This is Mothers Against Drunk Driving. I politely asked that they remove my number from their calling list, and they were happy to oblige. I guess we'll see what happens, but since this is legitimate, I decided to take the more diplomatic approach.
 Jul 03rd, 2014
Mothers Against Drunk Driving aka M.A.D.D. but comes up 800 Service and the Ph. # 800-981-2591. They've called repeatedly. When I first picked it up a recording came on so I hung up. I then put the Ph. # on my Block Call list. Never donated anything so it should have been blocked, but they are still calling. They may be exempt from being blocked or reported to the Gov't. Do Not Call website. Not sure.
John M.
 Apr 18th, 2014
Answered call. Woman started out by saying she wasn't asking for money, that she was calling for Mothers Against Drunk Driving, and she just wanted a few minutes of my time. I hung up.
 Feb 07th, 2014
don't call again you are a scammer
 Dec 19th, 2013
It doesn't matter if you're on the DNC list. Charities are exempt!!!
 Oct 31st, 2013
MADD ..............bad connection said hello then they said hello but the line was static and then they hung-up.
 Aug 07th, 2013
Drunks Against Madd Mothers, selling bumper stickers for $10. Some of the proceeds go for something other than their scam. Seriously, the lady who called sounded like she was drunk! Hey, maybe she doesn't drive. Who am I to judge?
 Aug 07th, 2013
Don't answer. They will not stop calling you if you do, even when you ask them to stop.
They are collecting money for MADD - but I am sure do not send them anything.
 Jul 05th, 2013
These people keep calling! However I answered and listened to their spiel, politely declined, twice, and asked to be removed from the list. Girls name was Cassandra and she very politely obliged and I haven't received any calls since this one a few weeks ago.
Lauri Sheppard
 Jun 21st, 2013
I didn't answer for the longest but when I did, i let the gentleman talk. They're selling magazines at a discount and part of the proceeds go to various charities depending on your area. I made sure to keep them on the phone and get all the info I could. They don't take any information, just confirm my name and addy. I made sure his supervisor read me the info they had for me before proceeding, and since I'm on a DNC list, I was also educated on their processes for that. I ordered Sports Illustrated for my husband, and got a year sub for only 20$, part of which goes to MADD. And just like they said, a week later I received a letter from Jan Withers and even called MADD's office to confirm. Sent in my payment to Dial America and my issues started roughly 2 weeks after. Unfortunately, not everything is a scam.
 Jun 19th, 2013
Death is too good for these people.
 Jun 11th, 2013
They call frequently and do not leave a message. When you call back it clearly states it is MADD and they will contact you again in a few days......please don't.
 Jan 15th, 2013
The scammer claimed to be selling magazines. A Mr. "Eliot Warnsbey" and a Mr. "Tod Lovell" claimed that they work for "Dial America" and that they "bought" my phone number from "Best Buy" or "Home Depot". (I have never given my phone number to either.) They also claimed that "12 1/2 % of your "donation" goes to MADD. If this is true, then they are obviously admitting to being a scam. I seriously doubt that, without prodding, they automatically inform "donors" that 87.5 cents of every dollar they "donate" goes toward propagating this scam. Of course, if they are lying, then they are also a scam. They identified their employer as "Dial America, 5601 Macarthur Blvd., Milwah, N.J. 07495, phone number 800-701-3131. To "Donna": If you don't answer the call, they keep calling. This scammer called on January 2, January 4, and January 7. Hopefully they will not call again. I made it clear to them that I will never again donate to MADD, if it turns out that they are involved in this scam. I don't think they care at all.
Matt Bieneman
 Jan 08th, 2013
This outfit phones every day. I finally put them on my Panasonic Caller Block so now I get one ring and they get a busy signal... I also am on the DNC list, so they must be a charity or a scammer who doesn't pay any attention to the powerless DNC group. Grrr...
 Dec 08th, 2012
This call is from Mothers Against Drunk Driving. If you call 1-800-981-5526, Mon-Fri 8am - 11pm or Sat 10am- 6pm, you can talk to a "live" person and have your number removed from their call list. It may take a few days, which is not unreasonable in this database world. I called and spoke to a very respectful, pleasant representative. Remember, you don't have to answer the call. Or you can answer and immediately hang up without speaking until your number is removed. Unwanted calls are annoying, but you have to put it into perspective. I used to just ignore the calls or answer and hang up immediately. However, I have found that if I answer, or don't answer and call back and ask to be removed, I am. Instead of increasing, the calls greatly lessen. Of course, I ask in a pleasant civilized fashion and am treated in kind. If you do answer, you will get silence for a few seconds until the calling machine connects you to a person.
 Oct 27th, 2012
 Sep 13th, 2012
Robert: A charity caller of the sort reported in most of this thread is not exploiting a loophole. The Telemarketing Sales Rule, and the DNC registry which services it, simply do not cover non-sales calls, as the embedded term ''telemarketer'' should imply. The registry is only ''a joke'' to people who have not taken the few minutes to understand its scope and function, which the FTC has never kept secret.

Q&A: The National Do Not Call Registry

The nuisance call problem cannot be strictly controlled by law, or government, or technology alone but through savvy use of all three as part of a strategy which is subject to change over time. The other critical factor lies in your own behavior. What most angry junk call recipients seem to have missed is that we long ago entered an ''Information Economy''. This means that your personal data are practically the same as currency. If you don't guard them, you will lose them to every scammer and huckster with an autodialer. This also means that the job of protecting your data starts with YOU, and in the current regulatory environment, often ends with you.

It's not an easy job, since monetizing new and freshly recycled phone numbers appears to be its own industry. You can't count on your phone carrier or your supermarket or your insurance agent not to sell you out until you demand they respect your privacy in a way which holds them accountable. It's often better not to give them the information they routinely collect if it's not strictly needed to serve you.
 Sep 13th, 2012
I'am on the do not call list either . That thing is a joke . I still get calls from everybody and anybody . From politicans to telmarketers to all sorts of things . There is always a loop hole in every thing to get around the rules . Isn't that right resident 47 . Funny thing is , i just got a brand new phone number about 2 months ago registered it right away and have told 2 People my number and these friggin idiots call, most hang up because i refuse to answer questions or talk to them til they tell me first how they got a brand new phone number a number that was never out before and recycled not one of those . I talking about a number. That is a new born baby . And i ask them also who they got it from and how much money they paid for it
They do try to change the subject back to them , but nope .
Robert c
 Sep 10th, 2012
These are militant gay activists collecting money for Obama's "Gay Pride in Americas Schools Now" initiative. They said when Obama gets reelected they're going to start teaching gay history to American grade schoolers. Also something about "rainbow camps"
 Aug 29th, 2012
Caller hung up as soon as answering machine message began playing.
Tamara B.
 Aug 27th, 2012
from reliable sources ...

Nigerian Letter or ''419'' Fraud

Nigerian Scam

... and some very curious analysis ....

The truth behind those Nigerian 419 scammers
 Aug 14th, 2012
Turner, I really hope that was some faint attempt at satire. The Nigerian "419" advance fee scam has been around for years and is too well documented for anyone to claim "not all these calls are bad" with a straight face.
 Aug 14th, 2012
It turned out to be a financial officer from a struggling firm in Lagos, Nigeria. I'm so glad he called because he was in a bit of a pinch and it seems I'm in a position to help. I don't really understand the details but he seemed like a knowledgeable fellow (MBA Cornell, etc.) He has already arranged for a transfer from my bank account (he doesn't need to spend the money, just demonstrate to a potential partner with royal credentials that it's available). He's going to return the money next week plus a hefty fee so it's a win-win. Not all these calls are bad.
Richard Turner
 Aug 14th, 2012
blocked these mofos. If they call again they get a f_o_ and die message.
 Apr 25th, 2012
800-981-2591 SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM 800-981-2591 SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM 800-981-2591 SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM 800-981-2591 SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM 800-981-2591 SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM 800-981-2591 SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM 800-981-2591 SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM 800-981-2591
 Mar 20th, 2012
Call receievd from 800-981-2591 Mothers Against Drunk Driving. I did not answer but called back to receieve a recorded message stating this information. I am on the do not call list.
 Mar 20th, 2012
Didn't recognize number so didn't answer. No message left. My no. is on DoNotCall list.
 Mar 03rd, 2012
If they ever talk after I answer, I will have some real fun with them. I will tell them I am a member of Fathers FOR Drunk Driving.
 Oct 07th, 2011
these people call everyday and dont comprehend the word NO!
 Sep 24th, 2011
Never leave a message. No idea who this is.
 Jul 23rd, 2011
called & left a partial message saying will try and get us later
 Apr 02nd, 2008
This is a cold calling group trying to get money no thanks
 Mar 03rd, 2008
Woman wanted me to buy a magazine subscription for the RI special olympics. Wouldn't take "no" for an answer, but she sure did take a hang up for an answer.
 Jan 17th, 2008