Called, did leave messages twice, in Chinese, I think, but not sure ??
 Jul 11th, 2018
This phone number belongs to Chase bank. It attempted to call me (and abandoned before I picked up the phone) shortly after I made an online purchase with a Chase credit card for a bundle of games online (Steam Keys from a bundle at 'Fanatical').

I suspect the calls are an automated anti-fraud measure, to alert unusual or suspicious activity.

It would be helpful if you comment whether or not you have CHASE accounts.
 Feb 27th, 2018
This phone number belongs to Wen Hair Care, which is a product by parent company Guthy Renker.
They are likely calling you due to being a current or past customer of this or another product (such as Proactiv skin care). They may be calling with something important or just an offer. In either case, siply answer the call and let them know you do not wish to receive further calls and they will remove your number. Its that simple!
Good luck
 Apr 20th, 2011