Leaves message asks you to press 5 to except collect call. Called 5 times last night. Called 3 times in 15 minutes this morning.
 Jan 21st, 2013
This phone number is also @ 912-673-6000, Or 1-800-849-6081 etc.
It is a confinement service for the prison system. Do not pick-up; if you have caller id, check it.
The voice heard--asks if you want to pick-up a collect call
from someone from a prison! Yeah, right, Duh! If you get someone calling, could it be that you
may have been a victim of a crime, or about to be a victim?
Strange. For example, this phone company usually calls both your home and your cell number.
How would they get that information? BECAUSE some criminal gave it them. How did they get it, and why do they have it? If you do pick-up, hang up immediately as soon as you hear the collect call words,
and a few minutes later, you might get a caller id that says "out of area" or private caller. Keep this information on this web-site please.
B Ware
 Feb 17th, 2008