Call 800-864-8601 to stop the calls. Also go into SunTrust Banks and demand that they stop this. Perhaps if enough customers will complain they will stop.
 Dec 08th, 2013
when you call their number it does state they are a company called Maritz Research and they also say they where they are not a telemarketer company they do not fall into the do not call registry, but if you wish to be removed from their call list you need to call 1-800.864.8601
 Aug 21st, 2013
Claims to be survey by Enterprise Car Rental.
Per the instructions, call 800-864-8601 to add your number to their company do-not-call list. My caller ID showed "Enterprise" -- I did not rent from Enterprise, but only called locally for information last week. Even though they are not technically violating the Do Not Call laws, I am surprised that a mere inquiry would result in a follow-up call like this.
 Jul 31st, 2013
Rec'd call from this number, said they were a research firm and had every right to call even if you were registered on the National do not call list, which I am. Provided the number 800-864-8601 to be placed on "their" do not call list. Which I did.
I also filed a complaint on that number also. I should not have to be put on "their" do not call list when I'm registered on the National do not call list. I hate these kinds of call..........
 Apr 02nd, 2013
Maritz research. Call 800-864-8601 to get removed frim their list. Claim they are immune from DNC list because a marketing firm and make no sales
 Nov 27th, 2012
I received a call from this number. I returned the call because I am registered for "do not call". They
do not have to comply because they are registered as marketing vs. Telemarketers however they
provided a number 1 800-864-8601, that you can call to register for their org to place you
on their do not call list. I just did it and I hope it works.
 Nov 14th, 2012
I took a car back to Enterprise a day ago also. I called the No. and got a recording that gave me a No. to a automated system that would add my No. to their do not call list. the No. is 1-800-864-8601
 Oct 16th, 2012
Claiming they are not a telemarketing but a research, to gather information on their company's progress. If that is not telemarketing what is? You can call and remove your number by calling 1-800-864-8601 and leaving your number with companies do not call list.
 Apr 18th, 2012
also bought a jeep this week and have gotten a couple calls from this number, which i didn't asnwer- caller ID was blank, no name or even state provided. thanks JD for posting this number, in order be placed on their do not call list: 800-864-8601
it worked without me having to call them back first. hopefully this ends their calls within the three days as the automated message said!
 Feb 19th, 2012
I called the number back and it says it's maritz Research, they do survey's for products and companies. they also state on the recording, even if you have your number added on the DO NOT CALL LIST, they are not telemarketers so this does NOT apply to them and they are not violating any laws. they also provide a number to call if you want to be added to their do not call list 800-864-8601 and to leave your number with the automated system.
companies like this, always have to find their way around the laws.
 Jan 21st, 2012
Some survey and research company out of Maryland. Call 1-800-864-8601 to remove yourself from their database.
 Dec 30th, 2011

* * * * * 1-800-864-8601 is the Maritz Research automated call center to have your number placed on their INTERNAL DO-NOT-CALL list. I just placed mine.
 Oct 24th, 2011
Leaves a message saying it's a research company, you can call their auto-removal line and dial in your number at: 800-864-8601
 Jul 24th, 2011
Maritz Research is the company, and they are a survey company, so they allegedly are not required to honor the do-not-call registry. They claim you can be put on their company do-not-call list by calling this number and giving your phone number to them.

 Dec 06th, 2010
This is a research place. Call 800-864-8601 and enter your number to discontinue.
 Oct 29th, 2010
Someone tried to call me from 202-870-5900 and did not leave a message. I called them back and got a recording that stated since this is a marketing research company the do not call list does not apply to them. The recording advised me to call 800-864-8601 and leave my phone number if I wanted to be added to their do not call list which I did. Was advised it will take up to three days to get my number excluded from their system.
 Aug 16th, 2010
Caller ID just displayed "571-431-1844" - left no message but a return call identified the number as Merits Research - a market research data collection company- They indicated that they are exempt from the DNC list, as they are not a tellamarketing firm, but they DO have their own dont call list that you can add your number to by calling 800-864-8601.
 Jun 09th, 2010
Merrit Research!! You can call their 800 number to be taken off their call list. Simply call 1-800-864-8601 and enter your phone number. They shouldn't bother you any more after that.
 Mar 09th, 2010
Called my cell at 8:30pm Sun night. I did not recognize and did not answer, they did not leave a message. I returned the call and got message it was "Merits Research, a Mkt research company asking opinions, not a telemarketing company and therefore not subject to national DNCL". I rented from Enterprise in past week. Message said I could call 1-800-864-8601 and leave my phone number on their automated system to be added to their own Do Not Call List. I did this and left my number as they said. They said allow 3 days to take effect. Sounded legitimate to me. I was very happy with my experience with Enterprise, but not too happy about call on my cell, and especially on a Sunday night.
 Dec 14th, 2009
I keep getting this company Maritz Research calling me 3 times a day. I finally called them back and on the automated it says that they are research company calling to get your opinion on products however, it does says since they are not a telemarketing they can calls you even tho you are register on the the But, they do have an Do Not Call 800-864-8601 stating to register your number and they will stop calling you it can take up to 3 days. We will see.
 Oct 02nd, 2009
This number belongs to Merrits Research company. They call and try to survey you on stuff. To get off of their call list you need to call 1 800-864-8601 and follow their directions to deactivate your number.
 Sep 08th, 2009
I had the same experience as Alfred. Rented a car from Enterprise last week, and then got a call from this number. I took Alfred's tip and called 1-800-864-8601 to have my number removed from the list by their automated system. Took 30 seconds. Thanks for the tip, Alfred.
 Aug 16th, 2009
I saw 434-878-9941on my call ID and called back. They are a market research company to ask your opinion on products and services. I rented a car from Enterprise this week too. Call 1-800-864-8601 and leave your number with the automated system and they will not call back.
 Aug 09th, 2009
Merits research is calling me for a survey. If you don't want them to call to get off the list call 1 800-864-8601 do not call list. I am not sure if it will work.
 May 13th, 2009
Number is 800-864-8601 . . .We also rented from Enterprise
 Mar 15th, 2009
I had my number removed from their calling list. Dial 800-864-8601. This is an automated line that will remove you from their calling list. Maritz is a research company located in St. Louis, MO which is where I live. It is not a debt collector calling.
 Mar 12th, 2009
Just call 800-864-8601 and an automated system will remove your number from their list.
 Feb 18th, 2009
I did not rent from Enterprise. But I did rent from Budget and Naional car last week. I used the 800 number 1-800-864-8601 to remove my name. They are skirting the law somehow through these rental agreements or something else they are using.
 Jan 18th, 2009
My call was from Maritz Research, a legit survey company. Call 800-864-8601 to get on their do not call. However, if they are calling for a third party who you have voluntary business with (from Bank of America to Pizza Hut), the do not call registry does not apply, but they will stop if you tell them.
Legit call
 Dec 23rd, 2008
Merrits research at 7:45PM Seattle Time 1-800-864-8601 to remove from the do not call list
 Dec 23rd, 2008
Maritz Research is a Marketing Firm conducting survey. I called the number back & a voice recording gave this number 800-864-8601 to call to have your number placed on their "Do Not Call" list.
 Dec 10th, 2008
This is a research company called Maritz research. You can call 800-864-8601 to be put on their DO NOT CALL list.
 Nov 15th, 2008
call 1-800-864-8601 and follow the instructions to remove your number from their call list.
 Oct 28th, 2008
These people have called a couple of times a day for the past 2 weeks. I just called them back and got a recording. The recording provides you with a phone number to call to request to be removed from their call list. It is: 800-864-8601. It takes under a minute and it is a recording. The recording states that it can take up to 3 days for the "do not call" to take effect. We'll see!
 Oct 24th, 2008
I called back the # && the REC ids as MARITZ RESEARCH, it said they contact people to ask their opionions about products and services to better assist their clients.

If you don't want anymore calls you can call 1-800-864-8601 to be put on the DO NOT CALL COMPANY LIST. You just punch your number in when promted to && it will take about 3 bussiness days for the calls to stop.
 Aug 19th, 2008
Maritz Research or Missouri Call on your Caller ID is a marketing research company that surveys customers of Bank of America, Enterprise car rental, American Express and other major companies that you do business with to survey your customer satisfaction with that company. They are exempt from the Do Not Call list. TO STOP THEM FROM CALLING YOUR NUMBER DIAL: 800-864-8601 TO BE PUT ON THEIR DO NOT CALL LIST. It is an automated number, so you will not have to speak to anyone, just put in the phone number that they keep calling you on and in 3 days you will be on their Do Not Call List. They are annoying, even calling late at night (8-9pm) and never leave a message. If you are customers of any of the above companies then that's how they got your number. They want to do a survey on customer satisfaction with you. They are NOT a collection agency, they are a marketing research company. 800-864-8601 does work in stopping them from calling you.
Do Not Call
 Aug 08th, 2008
Casey is right. Just received a call to my cell. It was Maritz Research. I called the number back and got a recording. Here is the skinny: They do surveys for companies like BofA. Unfortunately it is well within BofA's (or any of Maritz's customers) to call. Since they are not a telemarketing or sales firm, they are not restricted by federal or state do not call lists.

They gave a number to be removed from their call lists (i.e. added to the Maritz do not call list). It is 800-864.8601. It is automated so you don't have to talk to anyone. Just put in the number they called. I hope that helps.
 Jun 25th, 2008
Their claim to be exempted by the Do Not Call List is a lie. supposedly you can call 1-800-864-8601 to get off their list. We'll see if they bother to honour it.
 Jun 16th, 2008