caller hang up on me when i said that daughter is dead, second caller did not want to say they were a credit collection agency,third caller said they were HHRG Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group (HRRG)
 May 11th, 2010
if this is the same people that call my work number every other day, it is spam. i called the number the other day and it told me that the number had changed to a new one and it was a 900 number.
 May 06th, 2010
Got a call from them today... Funny thing is I go to a university health center and have been for the past 5 years (and my balance is 0... I checked). I do not currently live in a state where team health operates... nor have I ever! I suspect fraud of some sort and I would not trust these people. I have reported them to my cell phone provider.
 May 05th, 2010
they've left a couple messages saying to call 800-567-1757, id'ed themselves as HRRG. I don't owe anything, but I know that the moment you try to respond to any collection agency whether you owe or not, they figure they've got a live one, and keep harrassing you from that point on. I never respond in any form.

I don't have caller ID, refuse to pay for it, and get few calls anyway. I usually answer the phone "mortuary" or "Shane Memorial". If it's a friend, they laugh, if it's a sales call, I tell them I'm there picking up the body right then. They don't stay on the phone long (go figure), and I get a good laugh at their confusion.
 Apr 30th, 2010
They left a message saying this is a important matter. When I called back, and found out the person they tried to contact does not live here. I asked the lady to identify the company's identity, she just hung up.
 Apr 21st, 2010
I question the ethics of this organization. They have called and sent several letters stating that my college-aged daughter owes $ for a medical bill. Upon further investigation, I contacted my insurance carrier for an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) and found that we owe nothing. I sent HRRG a letter and copy of the EOB, but they are still trying to collect money that we do not owe. Everyone beware of this organization.
 Apr 21st, 2010
When I called them back (HRRG), I told them they didn't give any details on their bills! Like, date of service, itemization of services, and address of creditor, etc.. Do they actually think people will send money without any details?
 Apr 13th, 2010
1st time they called a woman named terry. i asked for supers name and phone number the gave me 800-533-9823, which was a recording, said they would call me back. a call came in about 30 minutes later from 954-377-2628, would not identify himself hung up on me. all i wanted was a copy of bill and who was billing me.
 Apr 09th, 2010
these people are nuts they say they want to help help do what I do not owe any bills what so ever they call every day and some times up to 5 times and at 10 pm getting fed up
 Mar 31st, 2010
HRRG is a horrible nasty company. I have hospital bills that were paid up and HRRG was saying they weren't. They wanted all my personal info...yeah right. They are not part of the better business beaurea. I have called them three times and left messages for them not to call me or send letters or anything to my work. They still are doing it all. They call at eight in the morning when i work til one am...very pissed at them. I am going to talk to a lawyer Monday morning about harrasement..this is rediculious.
 Mar 27th, 2010
rep name willamenia germain , called with a nasty attitude ..demanding payment for a physicians bill that was separate from the hospital bill .
I informed her that i gave my insurance information at time of visit , she tells me they can't except it because it is an out of state insurance , they can't send the bill ...WTF . So I tell her ok send me the bill and I'll send it to them and they will send you payment , she was only interested in telling me that It was in collections and I needed to come out of my pocket and pay them , which I refuse because first of all it shouldn't be in collections due to the fact that they had my insurance company for the D.O S . and it's riduculous that they won't bill them because their out of state , what kinda crap is that ?? That's why I have ins. no matter what state I live in's a high chance that you may require service outside of that state , and to not bill an out of state ins company is riduculous.When I asked them to send me the bill and I would forward it to my ins company , she then says that they won't except their payment . What kinda mess is that ...hrrg would rather mess up your credit then take a payment in the mail ...they'll return it just to put a blemish on your report . i wonder if the CEO's know of this practice , and that their reps are about to make them go bancrupt..and get alot of negative calls tothe better business bureau about them ..That's my next task , calling better business bureau and submit a complaint regarding the person I spoke to and there business practices period , and by the looks of things I'm not alone .
 Mar 11th, 2010
This company called, and against my normal behavior of not answering Tollfree Number calls, I answered to hear a computerized voice say, "this is HRRG, please call back at 800-984-9115" no other explanation was made and after reading all of these posts and reports, I do not plan to call them back from my home phone. Like many on this site, I do not owe any medical bills that I am aware of (I will contact my doctors tomorrow to inquire if any of them utilize this company for certainty).
 Mar 09th, 2010
I called and they asked for my phone number, then said, "Are you Katie?" I said there was no one by that name at this number and I do not have any unpaid medical bills, and was told that they would remove my number from their calling list. Hopefully that happens.
 Mar 06th, 2010
My phone rang and no one left a message. I found out the caller and it was some unpaid bill for a cousin who I haven't seen in over 40 years. I set them straight. I am not in default of any bills, so knock it off. They said my number was removed, lets see if this is true.
 Feb 20th, 2010
 Feb 18th, 2010
These people are losers they have no education and no brains, that is why they can only obtain these loser jobs, and they dont even realize that they wouldn't even have a job if all of us paid our bills on time. freakin pathetic. my suggestion change your numbers and make your numbers private.
Us Soldier
 Feb 12th, 2010
I had no idea who this number was or what they were calling about. I figured just another sales pitch. After reading this site I don't think I want to deal with them. I have no medical bills outstanding and neither my husband or I been to an emergency room in over 10 years so I hardly think I have a bill there. I went to their web site, funny thing when I clicked on contact us nothing would ever load in order for me to contact them. Based on the comments here I am going to send a cease and desist letter first, if that does not work then I will file a complaint and then I will file a law suit.
 Feb 08th, 2010
"Hello, this is HRRG and we look forward to helping you." Helping me with what..a credit card, debt consolidation, etc.? After daily calls, I called this number to dicover that some lady had given my phone number that I have had for 20 years. Does this sound like she wanted to be contacted? I explained to someone at HRRG that I wish that they would identify who this message was directed to, so that I could have avoided all of those other calls. I was told that they could not identify the person for this intended message. Does anyone see a problem here??? HRRG relies on you and me to correct their records!!! Is this what privacy means??? I insisted that the person at HRRG remove my phone number and that I not receive any more calls...let's see if this happens!! The people at HRRG must not understand that we (as a group) get a lot nuisance calls regarding cedit cards, services, etc. and their procedures only add to the confusion!!!
 Feb 05th, 2010
I myself have had the experience from this "hrrg" with a rude Mr.kemet demanding my card number. My best advice is to get callers name, ask for their Supervisor and file a complaint.(keep in mind the call may have been recorded which can be in your favor!). DO NOT GIVE YOUR CARD NUMBER OVER THE PHONE!Nor any PERSONAL INFORMATION (DOB, SS#)!The hospital should already have the correct info. Get your documents, call the customer service number listed for hospital which rendered your service,(For example: Atlanta Medical Center in Atlanta,800-346-0775, M-F), and discuss with them. OTHERWISE you can file a legitmate complaint thru your local Better Business Bureau, or if you feel there is a strong injustice on your behalf contact you local media(TV or Newspaper) and have it publicised thru there investigative reporters. Also here is a web site to file a complaint with the Government
 Jan 30th, 2010
Don't leave message
 Jan 23rd, 2010
They don't leave a message
 Jan 23rd, 2010
Hi. This is HRRG and we look forward to helping you.
Diana Hudon
 Jan 23rd, 2010
I don't have any bills, in fact any bills there would be would be through my dad's insurance and he would get the call. This is my first call from them, thankfully, and I hope there aren't any more.
 Jan 19th, 2010
It's always the same recorded message: "Hello, this is HRRG calling. Please call us back at 1-800-984-9115. Thank you". They never give their name or what it's in regards to or who they are looking for. Viewing all the comments here leads me to believe that someone is trying to scam us!
 Jan 14th, 2010
I get calls from HRRG constantly. When I inquire as to what bill they claim I owe on, they just say "a medical bill" They are rude and harassing. I tell them to mail me something stating what I owe and to who. The lady that called yesterday began raising her voice with me and demanded I pay using a credit or debit card over the phone. I hang up on her.
 Jan 06th, 2010
To those that it may concern, hopefully what im about to share with those of you receiving these calls it will clear up somethings.

#1 HRRG/IMBS does collections for the physicans (TEAM HEALTH)whose seen you at the emergency room . That means the doctor bill and the hospital bills are separate. Just because the hospital tells you that your bills are paid in full. It has nothing to do with the Doctor's bill which also needs to be paid separately. Usually after 30 you dont pay or respond to the doctor bill (thinking you paid all your bills and ignored this bill# it will be turned over to the collection agency #HRRG/IMBS# Which does the collections for the doctor/physician #TEAM HEALTH).

#2 When you go to the hospital or doctors office you sign a form that mentions you understand your HIPAA rights. which protects your medical information from others that is not you or dont have power of atterney over you. As a collection agency or any hospital or doctor office they have to identify who is wanting medical information other than yourself. if the person is not you or have power of atterny then they cannot tell you what the call is about or what its in regards to. To you it may be a scam but thats what protects your medical information from being shared to others. so if your mom is ill or other family members are ill and HRRG is calling for that person they wont be able to tell you what the call is in reference to unless you are that person or have power of atterney.

#3 when you're requesting that HRRG send you a bill showing that it is your bill they can only send you a collections letter/statement. you can only obtain an orginal bill from the doctor or physican office that saw you at the hospital. if you dont remember who saw you there then contact the hospital for additional information. As a collections agency HRRG dont not have itemized bills. your bills are expected to be paid in full unless you spoke to a rep there and made special payment arrangements you will not receive any balance statements just because you sent them a payment. It will be your responsibility to keep track of how much you paid and what is the balance if you did not call to make a payment arrangment.

#4 When calling HRRG you are calling them thru a computerized system. in other words they dont have the capability to pick up the phone and dial out numbers. the computerized systems allows the available rep to either answer an inbound call or to speak to outbound call where head sets are provided.

#5 for those of you who say "Im cover by insurance" either thru military or whatever you have coverage from. keep in mind when you went to the emergency room if your emergency was so severe where you didnt have the change to provide your insurance information. then of course your insurance did not receive the bill. 2nd reason you could be receiving it.. the person at the hospital who took your information might have entered an error into the system where the insurance couldnot identify you so of course they didnt pay your bill. so dont blame HRRG that your bill is not paid. They are only collecting on accounts that were forward to them by TEAM HEALTH. so if there is a bill that you are receiving and you know for a fact you have insurance contact HRRG to make sure that your insurance information is a match in their system either they can bill it or you can contact TEAM HEALTH with your insurance information to have it corrected and refiled to your insurance company.

#6 for those of you who has medicare, there are two possible reasons as to why you're getting a bill. one, Team Health didnot have your medicare info so your account was sent to collection or 2nd your balance is more likely your copay and co insurance.

#7 for those of you whoses pending lawsuits once your account gets to collection they dont not place accounts on hold just because youre waiting on your case to settle collections dont have to wait nor will they wait unless you pay your bill. wit that you can provide to your atterney, if you win your case that money goes directly to you.

#8 for those of you who have medicaid 2 possible reasons you could be receiving a bill. one, if Team Health didnt have your medicaid information or 2nd you were not covered on the date you went to the emergency room.

#9 Another thing most of you may be not be aware of is when you go to the hospital and give your insurance information most of the time the doctor/physican office werent given that info by the hospital so your hospital bills get paid but your doctor bills are just sitting there then your bills end up going to collections.

Hope this HELPS
 Dec 12th, 2009
These morons called me constantly looking for someone I never heard of. Each time they'd say, "we'll remove your number from our list", only to get another call soon after. I just sent a certified cease and desist letter. If I get another call I will pursue legal action against them. I've done this with two other bill collectors that kept calling my number after being advised they had a wrong number. I won judgments against both, not large amounts of money but worth the satisfaction of beating them at their own game.
 Dec 09th, 2009
We received a letter from HRRG. The number on the letter is 800-984-9115. When my husband called them, they said they could not send us a copy of the medical bill in question. How do we know it is valid? They also said they can not call out and therefore will not call our insurance company to check on the claim. Funny, how so many on this site say HRRG has called them and they have called us too, but they "can not call out"??? Must be a scam if they can't provide you with a copy of the bill.
 Nov 25th, 2009
Asked to ID what HRRG was and refused unless I forwarded POA. Then asked for my address and again I asked for them to just tell me what HRRG stood for before I gave any information and they would not.
 Nov 12th, 2009
This is a scam people. They are trying to get information from you to steal your identity. Some of the scammers will come on these boards and say things like "You should pay your debt" (albeit much more rudely than that). Do not under any circumstances give anyone any information. If you had legitimately done business with them, they would have all that information already.

Again, this is not a legitimate collection agency. It is a scam pure and simple. Just hang up the phone and file a complaint.
Scam Buster
 Nov 10th, 2009
This company does not bill your health insurance. They tell you that they have filed your insurance but they dont and just transfer you to their colletions. My state insurance commissioner's office informed me it is against the law for them to send your account to collections and treat you as a self paid patient if you have insurance and presented it at the time of service. I have three different patients seen at the ER by one of their doctors and they did not follow up with our insurance but sent the accounts to collections. Then I called and one of their collectors tell me "we bill your insurance as a courtesy but we don't have to" and it is your responsibility to call your insurance we do not do that and if you don't pay your medical bill we will ruin you. These people are insane I am a Federal Employee with the best insurance and never pay out of pocket. Based on my research I've learnt it is common practice for this company to treat ALL its patients as self paid even if they have insurance. I will record my next call and sue them for their billing practices.
Lets Sue
 Oct 28th, 2009
HRRG is a subsidiary of Team Health and collects on Medical Bills. This is HRRG's website

This is Team Health's website.

Team Health's billing center does billing for all its subsidiaries such as South East Emergency Physicians their websites list all the subsidiaries they collect for. Their bills are for ER Physicians staffed in different emergency rooms across the country. They even send Medicaid, Medicare,and Workman's Compensation cases to their collections this is an illegal practice. Contact the centers for Medicaid and Medicare with a complaint if you are a recipient of these or your local state insurance agency. Also contact the FTC with an FDCPA complaint or an attorney. WHEN THEY CALL RECORD THE CONVERSATION then sue them for violation of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act. If they call and you ask them not to call anymore then they cannot or you can sue. Get a copy of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act as it explains all that bill collectors can and cannot do.

My mother had an account with South East Emergency Physician for an ER doctor but she had Medicare, and AARP insurance. She has never owed a medical bill in her life after they billed Medicare they did not bill AARP and sent her to collections. She is 88 years old and they would call all hours of the day and until 9 pm at night for a $32 bill which they did not send to her supplemental coverage. Best advice to anyone experiencing their unfair and illegal billing practices get an attorney keep all your notices and record all telephone calls with them. The more of us who sue the sooner they will stop. If you have health insurance and you are not a self paid patient then they cannot send you to collections unless they are collecting on the balance your insurance did not cover. Also contact your insurance before you pay them any money because they will tell you the insurance was filed when it was not. I have done medical billing for ten years and this is the worse I've seen.

Here is the FTC: to make a complaint for violations

You can also contact your state Attorney General's Office.

Here is Centers for Medicare and Medicaid website
Elderly Patient
 Oct 23rd, 2009
HHRG has been harrassing me since Dec 2008 about a bill with date of service of 11/06/08 (which I do not owe by the way). I am in the process of filing a complaint with the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance. I recommend that all of you do the same. If they get enought complaints, they will either change their ways or not get licensed in your state again.
TN Consumer
 Oct 15th, 2009
These people call me twice daily. Sucks because I work nights. I have a sick family member and I don't think it would be a good idea to just unplug the phone so they got me! What really sucks is I know for a fact I DO NOT have any outstanding bills, hospital or otherwise, that they can be calling me about.
Frankie G
 Oct 02nd, 2009
Calls are coming from Healthcare Revenue REcovery Group, LLC. Their mailing address is 1801 NW 66th Avenue, Siet 200C, Plantation, FL 33313. According to Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, you can stop the harrassment by sending the agency a certificed letter expessly requesting that they ceasing calling you. Check the Act for details on how to write your letter.

HRRG calls from 4 phone numbers:

800-984-9115 800-567-1757 888-984-9115 954-377-2937

I receive a call message "this is HRRG We look forward to helping you" at least once a day for six months. Repeatedly and at late hours. They a medical collection agency call center in Plantation Florida. Division of Calls demanding cease and desist brought confrontational questioning. I owe no medical debts. One "agent" says "I don't have an account for that number so why would we call you". Another claims that "I am the one harassing and he will find me and sue". The others want me to disclose the phone number receiving the calls when it is on his computer screen. Another admitted the number was present and calls would cease but they did not. The calls started coming again after a few months. Calls like the HRRG ones are in violation of federal and state telemarketing and debt collecting statutes.
Name of supervisor: Joe Oritz (From careers in Team
 Sep 28th, 2009
Repeated Daily harassment by telephone over a period of months. Message: "This is HRRG We look forward to helping you" Then automated call ends. I do not have medical debts.
 Sep 28th, 2009
toll Free Number...message left said they were HRRG....Its a bill my case they are collecting for a hospital bill. If the hospital had not of overcharged...maybe it would of been paid off by now!
 Sep 15th, 2009
I get calls from this company all the time. Received one bill in the mail, made a payment and waited for the next bill. Never came. They are very rude, will not let you talk, and even starts the conversation yelling at you. I told them i wanted a statment and they flat out refused. I asked for a manager..."not one on duty". Told them they would not get any more money from me until I see what my balance is. She told me over the phone. I said that was great but i wanted to see in writing the amount owed plus what i have paid on it anyway. They called back a few more times, told them the same thing. No statement...No money. I havent heard from them in at least 4-6 weeks
 Sep 01st, 2009
I keep getting calls from 800 Service. This is HRRG at 1 800 984 9115. My son was hit by a truck in 2007 and some of the bills are unpaid because of a lawsuit. They keep calling here, but that's how they come up on caller ID. 800 Service
 Aug 26th, 2009
They keep calling and asking for money that i dont owe.I have sakede them to send me a statement and they say it has been sent and I still havent got one and it has been over a year. Scent the first call.
 Aug 18th, 2009
People, make sure your insurance paid you medical bills! Sometimes physicians bill seperately from the hospital. I received a bill from the e.r's dr. billing representatives and my account had already been sent to "HRRG" which is a health collections agency. Turns out my ins. co. didn't pay and that's why my bill was sent to collections. I dealt with a female at "HRRG" from the beginning she sounded like she didn't know what she was doing i had to give her my info repeatedly. When she couldn't bring up my account i asked for her name and she said "Nicole Perez" (which was a coincedence because my last name is Perez. I said "what was that again?" she said "Nicole Ramo" I didn't like the fact that she was not being honest about her name so I asked to speak with a supervisor/another worker said she couldn't do that because the computer automatically sends the calls to the workers and I'd have to call back again. I had to call 3 different times! Second time it was still her but she was saying her name was "Elain McDonald" Third time I called I asked the caller "who am I speaking with?" And she just hung up!!! I'm positive that all three times I called it was the the same person because each time the woman spoke she had the same accent. I did my research and i finally got the # to the SUPERVISOR'S LINE AT "HRRG" 800-533-9823 ext. 2630 call and give your complaints about their workers. I hope this helps.
 Jul 30th, 2009
just kill them at thier office tommorow
 Jul 28th, 2009
They called me i have on debit that i owe on. If this is a medical collections I'm in the Military what medical bills do i have.....LMFAO......what a joke.
 Jul 27th, 2009
I've gotten about 3 calls in the past week from what sounds like the same lady

Me: No, she's not in...Can I ask what this is in reference to?
Her: Who are you??
Me: Her sister! Who are you?
Her: HHRG! Just have her call us back

These people are extermely rude, agressive, and of course unprofessional. Seriously, I know druggies with better business/communication skills. They make AOL look like an elite team of well-spoken Einsteins! When they call me again, I'm going to request that all forms of harrassment...oh, I mean communication, be mailed to me.

Let me know if anything works for you.
 Jul 16th, 2009
For those who posted that, when they answer this call and no one is there, that's because HRRG uses a low quality/low cost automatic phone dialer that creates a delay between the time you answer and the time the software recognizes a human voice and connects you to an agent. If you just sit through the silence, you will be connected.

Oh...and they call me every few days, but that's only because I owe thousands in unpaid medical bills. God bless the privatized health care system (cha-ching!).

FYI - HRRG will call any and all numbers that you gave to the hospital when you signed in for treatment.

Keep smiling!!! It's only money.
 Jul 10th, 2009
HRRG. They claimed I owned money for a medical bill. Which I did pay off and now they will not give me a letter of conformation of it paid off in full. They are RUDE, UNPROFESSIONAL and will give you attitude and hang up on you every chance they get. I want to know where I can report them for not giving me a "paid in full" letter. Thanks.
 Jul 08th, 2009
Hi I just now got a call from a place claiming to be HRRG now I found the real HRRG but as a precautinary measure I inputed the number 1-800-984-9115 and found this site thanks for being here its nice to know these scam artists are not going unnoticed. My email addy is if anyone has any added info. Thank you and thank for the website
Theresa Stevens
 Jul 04th, 2009
They actually got my parents number some how and have been calling them. I have never received a paper bill in the mail and when I tried to call them back, they never answered. A guy named Tim was very rude with my mother and would not tell her what it was in regaurds to. Very shady in my book!!!!!
 Jun 27th, 2009
The man on the phone asked for my mother-in-law. I told him she doesn't live here. She lives in a nursing home. He asked for her billing address. I told him to send any bills to my address as I am her power of attorney and she has Alzheimer's. I also asked what this was in regard to. He said he couldn't discuss it with me. He said to have her call him at this number- 800-984-9115 and he would discuss it with her. I said she can't, she has Alzheimer's. He said to have her call him to tell him it was okay to talk with me about her business. I said SHE CAN'T, she has Alzheimer's. He said for me to send a copy of my power of attorney to him and he could then talk to me about this. Please note: not once did he ask me to do any of these things, he told me. He didn't identify who he was or what company he was with until I told him I wasn't giving him anything and ask him just who he was and who he was with. He said he was with HRRG. I asked, what is HRRG? He said it is Healthcare Recovery Revenue Group. I asked, so what do you do? He said, just have you mother-in-law call me and hung up. We are blessed and DO NOT owe any bills for my mother-in-law. The last medical bill for her was in late 2008 and it has been paid in full. I know full well because I wrote the check! I pay all of her bills and promptly! The man, not gentleman, had a rude tone which does not go over well when trying to get money out of someone by the way. Somebody needs to do an inservice or two with that company.
 Jun 18th, 2009
Very obnoxious people. I said I haven't received any paper bills in the mail and that I would never pay anything over the phone! This lady got a major attitude with me and I hung up on her. I couldn't find them on BBB. The crazy thing is, how would they know that I visited a certain hospital on a certain date. I know I don't owe anything for a fact. The scary thing is that they have access to that information somehow!!!
 Jun 16th, 2009
Are these folks another Allied Interstate? Just got those annoying folks off my back now this!?!?!?
 Jun 15th, 2009
Have recived over 5 calls now. They say "they are not a telemarketer" and to please call back.
 Jun 15th, 2009
this place is a collection agency...the managers are david friedlander and judy if you sue make sure you sue them also
 Jun 14th, 2009
We have recieved at least 2-3 calls a week from this numer above identifying themselves as HRRG ,with no informaton as to what it's in regards to. very very annoying people
Don Ruger
 Jun 13th, 2009
Lovely, the contacts information listed to contact online is and when I email it said it's not a valid email
 Jun 12th, 2009
These people should be turned in, I have asked to speak to a supervisor several times, they say their isn't one available, they won't take my number for one to call me back nor let me leave a message for one. One lady (if that is what you can call her) told me that "as a mother you should" and the other lady hung up on me. One gentleman promised to send me something in the mail so I would understand what they are talking about and I never received it...I wish I had this companys Corporate number.
 Jun 12th, 2009
caller id shows 954-377-2937 but leave a message of 800-984-9115 which is a medical debt collection company. always a recorded message
 Jun 08th, 2009
I got a letter from this company in the mail about a month back. I called the number given and it was a spanish number so I had to look up the english version. I called and talked to a lady named Erica. She wasn't rude or anything, but she didn't have a clue what she was talking about. She asked if I lived in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, etc.. I kept saying no. She asked if my birthday was 04/15/52.. (I'm 21 years old). Asked if my address was (such and such).. So basically she was randomly asking questions to me to figure out who I was and why I was in their system. I would not give her my birthday or SSN, but when she looked up the address that the letters were being sent to, she said I was nowhere in their system. Problem solved, right? WRONG! I got a letter a few days ago from the company again.. This is ridiculous..
 Jun 04th, 2009