This number called me multiple times until I answered. They said my card was compromised and used to make purchases in another state. They said a list of transactions that I hadn’t done. They asked to verify my identity by reading a code that they were emailing to me in that moment. I read the code chase sent me and they hung up shortly. Within an hour all my accounts were drained. Please do not answer or give any codes or information to these people. They’re not chase.
New Jersey
SCAM!! The message say "call back us on 800-454-9718" while call is from Chase number.
 Nov 15th, 2018
I got an email supposedly from Chase asking me to call this number to confirm an addr change. I didn't request an address change and this isn't the phone number on my Chase card. Definitely scam.
 Nov 12th, 2018
3 calls in a row I picked up the 3rd and they asked to speak with me about said I wasn't home and they asked what a good time to call back so o said what number can you be reached at I'll have home call you and they hung up immediately definitely BD scam call
New York
 Oct 11th, 2018
chinese woman's automated voice in regards to jp morgan chase. It's a scam.
 Oct 04th, 2018
I just got a call from this number. As I did not recognize it, I let it go to voicemail. The message was a lady talking in what I believe was Chinese. I did an online search and it came up as Chase. Based on what I read here, it’s spam/spoof.
 Sep 20th, 2018
I just got a call from this number. I answered, but I did not say anything. The caller spoke Chinese (?) and I hung up and blocked the number. I checked the number online and it shows up as a Chase Bank number. I have never had an account at Chase, so I know it was a scam.
New Jersey
 Sep 20th, 2018
Just got this called. I did a lookup and it appears to be from Chase. I just block any number that I don't know.
 Sep 14th, 2018
SCAM PHISHING ... chase (hahaha) calling about my recent inquiry... how odd I never called Chase. BUT they are spoofing a chase number so BEWARE this is a scam call.
 Sep 10th, 2018
It is chase. I called them to help with a account and they called me back to verify some info from this number.
 Aug 09th, 2018
Received a call from this number in Chinese. Guessing it is a spoof of the Chase Customer Service number.
 Jun 30th, 2018
Just got called by this number, I picked it up. It was in Chinese. I was told there was unusual thing happened in my account, will be closed today. While she was checking, I checked my mobile app, no message. She said they got a notice from Shanghai, I knew this is a fraud call.
 Jun 29th, 2018
I had a missed call from this number. The voice message in Chinese, stating I had a unusual transaction found in my bank account. Oh, really? This is the first time I had Chase call in Chinese. I just discarded the message.
New York
 Jun 28th, 2018
They called regarding a chase credit card inquiry. I called chase and they said there was no inquiry. They are definitely phishing.
 Apr 26th, 2018
Asking for my account number and not a chase customer
 Apr 25th, 2018
I have a chase account, i first got text stating it was chase fraud and asked if i used my card at a gas station, I di not respond ot the text. I got online and checked my account and didn't see any pending transactions. I then got an automated call from this number about 5 min later stating they were from chase and had my name. They said ot press 1 for english, when i did it gave me an error to call 1-800-307-3131. I called and cancelled my chase card immedietly. Then called the other number with *67 to block my number and it went to some lady stating she was from a medic alert 24/7 bracelet system, i went and looked up that company and they were closed and actually have a different number. Crazy things goign on here with these folks, they have my card number, phone number and name.... I do IT security and this is some really good targeted phishing.
 Apr 16th, 2018
This group called me about a credit card I had to close out. This is how I know it was a scam because of how it was closed and why. Don't call these people back no matter what they tell you in the voice mail.
 Mar 19th, 2018
This is a scam! They called but left no message. When I searched the number online I saw Chase come up, so I called the number on the back of my card. They said there were no issues with my account and that it was a scam. Please make sure to always call the number on your card!!!
 Dec 01st, 2017
Called me and left a message asking me to call him back for my recent Amazon transaction and wanting to verify with me. I did have a recent Amazon transaction but the package has just shipped. Sounds very fishy.
 Sep 27th, 2017
Scammer/Telemarketer/Thief/Crook/Liar/Fraudster/Con(wo)man (card services) again/still touting the age old lower your credit card interest rate scam. CID showed "TOLL FREE CALL" and "1-800-935-9935". This is a spoofed number, it's a legitimate customer service number for Chase Personal Banking.
 Jun 14th, 2017
Scammer/Telemarketer/Thief/Crook/Liar/Fraudster/Con(wo)man (card services) still pushing the ancient lower your credit card interest rate scam. CID showed "TOLL FREE CALL" and "1-800-935-9935". This is a spoofed number, it's a legitimate customer service number for Chase Personal Banking.
 Jun 10th, 2017
Scammer/Telemarketer/Thief/Crook/Liar/Fraudster/Con(wo)man (card services) still touting the ancient lower your credit card interest rate scam. CID showed "TOLL FREE CALL" and "1-800-935-9935". This is a spoofed number, it's a legitimate customer service number for Chase Personal Banking.
 May 19th, 2017
I just got a call from this number, neither my husband or I have ever had a chase account. I'm assuming is some low life scammers spoofing a legitimate customer service number in order to make themselves look legit.
 May 16th, 2017
OK, this really is (assuming someone isn't spoofing the caller ID) Chase (JP Morgan-Chase) calling (the telephone number is posted on their official Website... it's their fraud reporting line).

BUT, why are they calling? Yes, I do have accounts with them, but there are no problems (checked status online) so there is no reason they should be calling me (called early AM, but hung up without leaving message when no one answered). I called the number back (my scammer check), and got a recording that asked me to enter my credit card number or debit card number. REALLY ? In this day in age with rampant phishing scams, these fools really expect a caller to blindly enter their financial information over the phone?

So, as a customer and a SHAREHOLDER, I blasted them about the gross flaws in their security. I still don't know why they are calling me, or apparently randomly calling other people using this phone number. Maybe a copy of this post should be sent to CEO Jaime Dimon for an explanation. Something is really, really wrong if this is how they conduct business.
 May 09th, 2017
Called at 8:32 am. I answered, but didn't say anything. Young man kept saying "hello", but I didn't say anything. So eventually he just hung up. Thankful for this site to see what other folks say about this number. Is it possible that this is not Chase and that someone has masked their number to get people to answer the phone. I find it hard to believe that Chase would be calling at all these hours.
 Jan 27th, 2016
Called my work phone at 3:37am today. Left no message. How unprofessional if this is Chase.
Also, I do not have any accts there. What's up with that? Cold calling????
 May 08th, 2015
Chase, checking on online charges
North Carolina
 Nov 12th, 2014
Its a shame in this day and age we have to endure harrassement. SMH. This is what it is.
 Nov 13th, 2013
for months, I have been receiving phone calls from Chase/JP Morgan Bank saying that my credit card is past its limit. The only problem is, I DON'T HAVE A CHASE BANK ACCOUNT. I have called two times asking them to take me off the list stating that they have the wrong number. Each time the Chase employee tells me I have been taken off the list and that the phone calls may continue for up to a month. Ok. So the first time I wait two months but the calls never stop. Then I call again and am told the exact same thing, 'it may take a month'. Ok. Once again, the calls never stop.
 Jun 22nd, 2013
I tried to call chase to get them to stop calling me because I have no Chase accoutn but they ontinue to call, even at 2:30 AM!!! I call chase and they say they can dislist my number and wouldn't disturb me again. Funny I got the call after 4 hours of their sorry.
 Oct 31st, 2012
they keep calling me. I've called them numerous times, and have been told by many levels of their management that's it's been taken care of. Apparently, the head don't know how to make the feet stop walking over there.
 Sep 13th, 2012
This number, according to a recorded message, has been changed to 800-935-9935. Atlanta, GA
 May 31st, 2012
I tried to call chase to get them to stop calling me because I have no Chase accoutn but they ontinue to call, even at 4 AM!!! I call chase and they say they cant find an account with my phone number.
 Nov 15th, 2011
called at 4:27 a.m.
 Nov 09th, 2011
Let me elaborate. Ben is correct in his comment This is an automated alert that you told it to make in your online settings, unless this defaults (doubt it). In my case it was automated and was an alert to let me know that a new computer had been granted access to my online account, which I had done a few minutes earlier. The problem with alerts is you can set them up from anything from a transaction posting, to a payment going through, etc. As Ben said, computers are up all night, so they will call you whenever. Adjust your phone alerts at their page to either cut the alerts down to something important or give it discretionary times. Just a little FYI, I had an alert set up to immediately notify me of any charge over $500 hitting my account. I got the alert early one morning, and I knew something was up. I was able to respond very quickly to a $500+ fraud charge on my card. There's an example when you wouldn't be so ticked about a late/early call waking you up!
 Apr 11th, 2011
Chase automated security call
 Apr 11th, 2011
This is the "Customer Service" number for JPMorgan Chase Bank
 Oct 15th, 2010
All you need to do is adjust the account preferences as to what time you would like to get your notifications. You signed up to get notified but you need to set the hours. There is the "only between Xam ande xam" option.
 Jul 23rd, 2010
whoa! 3 calls in the early morning hours, 4:34, 5:15, 6:32 AM WTF?
Can I file a lawsuit?
 May 25th, 2010
this is a scam.

i do not have an overdrawn account of any kind. i do not have a chase account. i have a wamu account with $1.00 in it. i called back and got a guy with a thick accent who demanded my name (after giving him my ph#.) i asked what the call was regarding and he said "this is chase bank."

i just called the real Chase 800-935-9935) and asked about it. i told them i have an IL WaMu account and no Chase accounts or cards - they said that IL WaMu accounts haven't even been converted and there was no reason Chase would have called me. she also said that this was a fraudulent call and to ignore it the next time they call.
 Jun 17th, 2009
I receive calls from this number and just called them back. They asked for my account number (?) and my social. I refused, and told the person I wanted to know if they were legitimately associated with Chase Bank. They hung up on me. Then, I called Chase at 800-935-9935 and spoke with a customer service rep; the first person told me the number was from their collections department, then I asked for a supervisor who told me that 800-424-5004 was NOT a Chase number and they would never ask for that information over the phone. Apparently it didn't bother Chase that they were giving out inconsistent information. I am inclined to believe it is a scam. I filed a complaint with the Do Not Call. I don't know if this ever does any good or not. If it is scammers, you'd think someone could shut them down.
 Nov 05th, 2007
I just spent about 3 hrs on the phone with these assholes and I was finally able to extract some information. I don't know how accurate it is, but my Chase rep told me that the address of the company in India is:

Bakils House
18-Sprott Rd
Ballard Estate
Mumbai, India 400 001

They are contracted out by JP Morgan Chase to do collection services, even though they told me REPEATEDLY to my face that they weren't. They also lied about their names and so forth.

The funny thing is that I paid my account and while I was on hold with these guys, they called me again! So I answered and started raising hell again.

You know, I wouldn't care so much if JP Morgan Chase was just trying to get their funds, but what these people do harassment.

The guy in India gave me a number, 877-227-2249, which doesn't work. Another lie just to get me off the phone. He also told me to contact:

JP Morgan Chase
PO Box 15041
Wilmington, DE 19850

If it works, I suggest you take them up on the offer. I plan on cancelling my account ASAP.

Supposed name of manager in India: "David Johnson" Employee ID: APS
Loshit Shetty (the only real name) ID COL0QJ
"Robert Jade" ID 9462

Everybody's ID was really different for some reason.

Give them a call 800-424-5004 or 800-432-3117 or 800-935-9935. Let them know what you think.

Yo Hu
 Jan 06th, 2007