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Who Called Us

The phone is ringing, and I don't recognize the number,
All Caller ID says is, "NAME UNAVAILABLE".
Please help me figure out who is calling and what they want

349 calls reported from this number.
Who CalledCaller IDDate
Yes Services2006-12-02
unnowntoll free2013-01-18
unkown800 service2012-01-27
unkownunkown name2007-03-22
unknown numberunknown number2007-05-26
unknown nameunknown2013-04-26
Unknown Name2007-07-17
unknownPenn Credit Cor2013-01-29
UnknownNOT PROVIDED2010-12-24
unknownNot Provided2010-11-13
UnknownPrivate Caller2010-01-05
unknownprivate name2009-06-04
unknownout of area2007-10-25
unknownout of area2007-10-19
unknowndon't have2007-08-24
UnknownUnknown Caller2007-06-17
unidentifiedunknown name2007-11-07
UnidentifiedNo Caller ID2007-09-21
they wont tell you!unavailable2010-07-22
they didn't reveal who they wereunavailable2006-12-06
telemarkertoll free2013-02-04
telemarkertoll free2013-01-16
scamNot Provided2011-02-20
reschini agency2008-03-22
Ref 9183205Private2007-12-31
Pennj Creditunknown2007-08-12
penn credit corporationno name2010-07-01
Penn Credit CorporationUnavailable2010-04-11
Penn Credit CorporationToll Free Call2009-12-05
Penn Credit CorporationPrivate2009-10-19
penn credit corporationblocked call2008-11-21
Penn Credit CorporationRestricted2008-03-12
penn credit corporationprivate2008-02-28
Penn Credit Corporationno2007-10-04
Penn Credit CorporationUnavailable2007-08-09
Penn Credit Corporation2006-12-17
Penn Credit Corp.Private2009-12-17
Penn Credit Corp.2008-09-23
Penn Credit Corp.N/A2007-08-20
penn credit corp.unavailable2007-05-11
Penn Credit Corp.unknown name/#2007-01-06
Penn Credit Corp - Debt Collection ScumUNAVAILABLE2008-08-22
Penn Credit Corp - Debt Collection ScumUNAVAILABLE2008-08-23
Penn Credit Corp - Debt Collection ScumUNAVAILABLE2008-08-24
Penn Credit Corp - Debt Collection ScumUNAVAILABLE2008-08-25
Penn Credit Corp - Debt Collection ScumUNAVAILABLE2008-08-26
Penn Credit Corp - Debt Collection ScumUNAVAILABLE2008-08-27
Penn Credit Corp - Debt Collection ScumUNAVAILABLE2008-08-28
Penn Credit Corp - Debt Collection ScumUNAVAILABLE2008-08-29
Penn Credit Corp - Debt Collection ScumUNAVAILABLE2008-08-30
Penn Credit Corp - Debt Collection ScumUNAVAILABLE2008-08-31
Penn Credit Corp - Debt Collection ScumUNAVAILABLE2008-09-01
Penn Credit Corp - Debt Collection ScumUNAVAILABLE2008-09-02
Penn Credit Corp - Debt Collection ScumUNAVAILABLE2008-09-03
Penn Credit Corp - Debt Collection ScumUNAVAILABLE2008-09-04
Penn Credit Corp - Debt Collection ScumUNAVAILABLE2008-09-05
Penn Credit Corp - Debt Collection ScumUNAVAILABLE2008-09-06
Penn Credit Corp - Debt Collection ScumUNAVAILABLE2008-09-07
Penn Credit Corp - Debt Collection ScumUNAVAILABLE2008-09-08
Penn Credit Corp - Debt Collection ScumUNAVAILABLE2008-09-09
Penn Credit Corp - Debt Collection ScumUNAVAILABLE2008-09-10
Penn Credit Corp - Debt Collection ScumUNAVAILABLE2008-09-11
penn credit corptoll free2013-08-22
Penn Credit Corp800-900-13802013-07-08
Penn Credit CorpTool Free Call2011-03-22
Penn Credit CorpUnavailable2011-01-28
Penn Credit CorpUnavailable2010-12-03
penn credit corptoll free call2010-08-21
Penn Credit CorpPrivate Number2009-11-06
penn credit corpPrivate2008-02-15
Penn Credit Corp2008-01-11
Penn Credit Corpout of area2007-09-24
Penn Credit Corpunknown2007-09-01
penn credit corpunknown2007-06-27
Penn Credit Corpn/a2007-04-18
Penn Credit Corpnone2007-02-21
Penn Credit Corpout of area2006-10-28
Penn Credit Corpout of area2006-09-13
Penn Credit Corp2006-01-03
Penn Credit CoorpPrivate Caller2007-12-05
Penn Credit Company800-900-13802007-02-08
Penn Credit (Re: Parking Tickets)800-900-13802008-01-15
Penn Credit (RE: Literary Guild)UNKNOWN2007-03-15
Penn Credittoll free call2011-04-01
Penn CreditOut of Area2010-12-22
Penn CreditToll Free Call2010-09-18
Penn Credituavailable2010-08-06
Penn Credit1-800 service2010-05-19
penn creditunknown2010-05-04
Penn Creditnone2010-03-19
Penn Credit800-900-13672009-09-16
Penn CreditOut of area2008-09-21
Penn CreditUnavailable2008-07-08
Penn CreditPRIVATE2008-05-02
Penn Creditn/a2008-03-07
Penn CreditUnknown2008-02-06
Penn Credit800-900-13802007-10-26
Penn Credit2007-09-18
Penn Creditunknown2007-07-22
Penn CreditUnknown2007-06-15
Penn Creditunavailable2007-06-06
Penn CreditPrivate Caller2007-03-15
Penn CreditUNAVAILABLE2006-12-31
Penn Creditunknown2006-11-25
penn crecit corpunknown2007-03-10
Penn CrecitUnknown2007-02-05
Penn Code2010-03-19
Penn Credit CorpUnknown Caller2006-10-26
Penn 2006-10-26
pennout of area2006-09-29
Peace of SunshineUnknown2007-10-16
not sure2010-08-16
not sureunknown2007-06-02
none - said collection agencyunavailable2007-03-23
no name givenunknown caller2006-11-29
no nameunkown caller2010-05-05
no nameunkown2010-05-05
no nameunavailable2007-06-05
No naame (person or company givenNot available2007-02-21
No IdentifiedNONE2007-04-13
No ideaUnknown Caller2008-04-07
nicholeunknown caller2007-08-16
just says "important personal business"unknown2007-03-21
inknownNot Provided2010-11-08
dont knownone2010-05-21
dont knowunknown name2007-04-14
don't knowno name2013-05-17
don't knowunknown2011-08-01
don't knowTOLL FREE CALL2010-07-23
Don't know2007-05-20
does not state name(no number)0000-00-00
Does not SayUnknown2007-06-12
Didn't SayOut of Area2007-03-19
Didn't say Unknown Number2007-01-05
did not sayunknown caller2007-02-15
did not say718-763-52422007-02-09
debt collector Barbara Johnson800 Service2010-03-21
debt collectorprivate2008-02-24
credit corp2008-01-17
credit company2008-02-16
Could not understandUnknown Caller2007-02-24
Central CreditCentral Credit2007-11-08
Cen Credit CorpCentral Credit2009-05-23
automatedunknown caller2007-01-30
anyone's guess2007-09-07
??800 service2011-09-11
?not available2007-07-12
?Call 12007-06-22
?Unknown caller2006-07-06
800 900 1380800 900 13800000-00-00
2010-05-29800 service2010-05-31
,800 Service2010-11-03
,800 Service2010-10-22
,800 Service2010-10-10
,800 Service2010-09-27
,800 Service2010-09-15
,800 Service2010-09-09
,800 Service2010-09-03
toll free call2014-02-03
toll free2013-12-02
Toll Free2013-11-26
TOLL FREE2013-10-26
toll free2013-01-09
800 Service2012-12-09
PENN CREIDIT2012-12-01
penn creditcor2012-09-11
800 Service2012-07-31
800 Service2012-07-25
out of area2012-06-14
800 Service2012-01-08
toll free call2011-08-07
unknown caller2011-04-16
Penn Credit Cor2011-03-17
Toll Free Call2011-01-18
not provided2011-01-04
TOLL FREE2010-12-08
toll free call2010-08-30
800 Service2010-08-28
800 Service2010-08-20
800 Service2010-08-14
800 Service2010-07-20
unknown caller2010-07-16
no name2010-07-11
toll free call2010-07-10
toll free call2010-06-22
800 900 13802010-06-18
toll free call2010-06-13
Not Provided2010-05-30
toll free call2010-05-24
not provided2010-05-17
toll free call2010-05-13
toll free call2010-05-09
Not Provided2010-03-24
unknown name2010-03-22
Penn Credit2010-03-19
no name2010-03-19
Central Credit2009-10-05
private number2009-01-29
Private caller2009-01-18
private number2008-11-26
New M2008-09-25
blocked call2007-12-07
800 941-59502007-10-31
central credit2007-10-24
Unknown Name2007-06-12
Unknown Caller2007-05-18
Out of Area2007-04-07
Unknown Name2007-03-13
no name2007-02-27
Georgia 3902007-02-21
Private Caller2007-02-15
Unknown Caller2007-02-13
D W2007-02-07
i don't know2007-02-03
Out of Area2007-02-03
unknown name 2007-02-03
Unknown Name2007-01-28
Out Of Area2007-01-27
no caller id2007-01-27
Unknown Caller2007-01-11
unknown caller2007-01-09
None left2007-01-07
Out of area2006-12-27
Out of Area2006-12-19
out of area2006-12-19
no data2006-12-17
Out of Area2006-12-17
out of area2006-12-14
unknown caller2006-12-13
unknown caller2006-12-05
Unknown Caller2006-11-28
a, thru z party2006-11-09
Unknown Caller2006-11-08
unknown name2006-11-07
Out of Area2006-10-26
Blocked ID2006-10-27
unknown number2006-10-26
no name2006-10-22
out of area2006-10-13
unknown name2006-09-22
unknown name2006-08-30
no name rcvd2006-08-22

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June 21st, 2015   PA

thought they were not suppose to call at 9 pm!!! Jerks!

October 14th, 2014 Love You Long Time

Caller ID says only "Toll Free". I called them back anonymously with my own number blocked and they would not identify their own company name. Not very nice. Thanks for the others who have posted the details of who they really are. Now I know their function, we can play. I only have major $$ past due medical bills for a botched surgery/medical device malfunction, so it must be related to that. I'm in dispute with my own insurance company regarding the extra $6,000.00 that was tagged onto my bill for "upgrades" performed while I was under anesthesia and could not have ever even authorized myself. I am terminal, so if they can get the money out of me once I'm in the ground more power to 'em. In the mean time they can blow me.

February 15th, 2014 volunteer AL

I have never heard of these people before and have no business relationship. I am on the DNC list, so their call is illegal. I never answer numbers or CID's I don't recognize. Since no message was left, it must be part of a scam. As Dora, the Explorer, might say: "Scammers, stop scamming!"

January 23rd, 2014 jn KY

Please send copy of R8968266

November 19th, 2013 Craig RI

With this number of reports you do not need mine!!! These are collection assholes!!

November 10th, 2013 Yenziwe 02 South Africa

There's someone who call me by 01:22 so i wish to know that number.

October 12th, 2013 Jackie MI

I had 24 calls from this number on August 25th! I was at work, thank God - but TWENTY FOUR CALLS? What is wrong with these people??

October 7th, 2013 ptb CA

this number calls at least 4 times a week. I have been on the do not call list for 5 years at least. guess nobody enforces it

August 7th, 2013 Marcy CA

Got a call from this number says toll free call, didn't answer machine picked it up. I get alot of similar calls meaning toll free calls. I am on the do not call list. So whats up that don't work?

July 24th, 2013 Jackie MI

Idiots asked for an ex-stepson that I have not seen since 1999 and has NEVER been associated with my phone number or my present name. I told him that, and he got mouthy and said "Oh, so you're saying you don't know this person?" I said no, that is not what I said, I told you that he is my ex-stepson whom I have not had contact with in over 13 years. Remove my name and number from your list and don't call me again.

July 19th, 2013 hdrob AZ

My wife listened to their message once several months ago. It asked for contact information for our long-ago lost daughter. Obviously a collection agency. We have no contact information even for our own use, and WOULD NOT give any information even if we did. We recognize the caller's number now, and usually just ignore it. They do not leave a message on our answering device, just hang up.

July 13th, 2013 blueknight6408 ID

Called but would not say a word. I said a few choice words to them & hung up.

May 17th, 2013 jeanne FL

Just read all of the comments by people receiving calls from this number..Some very good advice by 47, plus others who seem to know the Federal Trades Law. Quiet evident that the collection agency know nothing about the Federal Trades Law or the Statute of Limitations. First write for proof of debt ( they won't send it.) Then tell them to cease and desist. Most states have a statute of limitations of four years or less.Pull statute in your state by using state statute of the state you reside in.Also there are laws governing auto dialers,calls after hours,etc. After 9PM in the state I'm in is a violation of the FTC laws.Not only can you sue the company, (Penn State) in this case but also the collector harassing you. Information to a third party is illegal in my state, Such as in-laws, etc. Evidently these people don't know collection laws and in most cases when they get the debt it is beyond the statute of limitations. They feed on peoples ignorance using scare tatics.. As the saying goes, " It's a debtors world." Not a lawyer...have just studied collection laws, and Federal Trades.

May 2nd, 2013 Debra IA

Trying to get me to pay for outstanding parking tickets - good luck - I do not want to pay!

April 26th, 2013 Duane CO

They keep calling asking for person that has NEVER lived here nor do we know the person asked for. We want this to stop!

March 27th, 2013 deedee ID

Just called the number and asked why they are calling me. She had my name and then asked for me to verify my address. I asked her what address she had before I would verify. They hung up.

March 27th, 2013 deedee ID

I have been called twice to three times a day since Sunday evening. They leave no message.

February 6th, 2013 richard dumont VT

they just keep calling when were not home and i just keeping reporting them no end

January 9th, 2013 j. mck CO

They ring once or twice a day but never leave a message.

January 4th, 2013 Walt VA

Local phone companies have varying policies on whether to call the phone company or the police first. Some recommend that you first call the phone company's business office and explain the problem. A representative will connect you with the "annoyance desk." Other phone companies may require you to file a formal complaint with local law enforcement before they will deal with the matter. To find out what your phone company's policy is, contact the business office and ask for assistance. AT&T policies are available online at their Annoyance Call Bureau site. Click on "Annoyance Call Types" for specific guidance. Verizon policies are available at their Unlawful Call Center and at Annoyance Call Complaint Handling page.

For serious threats, if life or property are threatened, or if calls are obscene, you should call the police and file a report. Provide as much information to law enforcement as you can. Indicate the gender of the caller and describe the caller's voice. Note the time and date of the call(s). What did the caller say? How old did he/she sound? Did the caller seem intoxicated? Did he/she have an accent or speech impediment? Was there any background noise? Was a phone number/name displayed on the Caller ID device?

December 31st, 2012 C Parker NM

Call came in at 8:00 p.m. Sunday for a family member that does not live here. Strange time for a "business" call. Passed message to family member who immediately called the number. No one answered the call. This must be some type of scam. My family will not answer any more calls from this number.

April 28th, 2012 Amommanyetta NY

They just called me, these precks. Told them to sock my focking deck. The rep said I owe them some cabbage. Had the wrong name. I got into a conversation with the broad. Told her I would finger her and eat her juicy possy if she let it go. Asked her what she was wearing. Next thing you know we were doing phone secs. I mean, I know it was over the phone but she gave some great phone head. I blew a load on the receiver. I hope they call again

April 11th, 2012 Terry Wall

Why was I contacted by you when you wanted my brother who lives in PA, and who gave you my phone number?

January 30th, 2012 Ryan MI

Sometimes you have to shoot these people with an elephant gun. I called a major bank five times once and told them they had the wrong person on their 30 calls. Nothing. So I sent a fax to the CEO that I was coming to his house that night to get the problem fixed. That did it. Got a call to make sure I wasn't a psycho and offered a small cash settlement. I use that routine often. Then I discovered that my fax program on my computer would send a fax until completed. So I send faxes to companies but not their fax line to their phone line. My computer sends a fax every three minutes for 8 hours until it goes through. I then resend it. Did that for two days once and all was quiet again. ;-) Yeah, they were getting 160 calls every 8 hours for two days. Of course I have unlimited call service so it didn't cost me a dime.

January 27th, 2012 SB IN

keep calling even after they know the person thay want is dead and is telling the famly thay got to pay it off well it will be a cold day in hell befor thay see one red cent....

January 14th, 2012 SB IN

called asking for a person that passed away 4 mo ago are this people that cold harted to call the thr brother and want him to pay even after they got her death notes.

September 29th, 2011 tiredofcalls OK

Appearred to be a collection agency trying to find someone I had never heard of - very rude and unprofessional!!!! Asked to be removed from phone list, so we'll see...

September 1st, 2011 Resident47

Grandme: You're not going to wish away the caller. You and the prior three persons reporting here need to review this thread and stop trying to deal with collectors verbally. The telephone is a collector's primary weapon. Disarm the opponent or prepare for more beatings.

August 31st, 2011 Grandme OK

They keep calling my number and hanging up when I answer the phone. There is no one on the other end. This is annoying and I wish that they would stop calling me. Caller ID shows number date and time but not who it is.

August 22nd, 2011 Linda TX

I do not know this number and I do not answer unidentifiable numbers. This caller has become a nuisance calling two and three times a day and night -- even just an hour apart.

August 21st, 2011 Annoyed CA

This number has been calling my home for months. Each time they ask for someone different, none of the names are mine or anyone I know. I find this extremely annoying and time consuming. One time they called when I was expecting a call from HOSPICE, I think I have more important things on my plate than to be harrassed!

August 1st, 2011 not dumb OH

No message. Have had perfect credit for 45 years. No reason for the call and since we figured it was a collection agency we didn't answer. They never trust that you aren't the person they're looking for anyway. Just saves a lot of wasted energy.

June 24th, 2011 Resident47 MA

Thomas: The thing you might be missing is you're betting against Penn calling again. By the time you get a cease-comm out the door in reaction to a second wave of calls, the party might be over and you'll have a much harder time pressing a case. If you send one now, you have them ''by the short and curlies''. You'll be assured either of the silence you want or the slam dunking you can take to federal court.

June 22nd, 2011 Thomas MT

Thanks for the info... I was thinking of how to simply block a debt caller whose call totally has nothing to do with me. If they do not call back then solved.

Of course now if they do later call from another extension I will use what info I can including the USPS CMRR to prove their case, against them Since it is THEN their obvious F***Up for harrassing me instead of using what resources are available to find the real party they should be calling ,, No reason I can't get some money out of them and teach them not to be so lazy to call the first number on their list.

June 21st, 2011 Resident47 RI

Thomas: Ignoring and blocking collection calls can work against you if you one day need to prove a pattern of abuse or harassment. Collection reps won't be the least deterred by any verbal arguments from you. They are trained to disbelieve anything you say which does not lead to you writing a check.

Verbal cease-comms *should* work but often don't, which is why I keep promoting the use of USPS CMRR. The collector may lie but the mint green card cannot.

June 21st, 2011 Thomas MT

For anyone that has a caller rejection through your phone company you can simply add them to the ignore list.... Their call is then blocked from ringing. Provided they do not have another line to call from. It will stop or at least slow down the calls for a while.

June 21st, 2011 Thomas MT

This number has called 5 times in the last week . Asked for some person named Ronny. Told them I have had my number for over 15 years and no one here by that name. They said will remove my number..... this should stop calls or they will get a very upset call back. Will wait & see !!!

May 17th, 2011 Bob TX

I purchased calendars & pens from Pen Ballpoint supplier. Now they call once a day to sell more pens etc.

April 16th, 2011 Resident47 RI

You last three commentors would be wise to review the past few months of entries in this thread. All of your concerns have been addressed.

April 16th, 2011 SCAM TN

I get phone calls 4 or 5 times a day, for myself and my ex husband, who hasn't lived here in 7 years! When I call the number, no one responds. they call all morning and all night. I would cut off my home phone if it wasn't for 911 service. Oh, and by the way...It HAS to be bogus because I very closely monitor my credit, and I have NO outstanding debts.

April 16th, 2011 Rondo

I keep receiving taped message from 1 800 900 1380. I called them back and they wanted information from me as to who I was. I asked them to stop calling on several occasions. I do not have any business dealings with them nor any outstanding bills or judgments. I want to put in a complaint against the onners of this phone. They are disturbing my family. Please investigate them.

March 7th, 2011 Deaf lady GA

This same number been calling 4 times a day for different people and there is no merriam messick or leonard newell or debbie wheeler,bob lawrence.And do not doesn't stop these people from 1-800 numbers from calling my house.

March 4th, 2011 Resident47 RI

Becky, the FDCPA gives special attention to collection calls to employers. If you had taken the advice I've been planting in this thread, you would know this and how to take action.

March 4th, 2011 Becky WI

Has anyone got this number to stop calling? They are calling my work place and again, no one answers when you call back. I have to get this to stop or my work place will have a fit.

February 26th, 2011 Resident47 RI

Well, gang, you four are all confirming what I said back in October. Ignoring the calls does not stop them. Pressing menu keys does not stop the calls. Arguing with the rep does not stop the calls. Spending the few minutes and the $5.54 in USPS fees to send a written cease-comm is the only 95% sure show-stopper. This puts a scare into the agency as it establishes a paper trail for a potential consumer lawsuit.

One caveat, cease-comm is recommended only if the debt isn't yours or it's aged past your Statute of Limitations. If there is any small chance the account can be pinned to you, make the collector validate. Again, the FTC describes this letter process. Once so notified, all collector contact must stop until proof of claim is presented.

February 26th, 2011 anonymous WA

I have been harrassed for months and I'd like to have it stop!

February 21st, 2011 JLF MT

Some one from this number is harressing my 83 year old mother. The call and say they are looking for Sherri __________. They claim they are from DPASS and must speak to her. Then when she presses one nothing happens.

February 9th, 2011 GC

I get a call from this number twice a day. Unknown caller. Message says important business press # 1 I hang up. It's been a long time since the calls from this number started. It's very annoying. I just let it ring now and nobody leaves a message. It's really getting annoying and it's a form of harassment.

January 29th, 2011 Leeanne MA

I have gotten several calls from this phone number that show up as unavailable. I wont answer the phone if I dont know who it is as Im disabled and Im becoming nervous with all the scamming that is going on these days, especially to the disabled and elderly. I did answer once though by mistake and all I got was a pre recorded message saying to call 1-800-900-1380 immediatly. Not once during this message do they say who they are or who it is they want to talk to. I refuse to call someone back that wont even say who it is they want.

January 18th, 2011 Resident47

Phrases like "important personal business" and "important business matter" nearly always indicate debt collection, and/or skip tracing for the same.

January 18th, 2011 SA CA

Got a call from this number today with only "toll free call" on the Caller ID plus the number. I answered and a recording said it was "important personal business." I hung up.

January 12th, 2011 Resident47

BG, non-sales callers are exempt from the Federal DNC. Chances are better than even your Mom will get more calls until a cease-comm is sent USPS Certified.

Good story, Sarah, maybe you caught a green employee. However, you don't have proof of the calls, Penn does, and it will take a subpoena to extract them should you get into a suit. You're better off making your own recordings if possible. Thanks to a recent circuit court ruling you won't need their consent, either.

January 11th, 2011 BG

They have called my elderly Mother various times asking for someone who does not live with or is a part of her family. She has no credit; has never had credit; not interested in having credit! When I called the number they left for a call-back 800 900 1380, supposedly the person answering was "Tia" and when I asked for company name and location, I understood her to say Pan Credit in Pennsylvania. She may have said "Penn Credit" and I misunderstood. At any rate, I asked that my mother's telephone number be removed from their records. They have no business with her. Promise was made that they will delete her telephone number from their list. She is on the National Do Not Call List

December 27th, 2010 brenda OH

they called my phone 6 times looking fr sum one else

December 20th, 2010 Sarah NY

I am concerned that this Penn Credit is some dude working on his laptop while sitting on the toilet in his apartment. When I called to ask why they called me, a guy picked up and said simply, "hello?" and I asked him, "is that how a professional answers the phone?" to which he didn't respond. I sighed and said that I'm returning a call from this 800 number, to which he QUICKLY replied (interrupting me), "this call may be monitored, etc. etc." and that he was from Penn Credit. I congratulated him: "THAT's how you answer the phone!" I told him that since he was recording the conversation, I have proof if he breaks the law by calling me again after being told not to (and that the person he was looking for does not live here). I just hung up, and will report him if he calls again.

December 3rd, 2010 Resident47

Hopkinson, as the harassed party it's up to you to make complaints and confront the collector ..... as I had already very strongly suggested in the comment just prior to yours.

December 3rd, 2010 E Hopkinson

Have received several phone calls from this number at all hours of the day!! When I call, they do not identify themselves and the person in question does not reside here. Please report this caller as harrassing!!

October 21st, 2010 Resident47 RI

Hard to believe in 4.25 years of comments not one mentions the FDCPA, the law that regulates bad collector behavior. Some of it was once summarized but not totally cited.

In short, if you are receiving misdirected or abusive calls from a third party debt collector, you may find relief in this law, which provides a private right of action. It grants you control of how you are contacted, and collectors can be sued for their crimes. You may however soon find that your verbal demands to limit or cease communication, as allowed by the FDCPA, are often ignored. You will have to place the discussion on a paper trail to enforce regulatory compliance. Learn your rights and first response tactics at FTC-dot-gov.

The website design may have been updated since the pan critique in August 2007. It's not the worst I've seen, but some of the formatting is goofed up, and the overall look is from the Random Stock Photo school of design.

October 20th, 2010 Confused TX

Automated message looking for my mother, said to press 1 if you are her. I pressed one and spoke with a lady who asked to speak with my mother. I said that's my mother, she doesn't live here, she has never lived here, and I have no idea how you got this #. She asked if I could give her a # for my mother and I said no, I haven't spoken to her in years and I have no idea how to get in touch with her. I'm baffled how they got my phone #, because I truly haven't seen her in years, I have a married last name, and we haven't had a last name in common since I was 5 years old. There's no way my mother used my phone number on anything because she doesn't know how to get in touch with me. They must use come kind of geneology database or something, it's really strange. Anyway, the lady I spoke with was nice enough, and said she would remove me from the call list.

October 4th, 2010 Jeanne Thompson ME

The phone number came up as an 800 service. These people will harrass to no end. They have been told about a dozen times to stop calling here because the party they want does not live here and they keep calling just the same. You can see that this is the second time I have posted on this company.

September 28th, 2010 Jeanne Thompson ME

We get alot of these calls for our grand children and they do not live here with us.. They have been told several times to stop calling us. They also have been told that our name be taken off this list they have.
If you folks don't want Harrassment charges brought up on you .. I would suggest that the calls stop as of now. That means no more calls after 5 EST on Tuesday the 28th of September.

August 27th, 2010 Janice CA

This company calls for someone I don't even know and no matter how many times I say so they still call back. I got fed up and did the following. I haven't heard from them since.

"Who do you want?"
"Lorraine Carroll."
"You'll have to speak up. I can't hear you."
"I said Lorraine Carroll."
"Honestly, can't you speak in a normal tone? How do people hear you?"
"I'm not deaf, you know. Just give me the name."
She hung up.

August 17th, 2010 Tamara B.

I got 4 calls from them today. I believe all were automated given that all 4 came on 7 or 8 minutes after the hour they called. No messages were left on the voice mail. I don't conduct business over the phone only by mail and in person. We get a lot of crook calls like this in this community because there is a high number of older people who are more likely to forget whether or not they paid something. Plus it's easy to figure out the local numbers given that all numbers start with the same prefix.

August 13th, 2010 leo PA

last comment date 7.22.10-i don't believe a single word you just also sound like a total imbecile/do no call lists apply to telemarketing///did you know if the person you had called was selling you anything//i would probably believe they did have the right person and you probably were hiding from something/is there more to the story that what you are posting//like did you give the person anytime to explain or talk at all prob not//you know if you owe money companies do have every right under federal law to contact you and then even when you tell them not to call you they still can/you must post your ceasecommunication letter in writing///not calls only apply to those companies selling good services or special offer over the phone//you sound like a complete jack@##

July 22nd, 2010 glowdark CA

I Just called them, after seveal minutes on hold, I got through they said call was being recorded, I told them MY call was being recorded from my end for legal reasons. I told them to remove the number from their call list, HE insisted that I tell him who lives at this number, I told him since you don't know STOP calling as I am NOT going to tell you! HE insisted over and over, so I told him UNLESS you will tell me the name of the person who you are looking for and why, THEN remove my number! He said HE CANT TELL ME THAT WOULD INVADE the privacy of the person they're calling... He ended up asking me a yes or no question 'is this the wrong number for Mrs Jones' I said YES...
I guess their way out of the conversation is to make up a pseudonym for the person they're looking for when they realize that I'm not stupid enough to give out personal info. IF THEY CALL BACK I WILL FILE HARASSMENT CHARGES with the site listed below... They DO follow up and fine the harasser if you give enough info!
This was a result of one follow up...and knowing the law (at least a little)
Under the law if you tell/inform a company that if they call back you charge a fee of $2000.00 per call, it is a legally acceptable fee and payable by the caller. I know this for a fact as I had a company call back after calling them and mailing and emailing them to stop calling me, I was awarded $10,000 for the 5 calls that came AFTER the date for which I had 'proof' I had informed them of the fee!.... I suggest you tell all unwanted callers of your fee, write the time and date you said it and the number, try to get their name.... if possible call back and tell a supervisor... (note date/time/number).
Eventually the FEDS will stop this from happeing SO OFTEN by making it known they enforce harassment by electronic means, and award YOU THE FEES YOU CHARGE FOR THE 'next' calls... THAT's IF YOU MENTION YOUR FEE TO THE CALLER! (the fee can be up to $10,000 per call, I didn't want the courts to give me a problem with the max so I picked what I thought was 'reasonable'..$2000.oo
FYI THE Better Business Bureau of the state the company is in (or calls) from can also help!

July 18th, 2010 s. miller CA

annoying...never get the chance to talk to a person! recorded message regarding "personal information" and "urgent attention". the person's name whom they are looking for changes from time to time, as well as the person "we" need to call. it's bogus for sure, no doubt...what bill collector do you know who only leaves a message, with no follow up?

July 7th, 2010 Rinda

1-800-900-1380 was on my caller ID; I called the number; they asked what number I was at; they asked if "another person's name" was here and I told them they had never been at this number and didn't know them. The lady said they would remove my number. No big deal really.

May 31st, 2010 Tina CA

My mother got a call asking for me i have not lived at home for 25 years but we got a call from a automated system and caller id said same number 1-800-900-1380 and they said it was regarding a urgent matter and gave a weapons # too! this made me scared it was regarding my son who is away at bootcamp! i am upset

May 12th, 2010 jaf NM

In last 10 minutes I have received 4 calls from this number, each ringing over 50 times, this is ridiculous, I will not answer a call that does not identify itself. Toll free is not an identifier. Caller needs to identify as to who they are.

May 8th, 2010 James weisbrot WI

Filing a Complaint with the FCC

If you have a problem with a company providing toll-free numbers or service, first try to resolve it with that company or the company that bills you for the service. If you can’t resolve it directly, you can file a complaint with the FCC. There is no charge for filing a complaint. You can file your complaint using an on-line complaint form found at You can also file your complaint with the FCC’s Consumer Center by e-mailing; calling 1-888-CALL- FCC (1-888-225-5322) voice or 1-888-TELL-FCC (1-888-835-5322) TTY; faxing 1-866-418-0232; or writing to:

Federal Communications Commission
Consumer & Governmental Affairs Bureau
Consumer Inquiries and Complaints Division
445 12th Street, SW
Washington, D.C. 20554.

May 5th, 2010 C


May 5th, 2010 C


March 31st, 2010 rachel MT

I've gotten 2 calls so far from "Barbara Johnson" asking me to call her. I definitely don't owe any debt. I'm going to get really annoyed if this continues!

January 9th, 2010 Victim of Abuse QC Canada

I too received a call with a voice tape saying "You have an important matter" etc...but they never answer their phone. This must be a scam. How do we stop them from harrassing people??

January 5th, 2010 Emily

This "Private Caller" has called my house all the way up until 9/9:30pm and as soon as I press the button to speak with a rep, they hang up. The name they mention during the recording is actually my mother-in-laws name. I'm not sure if this is a scam that she has gotten into and listed my phone number as a secondary number or what, but the phone calls are getting old. They call at least twice a day and no matter what time of the day I answer and press to speak to a rep, it either disconnects me or tells me that no agents are available and i must call back during office hours. I know I am calling during typcial business hours and find this very odd. I might try to see if the phone company can block their call because I do not owe anyone a dime!

January 2nd, 2010 Naomi WA

Follow up... DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE A DIME, DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR BANK ACCT or CREDIT/DEBIT CARD NUMBER! I say this based on reading the other comments below. So if you receive a call/message asking you to return a call to 800-900-1380, hang up and ignore it.

January 2nd, 2010 Naomi WA

An automated recording saying "If (a specific member of my household) is available, press 1, for a message; if NOT available, press 2 for a message." I pressed "2" and recording said they were calling about an "important personal business matter," and asked to be called back at 1-800-900-1380. Never stated name of company or reason for call. We will not call them back because if this WERE LEGITIMATE and important, they would 1) mail information to us, 2) An actual, live PERSON would be calling, and/or 3) they would state their company name. I've had it with such calls and will NEVER return them. I resent being treated in such an indirect way.

November 7th, 2009 Scott Childers

I, too, had a message from Penn Credit Corp left on my answering machine to call a Barbara Johnson to settle a debt for a name that me nor my wife knows. The number Penn Credit Corp used was 1-800-900-1380. I returned the call and was treated very RUDELY by customer service rep who hung up on me when I tried to tell them they had the wrong number and to remove our phone number from their database. When the rep hung up on me, I called back and now receive a recording that "all circuits are busy, please try your call again." I've been trying to call the number back for 2 hours and still receive the recording. Consumers beware! If they call us again, we'll turn it over to our lawyer to handle as my family has been the victims of identity theft before and won't play their game.

October 29th, 2009 Anonymous OK

This call always comes up as "PRIVATE" on my caller ID, no identifying phone number, no company name...nada. They leave a stupid automated message on my answering machine and state that if I contine to listen I'm confirming I'm who they're looking for...HELLO IDIOTS you're leaving a message on an answering machine. The answering machine can not confirm the identity of the person paying the phone bill. Continuing to leave information about 'attempting to collect a debt' and stating a name even though you give 6 whole seconds in the message for privacy issues kind of defeats the purpose of the whole '3 second pause' to find someplace where no one might overhear the message! This just reeks of a scam...the name they give is obviously fake since the recorded voice of the woman is different than the voice that comes over to state what company they are allegedly with (couldn't even understand the company name since the voice was too soft spoken and spoke too quickly). Sure you asked for me by name, but considering how I've never gotten anything in the mail from this alleged company...I'm not answering or talking to you about any alleged debt. (the only debts I have right now are ones that all the monthly payments are current on--so I know I don't owe any mysterious company one single penny.)Gotta be a scam. You idiots can just keep sending your pre-recorded message to my answering machine and wasting your time and money because I won't be calling you back and I won't be answering your calls.

October 20th, 2009 Jan IN

I just got a call from these jerks today, and they left that 800 call-back number. I called and asked to speak to "MRS. BARBARA JOHNSON AT PENN CREDIT CORPORATION" (yes, they left the name of the company on the answering machine), but the guy on the phone asked if I was who evidently showed up on their caller I.D. and said "yes." He told me he was calling to collect a debt in the amount of $132.15. I asked what it was for and he said a purchase from "Black Expressions," then asked me if I "would like to pay that debt now." I found this absurd since I never purchased anything from Black Expressions ... ever. I asked him when I supposedly "made" this purchase and he said "Would you like to pay that amount now?" once again. I asked him the same question again and he said I made the purchase in 2007. Yeah, right. I told him there was no way I made that purchase and I wasn't going to pay for something I never bought in the first place, and he said "Is that your answer"? Well, hell, yeah! He said he'd write it down in my records. This is just screaming of a scam! Guess they're banking on people to "forget" they purchased something a few years back so they can keep their credit in good standing. I hate these guys!

October 19th, 2009 Kelly Maag CA

This company calls me around 8:45 PM a recording says they are calling because of a debt i owe..=I Am not told who is the person i owe..
i get a recording and it warns me that i owe a certain amount.. and if i want to speak to someone re this push number one and then it says they are closed and they hang up..
i have received three of these calls. I want to know who they are representing, and i want to clear this up..

October 1st, 2009 Theresa AZ

These people have called me looking for everyone with a first name that begins with "T" and happens to have my last name. I've called numerous times and told them they have the wrong number. Unfortunately, I was stupid enough to give them my first name in an effort to straighten them out and now they call and leave messages for ME! The messages which are on my answering machine always say that by continuing to listen to the message I acknowledge that I am Theresa ...(last name). Then they give me a three second pause during which time I am supposed to hang up if I am not Theresa...(last name). The problem is I AM NOT HOME. They don't leave a call back number so I can't call and straighten it out. I am never left an explanation as to why they call. Like Linda B I am told to call BARBARA JOHNSON, but I DON'T HAVE A NUMBER TO CALL BACK ON (THEY NO LONGER LEAVE A CALL BACK NUMBER) because their ridiculous message with 3 three second pauses runs out before they can finish.

September 16th, 2009 Joe MA

These guys threatened to have the police come to the door and haul me to jail. I laughed at them and told them that all the cops in my town were good friends of mine. They then came back and said they then might have to send someone else to visit me. Response I'm 320lbs with 3% body fat bring a whole group of your friends. Lastly they said they would place my name on a blog and ruin my reputation. response wees the blog so I can ruin it to. They hung up after a few choice words.

April 23rd, 2009 Lisa Cooper

I returned a call to1-800-900-1380 and the representative was very rude and short with me. I told him that the CD that BMG Music had referred to had been returned; and he argued with me. He told me that I had to call BMG and have them call this collection company to get them to stop calling.

February 23rd, 2009 Linda B

Security message, if you are not --- then hang up, if you are--- then wait 3 sec. for private message... person calling for my husband on MY cell phone. BARBARA JOHNSON from Penn Corp Credit ..doesn't say why or what credit or problem. Just to call number. Caller i.d. withheld.

February 19th, 2009 Skye

These people called and left the same message on my machine. I called back, because they were looking for someone with a strange name I had never heard of before. A woman answered the phone by just saying "Hello?" I started to explain that I was not the person that they were looking for, and she HUNG UP ON ME.

February 6th, 2009 Deborah CA

Got several calls stating that the call was to collect a debt and if you are not the person don't listen (hum), they give 3 seconds to allow somebody to not listen. Serious? Its an ansering machine. The first part of the call just to get to the message was about 2 minutes. Thank goodness it is not my cell and paying by the minute.
I called this phone number and talked to a Nate (was very nice). He mentioned something about a Betty Crocker book I supposedly ordered in 2007 from Rodale, I never received nor did I order this cook book. He said thanks and said he would send it back to Rodale labelled dispute. I asked them to stop calling.

December 11th, 2008 Lee CO

These people started calling me on 12/10/2008, from 1-800-900-1380 and leaving messages that they are from Penn Credit Corp and that I need to call them about an important matter. I realize that my credit is perfect. I phoned them from another number other than my own phone, which comes out on the other end as unrecognizable and they asked me for my number. I refused to give it and the call recipient got "frosty" with me. I called them back again and another receptionist (man) said that if I didn't tell him my number, they would be calling me every other day. I asked him for his address, all he would say was Harrisbury, PA. I told him if he has dealilngs with me, then send me a letter. He said he could only do what he is told and letters wasn't part of the process. I didn't give my name. I am going to report these harassing scammers to the federal trade authorities and local police department.

October 13th, 2008 jenny

It is Penn Credit Corp. they are a collection agency for Redcats, Chadwicks of Boston, etc. and probably several other companies like that. Be careful with them -- if they can't reach you at your phone number, they'll start looking in the white pages for your family members. They left a message for me at my ex-inlaws

September 23rd, 2008 Karen PA

I recieved a call around 7:00 p.m. trying to collect for a hospital bill that has been taken care of by Charity Care. They should check their facts before calling since the person knew what Charity Care was before I could even think of what it was called to tell her about the bill. I will get in touch with the Better Business Bureau if it happens again!

June 5th, 2008 bg

getting the same message but the number to call back is 800-900-1367 when they call me.They probably have many numbers.

May 2nd, 2008 Patsy AZ

Voice mail taped message "important personal business." I called the number provided by the message - 800-900-1380. Reached Penn Credit who was trying to reach a James Kyle. Never heard of the guy (and we've received calls intended for a number of previous owners of our phone number - this is a new one).

I'd better not get another call from this bunch.

March 18th, 2008 Dems in power CA

To Reform Now: Yes I know you aren't coming back here, but since you mentioned all the Republicans in your message, I thought you might like to know that the Democrats have been in controlfor the past couple of years, so you might want to complain to them, since they are the ones with the votes.

March 18th, 2008 Steve R. CA

Basically people entering fraudulent information when they make credit applications have given out your (and my) phone number and now we get the calls when they don't pay up.

I called this number back and they took my number off their list.

February 23rd, 2008 Lynn Keener WV

This "company" keeps calling me with important information for Mr. Linley. I tried wading through the layers to get to a real person to tell them Mr. Linley doesn't have this phone number. It is my cell phone. How annoying.

February 19th, 2008 Jay

I keep getting their automated calls and it is very very annoying. They should at least have the decency to call in person then have me listen to some important matter which I have no idea what they are talking about. Furthermore, if it was that urgent and important, shouldn't they call me in person instead of an automated system? Of course these people have the wrong person, and I am assuming trying to contact the previous owner of my cell phone number. I don't feel obligated to take time out of my busy schedule to try and go through the channels of contacting them. I recently sent them an email and told them that it is a case of mistaken identity. I threatened to sue them if they do not stop calling me. I think there should be a law prohibiting such incessant harassment. We should all unite and document everything and start a class action suit. I wish I was a lawyer in these circumstances. Either that, or we should keep calling them like one of the bloggers here and keep tying up their lines and their operators.

February 18th, 2008 Nancy

Finally got removed from their call list by notifying the Attorney General of Pa. They contacted Penn Credit for me and had my name removed. It worked

February 15th, 2008 dwarfess

As a corporation, these folks must have a Registered Agent on file to receive legal documents (i.e. certified mail, court filings, etc...) for each state they do business in (i.e. making telephone calls to or sending letters to residents). A Registered Agent is who you send a Cease & Desist letter demanding that they stop contacting you. To look up your state's Registered Agent for Penn Credit Corporation go to

Or . . . I started calling them 3-4 times a day to say Hi and to see how the weather is. I then tell them I want to verify my phone number with them because they are calling the wrong number. After a few days, they put me on their do not call list and stopped calling.

February 15th, 2008 SAMANTHA IA

I recieved a call from 1-800-900-1380. I decided to call them back and pressed *67 so my number would not be revealed unless I chose to reveal it during the call. They said they were from Penn Credit,P.O. Box 988,
Harrisburg,PA 17108.

They said they were calling about a $31 bill I owed the BMG MUSIC company from a year ago.

The rep was very friendly. I took down the info and I thanked him for being so kind. The call then ended.

February 15th, 2008 Dina MA

I called the number back after listening to the prompts and they said they would remove our phone number from the list. We'll see...

February 15th, 2008 kat

They are calling a wrong number - asking for someone who I do not know. I have had my phone number for 20 years. I am on the Govt. Do Not Call List.

February 11th, 2008 reform now TX

this people call my house for a service i don't have they don't have a ssn and i wont give one.
jmaybe when we have a new president this fraud will stop. instead of just faxing them, get a second line and call forward you 1st line to that jerk john mccrap, or mike hick-a-bee, or the republican national committe. the more people the better that way these assholes reform the laws.

January 29th, 2008 LYNN WV

I keep getting calls for someone other than myself. For a Mr. Lynley to be exact. I never get a person and it is very frustrating to keep getting calls on my home phone and cell!!!

January 29th, 2008 Scott AR

They use an automated call system claiming the call is for debt collection. However they aree calling our general number, by the time the call rings through our system, there is no way too determine who they called for - calling them is a waste of time they are rude and refuse to look into the situation. This is a business, they are are a business but they are calling for an individual that is unnamed, will not stop it and do not care.

January 12th, 2008 BC

It is Unknown I Don't have business with them. If You Have a NAME OF BUSINESS File a Complaint on them. CONTACT FTC.COM

January 11th, 2008 Dave CO

Here is the contact info for this company. Owner's name Don Donagher. Phone number to corp office is 717-238-7124, fax 717-231-4849. If you call this number you can use the spell by name directory to reach Mr. Donagher. Address 916 S 14th St, Harrisburg, PA 17104. Please call him and fax him as often as they have called you.

January 7th, 2008 nancy

Finally found this web site. These people have been driving us crazy. Have filed complaint with Attorney General of Pa and which I doubt will help. Thanks to all now can ignore these phone calls without throwing phone thru window

December 8th, 2007 Paula CA

I acutualy caaled back after the message and a female person answered the phone just like this - (hello) what means it's not a professional"thing" i asked her what was the message about, she then responded it's about a debt of $ 30 dollars, and it's a "supposed order i requested on a Magazine" i don't even by magazines!
I asked her a few questions, such as the name of the company and how she got my information...she sayd she couldent give me that information...

December 1st, 2007 DGB OR

Based on the info from "Your Answer", I called the company tonight at the 717-238-7124 number. I got their "We're not available message" and it gave me the option of entering an extension or using their "spell by name feature". I entered P-E-R-O-T-T-A and got the voicemail for Tom Perotta. I left a polite message asking for my number to be removed from their system. Other people might choose to be less polite...

October 26th, 2007 Dick NY

The Penn Credit Corporation is a collection agency located at 916 S 14th Street in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. They utilizes the D.A.V.I.S. digitized voice system, predictive dialers and loop collectors. They claim that they complete 194,400 calls a day with a 25% hit rate.

October 19th, 2007 Cathy

We have received several calls and were told it was important personal business and for me to call 800-900-1380 and even left a reference number. We are not behind on any debts and have not returned any items. How do we stop this?

October 18th, 2007 Your Answer WA

Penn Credit Corporation
916 South 14th st.
Harrisburg, PA. 17104

If this company is still calling you without cause, file a complaint with the office of Tom Corbett, the Attorney General of Pennsylvania. Just google the website. The person who has to answer to the complaint is Thomas Perotta, Vice President Collections of Penn Credit.

October 17th, 2007 Catherine OH

today was the third time I got a call from an unknown number. I got a voice mail saying to call 8009001380 for important personal info. What is the reason for these calls and how can I put an end to them?

September 28th, 2007 Renee

"Out of Area" shows up with no number.
Have been calling for several months. One day called 17 times.
Left message same as everyone else, "Important message, not sales call, left # to call & also a reference #".
Call would not go through.
Thank you for this wonderful site.

September 24th, 2007 Amy IL

The company is Penn Credit Corporation ( ), and they are located in Pennsylvania. I am filing a complaint with the Pennsylvania Attorney General ( and urge others to do the same. FYI, the Do Not Call list does not apply, because these are not telemarketing calls. (i.e. they are not selling goods or services)

September 16th, 2007 Sue

This number keeps calling me everyday, twice each day, leaving this number and a reference number. when i tried to call the number, to tell them they have a wrong number, the call didn't seem to go through

September 15th, 2007 Rachel AZ

This number has been calling me for several months. It is the same recording about "personal business" as another caller by the number of 800-941-5950. I have filed a complaint but they still call using both numbers.

September 9th, 2007 Denice

Shows up unaviable then it leaves a message please call 1-800-900-1380 regarding important personal business. When I call the number nothing happens. I get a call from them once a day with a message. If I get one more call from this number I will report it to

September 7th, 2007 Debbie

I received a call from this number with a recorded message saying this company is trying to collect a debt. If I call them during "business" hours and get a real person, I'll tell them they can pry my payment from my cold dead fingers in, oh, about A HUNDRED YEARS!!! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha . . . . .

August 24th, 2007 Ronda G. MD

Received 2 calls from this #, company unidentified.

August 21st, 2007 kb0oyz CO

They have been calling me on a regular basis too -
I work nights and get VERY pissed off @ non-emergent sales/calls b4 12:00pm - I'm also on the no-call list and don't answer calls w/blank info on caller ID.

We need to WRITE (MUST be in writing) to the FCC, and FTC regarding this company.

August 20th, 2007 CAROLYN AL

They called me by computer , woke me up at night, and called on weekends. When I tried to find out what it was regarding, they were always closed. Finally found it was for some cookbooks I ordered and returned at least two years ago. They're such hateful people.

August 17th, 2007 S. MO

I have received similar calls. Thank you Nathan for posting the Web address of this company. I am a technical writer, so I design sites for businesses and know what to look for in a legitimate site.

After looking at their site, I think it is more likely that this is a scam and not a legitimate collection agency. Their description of how they collect (under the "About Us" link) does indeed match the behavior we are expeirencing, so it is slightly possible that they may be legit, although clearly incompetent. However, their site is so amateurish I find it hard to believe any company would hire this company to collect for them. Aside from the shoddy site construction, key information that would be important for potential clients is missing, and much of the information presented has no benefit for potential clients and appears to only be there to fill the pages and create the illusion of a company behind it. I think it is unlikely that they make their money from legitimate collection contracts.

August 13th, 2007 Gina CA

I have also receoved a call from this place. When my cell phone rings it says "umavalible" This time I let it go to my voice mail and they left the phone number to call back. I dont place on calling back, though if you go to you can register you phone number and they arnt supposed to call( even though they have been calling me. since i know the info on this company (name and #) all i have to do is file a complaint. if enouph people do it im sure there is something that can be done. good luck and go register you phones...

August 4th, 2007 Sue GA

I get a call ALMOST everyday from an Unknown Number and most of the time the recording just says, "Hello, we have a..and cuts off". But, sometimes it says "Hello, we have an important business matter to discuss with you. Please call 1-800-1900-1380" and then it repeats. Not only do I have NO idea who this is, but they often call in the early morning while I'm still sleeping. It's extremely annoying!

August 3rd, 2007 anon CA

For maybe 2 months this company left messages on my answering machnine that they had important information for someone I never heard of. Finally one message gave left a phone number. I called and told them they had the wrong number. I ask to be put on a do not call list. They said they didn't have a do not call list.

July 22nd, 2007 Cliff MN

Said to return call regarding important personal business. Message was on answering machine and call arrived at 7:53 pm on a Saturday night. When I returned the call, I could not connect.

July 22nd, 2007 Joe UT

Get a call about 3 times a week from a voice recording. Have called back and they refuse to wanna help take my number off there listing. Reporting them to DoNotCall list.

July 20th, 2007 steve WI

unknown caller, left message with that said this was an important call, i called back and could not get through after three attempts, 'all circuits are busy.'

July 19th, 2007 KERRY


July 9th, 2007 l ON Canada

they also use number 712-738-7124

July 8th, 2007 Kaite CO

This company has been calling me. It comes up on the caller ID Unknown Name, Unknown Number yet it's a business??? What gives when they hide their name and number and when I did pick it up... they stated that I owed them $61 dollars and some odd cents... on a collected debt... I have "NO" unpaid bills... If I did I resolve them before they go to the debt collector... Again what gives??? plus when I called I got a busy signal??? They identified themselves to me as 1st Penn Collections

July 7th, 2007 Sharee NC

I got a call from this number and have no services that anyone would be calling about. I thought it was strange since the call didn't say what it was in reference to. After reading the posts, I will not be returning the call.
Thanks everyone!

June 30th, 2007 Jo WA

I'm really glad I came across this website while trying to figure out who this number belongs to. Thanks for all the great advice. I have received many phone calls and 6 messages in the last two weeks from this company. When they say the name it's so distorted I can't decipher it. They want money, one time leaving an amount. No company name though. And tonight they left a reference number. I too have tried to call back only to be disconnected or I hear 'call cannot go through at this time'. The message left always indicates 'important personal business'. Frustrated in Oregon.

June 25th, 2007 Tonya NC

It is a recording that says "important personal business" and when I called it back it rang and then disconnected. This is the 3rd time I got this message.

June 23rd, 2007 Charlene

Caller left message on answering machine "I'm calling about important personal business, please call 800-900-1380" When I tried to return call, there was a long pause and then a busy signal.

June 22nd, 2007 bigb

they call me and im 15 its nothing real they are just trying to scam u my mom is smart enough to know that so i just dont answer but yet they dont stop calling my cell

June 22nd, 2007 Bart DC

Calls from the same Penn Credit Company. Told them to stop calling me and they hung up on me.

June 21st, 2007 Scott IL

Like others, I received several recorded messages. I called the number and a woman answered, I gave her the number they were dialing (not my name), and she asked if I was "still" living at some address I've never heard of. I told her that whoever she was looking for is not me, and she said they must have a wrong number (you think?) and that they'd "take care of it." We'll see if that happens.

June 18th, 2007 Edna

No number shows up. It is an electronic voice that says I need to call about "important personal business.

June 14th, 2007 JPR UT

Calls all times day or night.

June 9th, 2007 Melly

i was not home. received a voice message from a recording that said:

"hello. i'm calling about important personal business .please call me back as soon as possible at the following number: 800-900-1380. again my number is 800-900-1380. thank you. goodbye."

who in the world is this? i don't know who they are, why would i want to call them back?

June 6th, 2007 Deb

When I called back, they asked for my number. I said, don't you have call ID. He said yes, just wanting to verify it is the same number we called. I did not give my number. He asked if I was Andrea. I said no and that I had this number for over 2 years. He said ok, we will remove the number.

June 2nd, 2007 Jen IL

These people always leave a message, but on a few occassions I got a person from a credit agency looking to speak with a Don Duberry, who I assume had my phone number at some point in time (I got a new # when I moved here). They call at weird hours and no matter how many times I have told them I am not Don Duberry, they still keep calling.

June 2nd, 2007 Jen IL

I have gotten this call so many times and it is so annoying.

June 1st, 2007 Aaron Vickery GA

They said they were looking for someone I told them that person wasnt here and they hung up on me. I called back to ask how they got my number and they said none of your business dont call back! Very very rude!

May 21st, 2007 David IL

I receive 3 or 4 calls EVERY DAY, 7 days a week from THIS "UNKNOWN CALLER" on my Caller ID. Rarely do they leave voicemail (like once a month) with any message or number. Today I got the "monthly voicemail message" from a female voice saying: "calling about important personal business. Call us back at 1-800-900-1380". (I HAVE Anonymous/Blocked Caller rejection on my Vonage line, but this sneaks around this system as "Unknown Caller" with nothing showing in Caller ID! I HATE this caller--- but they continue their spam MONTH after MONTH, from 8am until 9pm multiple times a DAY! HOW DO WE STOP "PENN CREDIT CORP" from this flagrant and probably illegal harassment???? GIVE ME YOUR IDEAS!!!!

May 20th, 2007 Rob MN

the next time they call and I answer and I get an actual person on the phone I am going to blow their ears out with an air horn from walmart.

May 19th, 2007 Fran

We've had a couple of these type of calls in the last year or so.Pointless trying to speak if you do get a live person.They will tell you nothing and are unbelievably rude.My husbands new cell has been getting calls also.It should be against the law!

May 15th, 2007 Margie

I have the same story that I am reading here over and over. If you live in Alabama and have received calls from these people, call me at 205-602-9027.

May 13th, 2007 Fran NC

They called today, Sunday, May 13th, Mother's day. Tried to get through to complain that person is not at this number to no avail.

May 11th, 2007 robin

keeps calling my house for someone that does'nt live here.

May 10th, 2007 C

Says they are calling about "important personal business" and then gives the 800 number to call. It's odd but my phone has rang once and then stopped. I wonder if that is them as well. It's very annoying!

May 10th, 2007 Angela OR

Puzzled? I will email them Maybe I can get to the bottom of this.

May 9th, 2007 Tim KY

This number called and said to call this number abount an important business matter. This is a new number that nobody has...must be a scam.

May 5th, 2007 Rob KS

They call all the time. Very frustrating. We should all find out what company is responsible, get a list of the cell phones and residence phones of the main officers, and call them night and day

April 26th, 2007 Info from BBB CA

The following debt collection practices are among those that are prohibited.

Debt collectors may NOT:

Harass, oppress or abuse you or any third parties they contact.
Use threats of harm.
Publish a list of consumers who refuse to pay their debts.
Use obscene language.
Repeatedly use the telephone to annoy someone.
Take or threaten to take your property unless this can be done legally.
They are also restricted in the statements they can make to debtors. Debt collectors may NOT tell you that:

You will be arrested if you do not pay your debt.
They will seize, garnish, attach or sell your property or wages, unless the collection agency or creditor intends to do so and it is legal to do so.
They will take actions, such as a lawsuit, against you, when such action legally may not be taken, or when they do not intend to do so.
Finally, debt collectors may NOT:

Give false credit information about you to anyone.
Send you anything that looks like an official document from a court or government agency when it is not.
Use a false name.
A debt collector is permitted to contact you in person, by mail, phone, telegram or fax. However, he or she may not contact you at inconvenient times or places (such as before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m., unless you agree). And, they may not contact your place of work if the collector knows that your employer disapproves of such contacts.

Report any problems you have with a debt collector to your state Attorney General’s office. You may also want to file a complaint with your Better Business Bureau.

April 26th, 2007 D CA

This is not a sales call, so reporting them to the Do Not Call registry will not help. This is a collection agency.

I received multiple phone calls from this company, and because the electronic voice that left the message used my last name I called them back. When I called the person picking up the phone refused to identify the company name, which I found very strange. Finally, they decided that they had the wrong number. If they call again I am reporting them to the Better Business Bureau.

April 21st, 2007 Emily

This company keeps calling our home number for a person who we don't even know. (they obviously have our number for the person they are trying to collect from.) It is very annoying to get continuous calls (several per day sometimes) for someone who doesn't live here, and when I try to talk to a live person, I am told no one is available and to call back. We called back and got a busy signal.

April 19th, 2007 Steve CA

Same as everyone else (Important personal business), call back and can not connect with anyone. This is on my cell phone. I am going to report this to my State, and see what can be done about people like this.

April 14th, 2007 mrm

i have been getting a call from this number for 3 months now and sometimes they call several times a day and overload my answering machine!!! since i was sitting here and had some time this morning i though i would finally call that number to get them to stop calling -- i called several times and it just says "line too busy" i called other numbers just to make sure my phone wasn't acting up.


April 14th, 2007 RobMoritz KS

EVERYONE: Be sure and go to the government Do Not Call web address shown below and register a complaint! And feel free to do so every time they call until stop!

March 26th, 2007 Hellene

These people have called me numerous times at all times of the day. I don't answer it becuase it comes up as unknown name unknown number. I let the machine get it. It says they are calling regarding important personal business and to call them back at 800-900-1380. I googled the number and got the Penn Credit company. Nevery heard of them, and i don't owe anyone money. I went to WWW.DONOTCALL.GOV and FILED A COMPLAINT on their phone number. Hopefully if enough people do that, they will get investigated. Maybe everyone here should try that. So everyone go to WWW.DONOTCALL.GOV AND FILE A COMPLAINT. Hopefully it will work.

March 19th, 2007 Don MN

Received the "urgent personal usiness" recorded message so I called them back. They asked for my phone number so I asked them who they were and they repeated their phone number request. When I refused they hung up.

March 13th, 2007 Scott SC

Easily the most annoying and rude callers I've had to deal with in years. I have a record of 17 calls that sound identical, but these folks insist they've only called me four times, starting in February. I suggested that perhaps they're using a calling system shared by other companies, but they panicked a bit when I wanted to discuss it with them. I was told (again) that I'd been removed from the calling list, but that it could take up to 72 days for that to take effect. Maddening.

March 10th, 2007 kathy

I don't know who these people are. The phone calls are disturbing

March 3rd, 2007 Al

Got a call demanding that I enter a payment method for a bill of 76 dollars. I see from this site that its Penn credit. They have called me before. There is another person in my city with the same first and last name as me. I am the only one of the two of us listed in the phone book. He don't pay his bills, I get called because I have a phone, only in America is that legal. Maybe the state corporation commission can stop this harassment?

February 26th, 2007 Jody QC Canada

I have gotten this call several times. I finally called them back and they say the are trying to collect a debt of $37.00 but would not say who the debt is with.

February 21st, 2007 J. J. UT

Rec'd over 30 calls at about 4 day intervals from this number. No calling person or company is identified. I don't respond to calls like this this.

February 20th, 2007 Andrea

I just started receiving calls. What can we do?

February 17th, 2007 Phil WI

Keeps call, giving a recorded message, hangs up.
I call back, Always "all circuits are busy"

February 16th, 2007 Hank CT

When I get one of these I never call them back. My credit is great, so I'm guessing they are calling for some deadbeats that used to live at this address. They must search by street address because I did not inherit this number from previous owners. It's no use telling these companies to stop calling--they all lie and say they will. You're talking to a debt collector to whom time is money and he won't spend 10 seconds doing anything nice for anyone. They're scum!

February 14th, 2007 Kim MI

They have and called and called looking for am lady that don't live here and never did. I ask wher they got my munber and the she did.I said no way. I said if you don't I will report you to They said there is no such thing..

February 14th, 2007 Chris TX

Says "important Personal Message". When called back, they say they are not available. Am reporting them to as this was the 4th time.

February 13th, 2007 Megan PA

These idiots leave me a message almost daily. The person they are looking for does not live here. I called them once and told them so, but the messages continued.

Now I can't even get through to them. I emailed them and told them that if they don't stop calling I will report them to the Better Business Bureau. And I will. I suggest other people do so as well.

February 9th, 2007 cara MO

received phone call at 4:36AM!!! heard people talking in background but no one would respond to me. When I awoke in morning and tried number back message came on that the number was disconnected. Now how is it possible to have a number disconnected within 3 hours of the original call especially since it was in the middle of the night!!

February 7th, 2007 Brier

Getting 2-3 calls PER DAY after I told them they were not calling a correct number. The ironic part is they said they are collecting for Verizon - Verizon is the company that gave me my number in the first place. Argh! Shows as "unavailable" on CID. Don't know how to make it stop.

February 6th, 2007 Faron IL

I called them back. I believe it's a collection agency... but they had the wrong person. Our correct last name – but no one we know. It's worth a second to call them back, if just to get their automated calls to stop.

February 6th, 2007 Mel IL

These buggers are now calling me 4-8 times per day, but only leaving a message 2-3 times. This is so annoying, and I refuse to waste my time calling them. I just ignore the call and let it go to voicemail. Maybe they'll just give up...

February 3rd, 2007 Elizabeth KY

They call several times a week. When I finally answered I got "important personal businees" for..., whom does not live here and never has. There was no option for " wrong number" so I called the 800 # they left and got "All circuits are busy" message. This is so annoying!

January 30th, 2007 Paula

Like previous others, it shows no name/number, just a message to call about "important personal business." If it was that important a human would call.

January 26th, 2007 Laurie

They call probably once daily and leave an automated message ... we screen all of our calls so it never interfers with our lives but it is annoying.

January 18th, 2007 Crazi Davi NM

Contact Information:

Sales Department: (800) 800-3328

Collections Department: (800)-900-1380

Fax: (717) 238-8156

Mailing Address: Penn Credit Corporation
916 South 14th Street
Harrisburg, PA 17104

January 16th, 2007 Yone

The Caller ID was unknown and the message was really muffled but I was able to guess the number and the message said it was really important. I called back, I had to hold for a representative because the lines were "busy" at 8:00 pm. It played classical music while I waited and then a recording gave me a choice to continue waiting press one, to complete the call press 9. I pushed 1 and then I just hung up.

January 15th, 2007 Doug IL

I've been getting sporadic calls from this number for a couple of months. The recorded voice asks for someone whose name doesn't even resemble ours. I would just hang up.

Last week, I finally listened past the name and pressed 4 for "wrong number" and now they are calling twice a day! Gahh!

I finally stayed on the line to listen to the whole recording, and heard the number, googled it and found this site. Great site/service- thanks! I also read (from the google search) that someone else claimed once he called back, they tried to sell him something. So this may be a total scam. I will report it to the Do Not Call list.

January 12th, 2007 Dave

Call came in on my caller ID 816-410-0012. I didn't answer, but they didn't leave a message. Let's hear it for technology. 20 years ago there wouldn't be this website to find out who it is. Thx for the info.

I did call back and like others found, "number no longer in service"...

What a scam.

January 9th, 2007 I. SC

After they called for the 2nd time from an unkown name - unknwon number, I finally picked it up early enough, pressed # 3 to speak to a representative. They (Penn Credit) had our name and said they were collecting money (55.90) for BMG Columbia House.

The address they had was not our, never was and I told them that. They said they would take us off the list since they probably had the wrong #.

This sounded strange to me, after all they had our first and last name.

After a bit of research I finally came accross a BMG Columbia House # that is not automated (1 317 692 9200) and we called them.

They looked up our name and said we did NOT have an account with them. When we told them about the Penn Credit Co. that called us to supposedly collect money for them, they were astonished and sad they are going to send the supervisor of Penn Credit a letter to ask what was going on.

I don't know what will happen, but I hope something will change...

Maybe if more people call the companies that Penn Credit is supposedly collecting money for, they might finally stop calling people for no reason!!

January 7th, 2007 TS OR

Similar to all the others. I am getting these messages left on my phone nearly daily. When I call the number of 1-800-900-1380, it disconnects immediately with no name, recording or message. It just disconnects into oblivion. This practice is harrassing, a waste of my time, and highly annoying. I an contacting my Attorney General and the Local Police tomorrow regarding this behavior. I am on the national Do Not Call List and I also worked with my phone company to block their call, neither has stopped their harrassment or legal violations. If anyone has any other ideas besides the police, attorney general's office, please advise!! Thanks.

January 7th, 2007 Kevin GA

I have gotten several calls from them on my cell. The caller ID shows "unavailable", and I answered the first one since my employer's calls also sometimes show up as unavailable. It was a recording stating it was "important personal business" for someone else and so I pressed the "4" button to let them know it was a wrong number. Since then the recording has changed and no longer has a "wrong number" option and they are still calling, most recently on 4 January 07 at 6:55pm CST.

January 7th, 2007 john


January 6th, 2007 Greg Tallant NY

Caller ID says "Unknown Caller" and they have "important personal business"

January 4th, 2007 Andrea IN

Unknown Name
Unknown Number
"important personal business"

December 31st, 2006 L. TN

I've been getting calls from them for a few weeks, but they've only left 2 messages. Sometimes they'll call 4 times in an hour! It's always a recorded message about "important personal business" and the caller ID is always Unknown. They don't disclose who they are. I thought collectors had to do that. If nothing else, they have to provide a validation letter for the debt, and I haven't gotten any mail about any debts that I wasn't already know about.

So... I went ahead and called this time. The phone never rang.. after several seconds of silence I got a "your call cannot be completed at this time" message. Weird. It seems like if this company was legit, they would have an answering machine like everyone else.

December 24th, 2006 Cynthia WI

Yes this number has called me, asking for me, they had my name right, said it was about important personal business, called back, got nothing, found this site, wonderful!

December 19th, 2006 Brier

Called back but the number never rings through. Cell phone got "network busy" - We know we're in good standing on all of our bills, so there's no reason for this call to come through. It was also just the automatic "please call back immediately about a personal matter." with no other identification.

December 18th, 2006 pissed off CO

can we as a group sue these jerks??

December 17th, 2006 Shelly PA

I've received tons of calls from this phone #
(always at night!)asking me to return their phone calls during business hours. They've actually left an amount of what I owe...but never a name of a company. I pay my bills every month and always on time, so I have no idea what they are calling about or whose behalf they are calling on. I'm very skeptical of their business practices. Idiots!

December 17th, 2006 Nathan KY

They have a web site.

Their contact page lists the phone number, another, two email addresses, and a snail mail address.

Maybe if we all take a bunch of canine feces, box it up, tape it up real good, and include a note with our phone number (which they already have) and tell them to stop calling, they just might.

We don't have caller ID - this is just the number left in the message. The recording they leave is similar to what others have posted. They call 3-5 times a week, usually during the day.

December 17th, 2006 Lisa WI

glad to find out that this is a scam

December 17th, 2006 Lisa Gunderson WI

do not know who this is please let me know

December 15th, 2006 Peaches MD

If you would like your call returned, you need to let the people know who's calling and from where. I do not call anyone who doesn't leave a name and tell me where they are calling from.

December 15th, 2006 Renee CA

I called them from work and asked who they were and why they were calling my blocked # - the girl ans. the phone asked me if I was responding to their calls (too numerous to count) or mail. I asked again, who are you and she got hostile and said, "are you going to answer my question?" I said tell me who you are and she hung up in my ear. I am on the nat'l do not call registry and I plan to report violations EVERY time because if they're not one of the exceptions to the do not call list, they pay out fines on a per call basis... at this rate, I am so rich that I could own the world! I'll just keep reporting them and wait for the check. They said they have important news for me - they call 2 or three times a day. My credit is excellent - what news could they possibly have for me.

December 9th, 2006 Philip

no name, no number, no dice!!!

December 8th, 2006 peggy KS

got call 12-06-06 from this business but it caller id'd as a 816-410-0012 unavailable name which I called back and got a "this number is disconnected" recording. odd. So I called the number the message said to call back (and it was actually also for someone with same initials but does not belong to my phone number or live here) and got same as others shown on this site - to call another time! I had received calls for this person (carla) some months back and pushed the proper button and advised the rep they had wrong number - obviously they did not correct or remove my number from their database, and they probably just scan down the phone book pages and call everyone with the same initials they are looking for. I am also on the nat'l do not call list (which i heard a nasty rumor it doesn't really exist????) but this unscrupulous company should be made to pay fines for their stupid business practice and with the phony caller id crap they should be reported to the FCC, FTC and etc.....

December 5th, 2006 C Payne CA

Received multiple, MULTIPLE phone calls and messages from this number. Repeatedly reminding them that they have the wrong number!

December 2nd, 2006 J

We've been getting these calls off and on for the past 2 years for an unknown person. Tonight I finally pushed 1 saying I was that person and the automated system said they were Yes Services and I owed $8x.xx It asked how I wanted to pay it, but I hung up... it could be a scam. I have called the number a few times and always get a message that they are closed and try again later.

November 16th, 2006 Russ CT

These people have been calling my office for 6 months now looking for some person I have never heard of. I have had this number for years. Once, I responded to their numerical system where I indicated they had the wrong number. This time, they hung up on me.

November 13th, 2006 D IL

This number keeps leaving messages for me, finally got through to a live person, it was Penn Credit trying to collect from Best Body Book Club - never heard of them, I know I haven't bought anything from anyone who even sounds like that. Told them so, will see what happens now.

November 11th, 2006 ANDREW NV


November 9th, 2006 John AK

These idiots keep calling me. I complained about them and they are still calling me, they changed their name and the number they are calling from. They are looking for someone that doesn't live at MY house and never has. I called them up and they wanted my social security number! I told them no thanks and to stop calling. I want these loosers to face charges.

November 8th, 2006 Greg

This number has been calling us for about 6 months and the entire time they've only left a message twice, just stating to call them back at 800-900-1380 and I finally decided to Google the number to see who it was, and I was lead to this site. Thanks for the info, great site!

November 7th, 2006 Boomer TX

No idea how these morons got my cell phone number! My credit rating is SUPERIOR. They even left a reference number and told me to call THEM!
Ain't gonna happen...

November 7th, 2006 Steve FL

Incessant calling. I won't answer any call that doesn't properly identify with a name and a REAL NUMBER, not a phony doctored caller id number like this company does. They are a collection agency.

October 28th, 2006 Missy

I agree they should be fined!

October 28th, 2006 Bev

I just screen all my calls but I agree!

October 26th, 2006 Priscilla

The recorded message said it was an important call for Jennifer Lowe. It did not say who was calling. I finally after several days of this clicked on 1 saying I was her so I could get a phone number. When I did I called the number and person would not tell me the name of the company and hung up. I called back and got the same response. I called BMG Music and they were not very helpful at all. Finally I entered the number into Google search engine and came up with the name of the company. Penn Credit Corp of Harrisburg PA.

October 22nd, 2006 Laura CO

Yep, got the call, too, an answering machine message about "important personal business." I haven't returned the call. As far as I know I don't owe anybody anything, unless it's from years ago.

October 21st, 2006 Sarah

I receive this message too many times!!! It's always an automated recording. I tried to call back and get an automated recording saying "call at another time". Wish Verizon could block this for me!

October 13th, 2006 Steve

I am disabled and have received these calls from 8am to late evening. I am on the do not call list and have previously reported the caller(Penn Credit Corp)I was able to get a real person when I returned the 1st call from earlier this year and they were looking for someone with my iniatials. They confirmed they would remove my number.LIARS~ they call several times a day. It is causing me additional medical stress! Can we sue??THEY TIE UP MY PHONE FOR MEDICAL PURPOSE!

September 29th, 2006 lci VA

no number shows on the caller id also. a message with a phone number is left and says it is about "important personal business". they have called no less than six times.

September 19th, 2006 david

i received a call from this number. i was on the computer and i received an incoming call listing on my computer it has caller id and it said unknown 1-800-900-1380. so i did not know this number i let it take a message. the recoding said that this was an important matter for (it said someone elses name) and the phone number to call back. i decided to call the number and told them that i had received a recorded message to call this number. i told them that they had the wrong number. some of you people may think that this is a collection agency but it could be a fraudulent scam . be aware of anyone asking you for money for items that you never bought/ordered. if everyone here thinks that this could be a scam , please call your police or your states attorney generals office. we certainly have enough witnesses on this site to help the police.

September 8th, 2006 B RI

I received several calls. It was the collection agency - they had a wrong number - looking for someone who had my cell phone number in past - I have received other calls for her on my cell.

August 31st, 2006 bh OR

have called many times.
I don't return any calls that don't id themselves. My policy!

August 23rd, 2006 Melissa ID

I have received this call multiple times. It says "We have an important message for Richard Gerber." I have no idea who that is. I push 4 as directed since it is a wrong number but the calls don't stop. I tried to call this 800 number back and it hung up on me.

August 22nd, 2006 J. CA

This number left a message on my answering machine (woman's voice): "I'm calling about important personal business. Please call me back as soon as possible at the following number: 1-800-900-1380."

August 21st, 2006 Pat

They have called numerous times. It come Unavailable on the caller ID, we are on the unavailable call list for our state and will not answer these calls. They say it is personal business and to return call. We receive this call from ladies and men.

August 11th, 2006 Angi

It came up on my phone as unknown, i called it back after listening to the message stating I owed money. It is Penn Credit Corp and they are trying to collect money from BMG Music- Never ordered it in my life!

August 11th, 2006 Jane PA

The company is a collection agency.

August 11th, 2006 Shelly PA

Caller ID says 1321 unknown. When I answer the phone, they disconnect immediately. The message has only the phone number and that it is about important personal business.

August 4th, 2006 Sandy OR

It showed up as 'Private' on my mobile and left a message saying 'Important personal business' and left the number.

When I called the number, got the message 'We are not available right now, call at another time'.

If I receive another call, I'll report to

July 7th, 2006 Karen

no number shows on the caller id. they leave a message with a phone number and say it is about "important personal business"