They keep calling me every 15 minutes but dont answer phone or leave a message. Although this is a legit # for Frontier I believe it is a spoofed call using their id and #.. 900p and 920p is no time to be calling people.
New York
 Jun 22nd, 2019
Frontier used this number to call informing me that my phone was back in service.
West Virginia
 Jan 05th, 2019
is for install
 Sep 14th, 2018
This is a correct number for Frontier Communications. This number was used to call me today informing me that a technician was enroute for a scheduled service appt.
 Aug 17th, 2018
This is Frontier Communications Customer Service Line.
New York
 Jul 13th, 2018
This is scammers trying to get you to buy a fake product.
 Jun 15th, 2018
4/23/2018 Connecticut
About 10 days ago my voice mail stopped working. Callers did not get a voice mail; the phone rang until the hung up. After a few days of this I bit the bullet and called Frontier customer service. I explained the problem to Person #1 who told me she would connect me with another person who could help me. Explained same issue to Person #2 who told me that they would connect me with Person #3. Not one of these three people made any attempt to determine what the problem was. They just passed it on. At that point I had spent 30 minutes on the phone. Person #3 connected me with Person #4. Restraining myself I explained what had just transpired and the amount of time it took. The rep. then said he would help. I was hopeful. Ten minutes went by as he backtracked into the records telling me that this was really not his department but would send a Chat to the technician who could help. This meant the Chat had to join a queue. Finally rep. got someone and started to explain to me what was going to happen. At this point, I GOT DISCONNECTED. 45 minutes wasted. If you have untreated high blood pressure I suggest you have someone else make the service call for you. Rep. never called back. However, by the next day my voice mail was "back in business." BUT, that day I received 3 phones calls from Frontier, 1 800 921 8101. Two of those calls went to Caller ID but there was NO message. One call I picked up and the "caller' hung up. The next day the same thing happened two times. I called and spoke to Roger. He thought that they might be "testing" the line. I am doubtful. Today, 4/24/2018 there was one call in the a.m. and one call a short while ago at 1:01 p.m. No messages are left.
On the positive side they did send a repair person the day after I called to report wires hanging from side of house because of Northeast storms and winds.
 Apr 23rd, 2018
They did not call me. I emailed them. No help for my problem because of verification issues. I called them at 800-299-1171 X6 and my problem was handled to my satisfaction. I am, however, glad to hear that I probably don't want to answer a call from 800-921-8101. Thanks
 Sep 24th, 2012
This number appears several times a day on my caller ID. If I want more package deals I will call THEM!!!
Bee B
 Oct 30th, 2010
Tried to get us to sign up for the package deal which includes Dish TV. We have told them many times in the past that we are not interested.
 Feb 28th, 2010
so, we're all sick & tired of these calls. tonight at 9:00 I answered the phone (I have caller i.d.) with "what do you want, it is 9:00 at night" - wow, did they hang up quickly. i suppose if you are rude to them, they will stop calling. makes me feel like a chump, but i can be rude to these people.
 Nov 04th, 2009
Called to try to talk us into signing up for their DishTV service.
 Aug 31st, 2009
These people have been calling me day and night. I have no business relationship with them. I have previously informed them NOT to call. They do not pay any attention to my request or the Do Not Call lists from either the state or government.
 May 29th, 2009
here I thought I had a secret admirer - turns out another stupid solicitor GREAT...
 May 22nd, 2009
Frontier Telephone trying to get us into their Dish TV or their Internet package.
 Mar 31st, 2009
how ironic, while I was on this website looking up the number, they called again, offering promotions. Told them I was no longer with frontier. We've had several calls recently and a door stop visit as wel. They must be desparate.
 Feb 20th, 2009
Frontier Communications pushing thier CRAPPY service...
 May 13th, 2008
a rather poor quality recording on the voicemail regarding an important offer and to call the same number that showed on the ID. HaH! With recording quality that poor, you think I'm going to pay attention?
D R Thurber
 Jan 24th, 2008
Frontier Communications
(800) 921-8101
2104 W Emory Rd Powell, TN
 Nov 09th, 2007
They keep leaving me obscene messages involving chickens and lube.
 Sep 28th, 2007
Call two or three times a day have no clue what they want as they won't leave a message and I will not answer. I too have a Frontier exchange so I don't know what they want.
 Aug 01st, 2007
I've requested they put me on their do not call list too but they obviously don't. I have their phone service but they want my internet and cable business too!
 May 22nd, 2007
Trying to sign you up for dish network etc
 May 08th, 2007
I got this call today.
 Apr 16th, 2007
I have frontier phone line. If they are trying to sell me something, they are out of luck, especially calling during or after dinner
 Apr 10th, 2007
This Frontier Communications - a division of Citizens. In spite of promising me twice that they would be put me on their Do Not Call list, I am still getting phone calls from them
 Mar 28th, 2007
**This caller is Frontier Communications**
 Feb 01st, 2007
called me again at 1:52pm the SAME DAY!!! left no message again. (i didn't answer the phone)
 Feb 01st, 2007
called me at 2-01-07 10:17am
i didn't answer and they left no message.
the caller id just said "TOLL FREE CALL"
 Feb 01st, 2007
They call me seven times today, seven times yesterday, and I can't remember how many times before that.
 Dec 20th, 2006
Here they are again! Exactly two weeks from last call.
 Nov 28th, 2006
Just get tired ... hangs up after 4 rings.
 Nov 14th, 2006
Rec'd calls from this # on:
9-1-06 @ 2:58EST &
9-3-06 @ 1:07 EST (Sunday!)
CID reads: Atlanta, GA.
My effort to call the number back failed -- "this number has been disconnected."
A call to the REAL ACS phone number (1-800-921-8101) led me to speak with a customer rep who is putting a report to her supervisor (no one in Atlanta offices, today). She is going to find out if this is a real ACS phone number.
I attempted to set up 'Selective Call Rejection' via my phone service -- and was unable to get the number to be entered. ???
I am emailing a complaint to the FCC - whether ACS or not - as the law states the company MUST provide an opt-out phone number. Since this caller hung -up AND the number came in as "number has been disconnected," they are breaking the law.
 Sep 03rd, 2006