Claimed to be Jerry Nolan with Georgia Power. Said they had a work order for cancellation of service "at this location." I said there is no cancellation of service. He said he was the technician handling the cancellation "at this location." I asked, "What location?" He hung up.
 Dec 20th, 2018
I receive several calls everyday, but there is never a message left.
 Feb 16th, 2014
I have received numerous calls from this number at all times of the day, even Sunday morning before 8 a.m. Today, I answered and could not understand the man very well. He said he was calling about my Amazon credit card and that I was late in my payment. I am not which I tried to convey to him. He wanted to know when I was going to make a payment, and I told him it would be before the due date. He did ask me to make a payment over the phone, and I said NO. I repeatedly told him I could not understand him and finally gave up and hung up. I have added this number to my blocked call list.
 Jan 16th, 2014
They left a voice mail in the foreign language thag sounded to be Chinese or Indian, something like Asian.
 Jan 14th, 2014
I've received dozens of calls from this number. It is an automated messages stating "this is an important message from GE Money" and to call immediately. Because my PayPal account is current, not over limit, with no overdue payments I chose to ignore the calls. But the excessive calling was driving me nuts, so I finally did call just to put an end to the annoying interruptions. The number connects to an automated system where I am asked to enter my 16 digit credit card number. Thought I could circumvent entering my credit card number by pressing "0" (zero) to talk to a live person, but the automated system rejected the request... just kept insisting on my full credit card number. I suspect this is scam to acquire credit card information.
 Jan 08th, 2014
This is the collection for g.e. capital. They manage my paypal line of credit. They have made some recent changes but typically only call when you are two weeks past due. Calls increase up to 10 times a day or more until you answer. Last time I answered the woman asked me my name 5 times at the beginning of the conversation. I kept confirming my name to her. After the 5th time I wished her a good day and hung up. I didn't have time to keep saying my name over and over and over and over again.
 Jan 07th, 2014
received 5 calls from this number today alone. picked up one,and got a recording telling me to wait and that this wasn't a solicitation. I waited a few seconds, then hung up. they called twice after that.
 Dec 14th, 2013
They also call at least half dozen times a day. The earlies today was 8:00am. This is annoying.
 Oct 27th, 2013
They all everyday on both land line and cell phone and leave no message.
 Oct 27th, 2013
Call at least 3 times a day for months, even Sunday at 8:00 am. I picked up a few times, and asked the lady remove my phone # from the list, but still keep calling.
 Oct 08th, 2013
they calling 6 time every day
 Sep 27th, 2013
Thirty-one calls from this number in three days. They call from seven a.m. to ten p.m. I have called back repeatedly and finally got through to a person. When I told him I have no credit cards, he ran my number, said it was their mistake and supposedly placed me on a "removal list." I'm not holding out hope that the erroneous calls will stop. Best thing to do, if you don't owe a debt, is to block them.
 May 23rd, 2013
It's probably PayPal or Bill me Later. I have no idea why they can't leave a MESSAGE on my phone so I know who it is!
 May 21st, 2013
Answered the first call - got an answering machine asking me to hold. I hung up. They called back every twenty minutes for three hours, never left a message.
 Apr 04th, 2013
This number has been calling me about every 20 minutes all day today. I don't pick up and the caller never leaves a message. ENOUGH!!!
 Jan 31st, 2013
Recv'd 11 blank messages from the same number in the space of 2 days. Hang ups when answered.
 Jan 23rd, 2013
I have received 5-6 calls in the past 2 hours.
 Dec 27th, 2012
They have called several times this week and haven't left messages.
 Dec 26th, 2012
I've just blocked the number through my cell service.
 Dec 21st, 2012
wanted to talk to my son-wanted his contact info-told his it the kid wanted it- he would have given it to him and hung up
 Dec 10th, 2012
I called them back automated message that said CREDIT SERVICES. I do believe this has to do with any GE Money Credit cards
- such as paypal, walmart, JcPenney and the likes.
 Nov 09th, 2012
39 (no kidding) calls in the last week. Answered the first and they were looking for my son's ex-wife who is long gone. I told them that but... 38 calls later, they have not stopped. Little do they know that after call number one, I blocked their number and, using a device I built that silences the caller-id rings, I don't even know they called until I review my call log which I delete in about 2 seconds. Go ahead (800) 945-6596, keep it up! I can do this a lot longer than you can!!!
 Sep 16th, 2012
QueenKitty, try dropping your federal DNC registration for a few months and test your assertion. What is ''a waste of time'' is signing on to a service without bothering to comprehend its terms.

Q&A: The National Do Not Call Registry

You and your ''rights group'' will look pretty silly rallying against caller behavior which is clearly made EXEMPT from the Telemarketing Sales Rule. Debt collectors have their own set of rules regarding nuisance calls, which say you need to address them *directly*. If you're hot to to litigate, third party collectors answer to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, whereas an original creditor like GE Capital Retail Bank may be covered only by state law.
 Sep 06th, 2012
I started receiving calls on landline, followed immediately by cell. The landline I have setup to cut them off after half a ring, the cell I'm going to have to get a new number. They call 10 times a day. Only once have I heard a voice, def Indian, asking if I was on the line. This started about a week ago. It is incomprehensible to me that no one is held accountable for this blatant invasion of privacy. The DO NOT CALL list is a waste of time, plus it is a waste of my time to have to keep looking at 2 phones to see who is calling just so I can ignore them. Plus this is not the only number: I have at least 4 other numbers pulling the same crap. Can't we form some kind of citizens rights group to force the phone companies to put a stop to this?
 Aug 18th, 2012
I got calls from this number repeatedly for days on end. They have woke me up several mornings. but would hang up before I could get to the phone. I finally answered quick enough this morning and guess who they ask for? They asked for my EX HUSBAND OR HIS CURRENT WIFE. I was furious. First of all I have been divorced from him for almost 20 years and 2nd he has NEVER been at this phone number ever. I have no clue how they even associated him with my phone number. I didn't even give them a chance to tell me who they were.
 Jun 29th, 2012
If they're calling my number for collections, they dialed the wrong number or failed to do their due diligence.
Ready to Sue
 May 11th, 2012
For those asking what they can do about these calls: Download and install the free PhoneTray program from - you need to have a modem connected to the phone line for this to work. I bought a Hiro H50113 from TigerDirect for $27 USD. Once you get it set up, the program will answer the phone and decode the caller ID information. If it is a number that you have set up to reject, they get a voice message and the phone system tones that indicate that they have reached an invalid number, or any one of a number of messages that YOU pick, or you can even record your own custom message. I do not work for TraySoft, Hiro, or, I am just a satisfied customer who was tired of telemarketing calls and an ineffective
 Apr 25th, 2012
2 more before 10a.m.
 Mar 26th, 2012
they called 9 times today! how come these vultures have the right to do this?
 Mar 26th, 2012
yes, they call here several times a day, and have been calling for about a week now. They call BEFORE the due date for payment. I hate these people.
 Mar 13th, 2012
This is GE Money. This is the part of their company that deals with the credit issued through PayPal. Apparently on my PayPal account the very small line of credit I established is through them. They called about 10-15 times a day and would leave no message. I finally caught them and found out that I owed them $20.00. Unbelievable that they would cause such a ruckus over $20.00. I bet they spent that much in cahrges for the long distance to call me as many time sas they did before I finally go through to them. When I pointed that out the person became very rude and unprofessional. I have closed my account and will not do business with this company. I would suggest that everybody lese do the same!
 Nov 07th, 2011
They called & when I asked who was calling, they hung up. They are now on my Google Voice "SPAM" caller list, so I don't have to deal with them any more :)
 Oct 18th, 2011
it is GE money. i filed bankruptcy and the second it was finished they started calling again. They are now looking for my ex-wife who left me in debt and forced me to file but she has not and can not be found by them.
 Dec 28th, 2010
Banana Republic is under GEMoney. They are looking for past due payments on this credit card.
 Dec 07th, 2010
This call is for someone named John and we don't have anyone here by that name. Also the guy is Indian and it is hard to understand him. I told him we are on the no call list and he called at least 31 times from April 12th through the 18th. He called again today but I didn't answer.
Joan M. Wise
 Apr 20th, 2010
It looks like this 800 number is used by may different companies to hind thier idintity and probably gets them off the hook when telemarketers calls someone on the do not call list
 Feb 17th, 2010
Someone from this number calls my cell phone 12+ times a day, never leaves a message. I have looked this number up and found it to belong to GEMoney. I don't have any credit issues, in fact I don't us credit at all. Both my home and car are paid in full. I use cash for everything. Tell 800-945-6595, GE Money, to stop calling my number! Plus accurding to the Fair Credit Act, then must stop calling when instructed - it is the LAW!!!!!!! And when they have the wrong number!
 Jan 18th, 2010
I don't understand why these people are calling so I called them back and they said welcome to credit services, Then I hung up...
get a life
 Nov 22nd, 2009
These people call at least 2-4 times everyday so I decided to google the phone number and its some company called Credit Services. I have no idea who these people are or what they want.
 Nov 11th, 2009
This number calls my house 2-3 times a day. I have no idea who they are. I spoke to a gentleman ONCE and he asked for someone who doesn't live here. I told him I did not know who he was talking about, he said sorry and hung up. Now they still continue to call, but I get an operator on the other line stating they are still trying to connect the call and to stay on the line. screw that - I hang up.
 Nov 07th, 2009
GE Money calling about their no-interest loan. My brother has no interest in paying them. They keep calling me except that I have an asterisk box and program a special black hole for inbound calls based on caller ID. The lady confirmed that she is from India. I think it is surreal that bill collectors are calling us from another country. They were recording the call in violation of my state's two party policy. Well, we are a nation in debt to foreign central banks and they are calling to collect. I thought it was bad when I called technical support and got these guys.... unreal!!
 Aug 27th, 2009
GE Money,

Called me 6 times, I forgot to make a payment, w/e I just made it. Love how they call me at 6:30 am and 9 at night though! I ignore numbers that don't leave messages, and they are one of them.
 Jul 23rd, 2009
they have called the home phone 2-4 times/day for several weeks in a row now, 7 days a week. Echo other comments made by frustrated recipients of these calls
 Apr 26th, 2009
They call us 2-6 times a day also. It's annoying. I am currently a stay at home mom so I hear every call. I'm starting to ignore the phone. What's the point of having a phone line? After a few weeks with the calls coming more and more, I finally called them. The lady was very rude to me. She told me that my phone number must be new because in the computer it says that my home number is listed as a cell phone number, so some other person has this number. She said there is a glitch in the computer system and there is nothing she can do about it, though she was able to put a block on my number for the rest of the night. I asked to speak to a manager, but she said the manager couldn't do anything about it either. I asked to talk to a tech support person, but she said there isn't one. There's got to a be a way to take my number out of their computer system. When I told her that, she hung up on me. So I called back, but I must have gotten the same rude lady because all said was, "I have a problem that I hope you can help me with" and she hung up again. I am surprised to find out that this is a legitimate company... and how is what they do legal?

I couldn't take "there is nothing we can do about it" as an answer. So I called my phone company. We've had our phone number for over a year. What GE Money said was bunk. You do not need to change your phone number because another person already uses it as a cell phone number.

My phone company's rep. told me to call the Annoyance Call Bureau #1-800-348-8727. If they get enough complaints about this number, they will have police officers making a personal visit to their facility. Everyone call this number and maybe they will stop calling us.
Cudahy WI
 Mar 14th, 2009
This company dials my cel but leaves no messages.
I am not delinquent in my one and only credit card.
No message means you don't know me and don't have a legitimate message for me.
They just want me to call.
I don't pick up any number I don't know nor return any call that does not identify who they are and the reason for the call.
 Mar 07th, 2009
I got a total of 24 calls that I didn't pick up.
GE Money Bank
P.O. Box 981064
El Paso, TX
 May 31st, 2008
Call from GE Money. Legitimate call about credit card issues. They had balance, etc.
 Feb 23rd, 2008
I called the number back and the recording said they are from Credit Services. I have no idea who these people are or what they want.
 Jan 19th, 2008
received about 19 calls in a week,10 from this number in a 8 days. today (Sunday) got 2 in a.m.- picked up second one- she was looking for a Jos'e guy - same as another agency call last week- said she would remove number as I just got this new number 10th August. had a total of some 22 calls altogether. It is G.E. credit card company.
Yesterday I had a call from local car sales in S.A. - asking for Jo'se Luiger? - she said she would take 'our' ?? number off list. after I told her the story of how we got this number on 10th Aug. we took off the ringer- more peaceful on nerves. we can see on ID who is calling. Told TWC to change this out,for a never used number. gotta wait until 27th to find one released. I will follow up.
 Aug 19th, 2007
Four calls before 11 am this morning alone at our on-call support number. 30 calls in the past week. They call 6 times a day and the number comes up as PRIVATE with only this number given on the vague message that they leave. If they are a collection agency, they are calling the wrong number and violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act by blocking their number.
 Jul 22nd, 2007
they call me private and when they leave a messege its cut off the person doesnt wait for the beep to start talking
 Mar 19th, 2007
call 3 times a day. I never answer it.
 Feb 17th, 2007
Name and # 'Unavailable' but an automated message said they are 'GE Money' and to call this #. They call 2-6 times a day everyday. There has to be something illegal about what they are doing.
 Feb 04th, 2007
They keep calling here. I have an American Eagle Credit Card but I am up to date on payments.
 Nov 28th, 2006