800-968-8243 just called our business, but it was NOT actually Entergy (whom the actual number belongs to) that was calling us. It was a guy named Habib calling about a supposed power disconnect at our business for a non-paid bill. SCAM! Our bill is paid each month via automatic payment, and we checked and it was already paid for the month. We've never had a late bill in over 5 years. The caller, Habib, was clearly calling from a boiler room operation and spoofing the number and name. He wanted us to go to our local Wal-Mart and pay the bill via MoneyGram. SCAM! Then told Habib exactly where he could go with his BS. Hung up on him and will now be reporting the fraudulent call directly to Entergy, as well as to the local and federal law enforcement agencies for attempted extortion and fraud.
 Mar 08th, 2018