stop calling me.....
creeped out
 Oct 20th, 2009
They call us constantly, with no messages, nothing. I don't answer calls with names I don't recognize, if I did, I'd be on the phone constantly, but I can't really step away with the phone ringing!!! Where do I file a formal complaint?? I'm on the Do Not Call list!!!!
Laura Powell
 Jun 01st, 2009
Canned message leaving a toll free number that is disconnected. But if you dial this number back TRS Recovery picks up.
 Feb 04th, 2009
I have received calls from this number repeatedly over the last week or so. When I answer, a canned voice indicates that it is not a solicitation call, indicates the call may be monitored, and asks me to wait until a service rep can answer. After holding for a few minutes(to find out who the heck keeps calling), the call disconnects. Sure wish I could file a formal complaint!
Patti High
 Jan 21st, 2009
The left a message saying that "my status has changed" and that "this issue commands my attention" they say to call 800-859-3170. I especially like the word "command!"

Like the others, I don't use checks.
 Mar 22nd, 2007