Three robocalls in four hours-not happy-won't be calling them for insurance
 Jan 06th, 2016
same with:
here they have somebody answering:

These idiots called at 10AM to offer credit card financial advice.
I used their #2 option, to be removed from their call list.
It didn't work when they called me a few days ago using a different Ph#: 305-595-9680
They have exactly the same promotional message.The bitch calls herself Heather.
"Hi, this is Heather from Account Services/Credit Card services..."
When I called back the Ph# is not in service of course, courtesy of Voice over IP or other service that permits them to use a FAKE Ph#.

These idiots have the following number where they respond: 800-861-8380, I mentioned that they called me from 305-595-9680 and they need to stop.
I told them I filed complaints with DNC.
They asked for my name in order to remove me from they stupid calling scheme. Ha !
They got nothing.
I would be happy to provide them with a bullet in their thick skulls !!!
Anyway, I sincerely hope they die !
(It doesn't really mater how. If somebody will shoot them, accident, heart attack, ANY kind of death would do for these idiots !)
 Apr 30th, 2008