The company HCL Tech. in India does indeed work for Macy's - that is not to say they have their act together. I had a Macy's account a number of years ago - it was closed in good standing. Every morning I have gotten a phone call from HCL Tech (in India) from 513-573-8028. I have repeatedly spoken to them to take me off of their list using that number and 800-884-9168 and 800-545-1256. It was no use and no useful information was obtained. Finally I called Macy's Credit Customer Service 1-866-593-2543 - after negotiating their VM queue using 000-00-0000 as my SSN I was given to a CS rep... guess where, India. Who informed me that my account was closed and in good standing when it was and told me that I should not be receiving any calls - they transfered me to another collection dept. that verified that I have no outstanding Macy's or Bloomingdales accounts and that I will no longer receive call. Let's wait and find out.
 May 29th, 2008