Chase Home Loans
 Oct 20th, 2016
Called at 7:52 am...they couldn't wait eight minutes to scam me?
 Jun 22nd, 2015
They have called numerous times. I keep telling them they have a wrong number, I don't have a home loan with Chase, I don't have a bank account with Chase, I don't have a credit card with Chase, I don't have an anything with Chase. The calls stop for about 5 days then start over. The lady I spoke with last time got pretty indignant when I informed her I was recording all calls from Chase. She told me I had no permission to record her. I reminded her she informed me at the beginning of the call that the call may be recorded. She was doing it for "quality control" and I was doing it for "evidentiary purposes."
 Apr 02nd, 2015
Claimed to be Chase Morgage Department calling for the morgage holder.
 Jul 26th, 2013
Chase customer service claims they have nothing to do with these calls, but the fact is that 3rd party collectors are employed to harass customers who may be as little as 10 days past due...never deal with 3rd parties, deal directly with the lender...
Mario DiLeo
 Jun 13th, 2013
 May 29th, 2013
My two cents: If you don't pick up, and they don't leave a message, it can't be legit. These scammers thrive on getting a
 Apr 23rd, 2013
They call me as well up to five times a day.
This very well could be telephone-number spoofing, so use: Truth in Caller ID Act (like I did !)

Go to
Click File A Complaint
Click Caller ID Spoofing
Click The telephone number displayed on your caller ID screen is false or 'spoofed'
Click Complete The Form

Forfeiture penalties or criminal fines of up to $10,000 per violation (not to exceed $1,000,000) could be imposed.

Just to add - the person would not give me his name or company, I escalated it to his manager who did not give his name or the company either !
Justin Noobert
 Jan 26th, 2013
calls morning, noon, and night, Called on Christmas night
 Dec 29th, 2012
Olivia - exactly! This is precisely why I ignore all calls from them (CHASE). I know it would only be MORE frustrating to answer or try to call them back. Right now, my December payment has not been paid. I am not even 30 days past due, the check is in the mail today, and it's CHRISTMAS EVE. They have called 3x today. I got a text 3 days ago. Really?! I learned pre-loan modification not to speak to the collection dept- they are incredibly rude and don't seem to understand that yelling at me does not increase the balance in my checking account!!!
Fed up
 Dec 24th, 2012
I have had experience with Chase. Their telephone calls DO border on harrassing and in trying to talk to them over the last 6 months - I know it. They are fairly friendly when I do call back (but because I'm usually paying a payment over the phone - they're more than happy to accept it. But they have been BLOWING up my cell phone which is my contact number. In trying to catch up a couple of payments (which I have), I've talked to them frequently. Each time I've asked them to please keep from calling my phone 5 times per day as I'd been contacting them on a regular schedule with the intent to catch up payments. The agent told me that the calls were robo-collection calls, would re-call until answered, and could be stopped by giving them a date by which the next payment would be payed; she advised even if I didn't know for sure it would be paid by then (in other words - I wasn't breaching any 'implied' contract if I missed that date). I gave them a date, paid a payment from the month before (leaving only the payment for the month we were in). I still received calls. I had to call back a couple of weeks later to straighten out some calculation problems to the account and asked why my number hadn't been temporarily removed from the robo-call list - especially since I had been calling regularly, had estimated a pay date (for the current month), and had been told I'd be removed. No answer. I guess for the same reason it took two calls to straighten out the finances on the account. Almost every time, it takes more than one call. Now I'm completely current, owing only the payment for June (and it's only the 5th!), and I notice that I 'missed' another call from this number - which probably is Chase. I'm tired of them.
 Jun 05th, 2012
Tired of these calls. Why can't they contact me by mail.
 Mar 01st, 2012
 Jan 11th, 2012
Called...left no msg.
Mario DiLeo
 Dec 03rd, 2011
I keep getting calls from Unknown and most do not leave a message. One message left today identified caller as Chase. Chase has been notified that I have hired an attorney for a loan modification, yet they keep calling me directly. I was warned of their possible unscrupulous methods to circumvent my efforts. I don't answer the phone.
 Jul 20th, 2011
Okay... this makes sense now! It is Chase mortgage who bought WAMU and took over their mortgage notes. Prior to the takeover, I had SO many issues with the WAMU collectors calling my cell phone to inquire about a person that I don't even know. Everyday, sometimes up to 8 times a day, weekends and holidays included! They would accuse me of knowing this person and were EXTREMELY rude and mean. Anyhow, after about 5 years of this abuse, I decided to take them to small claims court. They settled and signed a document stating that they'd FINALLY remove my cell phone number from that person's account. Well... guess what? They didn't! So, I actually made a federal case out of it! :) Haven't had many calls since, but perhaps it's starting up again? Let's hope not because I do not mess around anymore.
Just me
 Jul 07th, 2011
Cell phone voice mail, very poor English I could not understand her.
 May 25th, 2011
THREE CALLS TODAY FROM THIS NUMBER! And NOT ONE TIME DID THE A**HOLE Identify themselves, who they are calling for, OR who they represent! This is BULL CHIT! And if they are so frackin stupid to believe ANYONE will return such a call.... They must think EVERYONE is as stupid as they are!
Thisis Bschitt
 May 12th, 2011
Wrong number. They called my fax number. Girl left a message for someone else, saying she was from Chase and calling about the guy's residential property.
 Jan 25th, 2011
Some a-hole guy called my cell and left this message: "please call us back, our number is 800-848-9380, again our number is 800-848-9380 please call us back as soon as you can". I should call back whom?
No name, no company name, no reason for the call, no other info provided.
Where the f... did they go to school and learned these manners?
My number is listed the "do not call list" for over 3 years now, our gov is full of it if they think that the scam artists actually pay attention to that list. Listing your phone number there is only a confirmation that your number exist and who it belongs to, this is how they get your name. do not list your number on the "do not call list", that list is a big scam by itself.
pissed off
 Dec 01st, 2010
Caller ID can be faked people. Never ever give out personal info.
 Nov 30th, 2010
"This message is for Reba, Chase Bank. Call us back at 800-446-8939, thank you."

We have received numerous similar calls from several different numbers (either an 800 toll free or from area code 614, the caller identifying themselves as being from Chase Bank and providing a different number for call back. After the first call, we called the number given and it was a recording of a "sex" advertisement. No "Reba" reside at this house anyway.

Obviously, this is not Chase Bank.
 Oct 27th, 2010
I am disturbed and irritated by these repeated calls I receive. Same situation that below posters have given, most calls end with them hanging up. People pay attention to THIS POSTING. A Legitimate bank will NEVER call you and THEN ask you for your account number, social security number, and your billing zip code. These are all the tools that a SCAMMER / IDENTITY thief needs to do their job. I googled this number as many of you all have and see the below are consistent with my experience. I will call my phone company now to have this number blocked / reported.
 Oct 22nd, 2010
Okay, here is the latest.

I called CHASE at the 877-CHASEPC number and they deal with on-line banking issues. The gal I worked with was wonderful and the first CHASE representative to hear what I was saying. She investigated it issue as thoroughly as she could.

After contacting the Fraud Department she let me know that they could not explain the phone calls but had added our number to a CHASE Do-Not-Call list.

I was given the contact number for the CHASE Privacy Call Center if I needed to address this issue again in the future.

CHASE Privacy Call Center 888-868-8618
Miss T
 Oct 19th, 2010
FINALLY � Here is what you need to deal with these phone calls

From: Abuse []
Sent: Tuesday, October 19, 2010 1:44 AM
Subject: Re: Using CHASE Name to Steal SS # and/or Account #
Thank you for contacting us concerning the telephone communication you received.
We have reviewed the phone number and it is a valid number for Chase.
If you have any questions or concerns about this phone number, please contact us at 1-877-CHASEPC.
Thanks for choosing Chase.
Thank you,
Bindumol Jacob
Email Customer Service Representative
Miss T
 Oct 19th, 2010
CHASE - How To Report Fraud:

Sent: Monday, October 18, 2010 1:36 PM
Subject: Using CHASE Name to Steal SS # and/or Account #

Our office is being pestered multiple times daily by calls from (800) 848-9380. When the calls are answered the line is cut. When the number is called back the pre-recorded message identifies the caller as CHASE and asks for Social Security number and/or account number.

When you GOOGLE the 800 number, you will find the following website that identifies Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation of Columbus, OH as the company in question:

When you GOOGLE Chase Manhattan Mortgage you will find the following website that provides the number, 877-242-7372, as the main number for Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation:

When you GOOGLE Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation you will find the following website that provides additional contact information including the number, 614-422-7001:

Understanding that this may or may not be connected with the J.P. Morgan Chase Corporation, it still remains that the call is identified with you.

The following are links that may provide you with additional information on calls from (800) 848-9380:
Miss T
 Oct 18th, 2010
(800) 848-9380 has been repeatedly calling our business. When the phone was answered the line went dead. When called back the pre-recorded message identified the call as from CHASE Bank and requested an account number or Social Security number [RED FLAG!].

I called CHASE Fraud Prevention Department @ 800-978-8664. They informed me that this number has NO connection with CHASE Bank. They will make a report but there is not a lot they can directly do to protect the individual – it’s up to you.

Be safe ~ Be smart ~ Be alert
Miss T
 Oct 05th, 2010
DEFINITELY IS CHASE collections. Their 2MP Mortgage Modification account manager calls me from that number.
 Sep 28th, 2010
They call most every day, including Saturdays.
 Aug 30th, 2010
I have a payment due on the 1st, they bought my loan when WaMu went down, sometimes I need the 15 days grace and I do have that, as well as a set interest. I refused to refinance with them as it would be a smaller payment but in the end more money and more time, at this time I am not late have 5 more days before I am late, they called my place of employment 5 times today. I was very interested in the comments below about the fair debt collection thing, I am going to answer they should not bother me at work, and as I say still not late, just some months are worse than others and we just get by. I don't need this.
Who ever said this was not really Chase, I think they just deny it so you can't say they contacted you in a harrassing way or at work or anything like that, but Chase Manhatton is what my caller ID shows and I do think it is them.
I used to have a credit card with them and they are real sleeze balls so anyone in that situation beware beware.
 Aug 10th, 2010
Mortgage company - i run consistently 29 days - husband died - cannot pay on the 1st, have to wait until the 29th or 30th to pay. they start calling me on the 10th and call every frikking day, all day. I just don't answer the phone. Ever. Calling me is not going to get a payment out of me any earlier - I do good to pay it on the 29th or 30th of the current month it is due for. Plus, every time I have answered it, its a non-english speaking person and I can't understand half of what they are saying.
 Jul 27th, 2010
Stopped calling for a few weeks...the calls have begun messages ever left...
Mario DiLeo
 Jul 23rd, 2010
did not answer and did not leave message
 Jul 12th, 2010
Called 8 times in 3 hours
 Jun 15th, 2010
This caller repeated several times click undo, click undo????
click undo
 May 27th, 2010
This phone number keeps on asking for someone who does not live here. And they called 5 times still asking for the same person. It's annoying!
 May 26th, 2010
Here's some valuable information in case you are receiving collections calls for debts (this call received is an example of a Section 806 HARASSMENT OR ABUSE violation since they keep calling and calling and calling...):

(As amended by Public Law 109-351 – October 13, 2006)
• Collectors may only call after 8:00 a.m. and no later than 9:00 p.m. (in your time zone).
• If represented by an attorney or non-profit organization, creditor must contact them, not you.
• Collectors may not call a consumer’s place of employment.
• Collectors may not communicate account specifics with any person other than the consumer himself
(unless authorized by the consumer or cosigner to do so). This includes all family members.
•If submitted in writing, a consumer must cease further communication with consumers except if:
•Debt collector’s further efforts are being terminated.
•Debt collector may particularly invoke specified remedies.
•Debt collector is in the process of invoking specified remedies
• Collectors may not use threat of violence or other criminal means.
•Collectors may not use profanity.
•Collectors may not continuously call, annoy, abuse or harass consumer.
•Collectors may not publish a list of consumers who allegedly refuse to pay debts,
except to the consumer reporting agency.
•Advertise for sale of debt to coerce payment.
•Meaningful disclosure of caller’s identity.
•Collectors may not use any false or deceptive or misleading representations.
•Collectors may not threaten to take any action that cannot legally be taken
(arrest, imprisonment, seizure/sale of property).
•Collectors may not give or threaten to give out false credit information.
•Collectors may not distribute any falsely written communication simulating any document authorized, issued or approved
by any court, official or agency of the United States or any states.
•Collectors may not use any name other than the true name of the collector’s business, company or organization.
•Collectors may not falsely imply that they are employed by a consumer-reporting agency.
•Representation/implication that collector is vouched for, bonded/ affiliated with US/any state.
•False representation/implication that transfer of debt would cause consumer to lose any claim/defense to payment or
become subject to any prohibited actions within the FDCPA.
•False representation/implication that consumer committed a crime/other conduct to disgrace consumer.
•False replication/implication that documents are a legal process / false replication that documents are not legal process
forms do not require consumer action.
• Collectors may not use unfair or unconscionable means to collect or attempt to collect any debt.
• Collectors cannot accept a check or other payment form from the consumer that is postdated by more than 5 days.
• Collectors may not solicit any postdated check for the purpose of threatening or instituting criminal prosecution.
• Collectors may not deposit or threaten to deposit any postdated check prior to the date on the check.
• Collectors may not cause charges to be made to the consumer for price of communication.
• Collectors may not take or threaten to take non-judicial action to effect dispossession or disablement of property.
• Collectors may not communicate with a consumer by postcard.
• Collectors may not use any language or symbol other than the collector’s address and name on any mail sent to the
• Collectors must notify the consumer in writing within five (5) days of initial contact, validating their debt.
• This notice should contain: Debt amount, Creditor’s name, Disclosure of 30days to dispute, etc.
• If a consumer owes multiple debts to one creditor and makes a payment to the collector for one specific debt, the
collector may only apply payment to that specific debt only. The Debt collector may not apply such payment to any
debt which is disputed by the consumer and, where applicable, shall apply such payment in accordance with the
consumer’s directions. directions.
 May 15th, 2010
Wow, persistant they are!!! I do have a chase loan, but the recording in voicemail says nothing about chase. If I want to talk to chase I will call one of their "known" numbers; considering there are so many variations of 800's who knows which ones are legit.
 May 08th, 2010
I have been receiving phone calls from chase manhattan at least5-7 x's a day,for the past 3 months.I do not even know the person they are asking for I have many times tried to tell them that this person does not live here.And no matter how manytimes i say this they still continue to call all hours of the day and not stopping til 8pm.and start all over again the next morning.As soon as i say they dont live here they hang up on me.These people need to learn some manners and get a new job,because they obviously dont know how to dail the right phone number!!!!!!
 May 06th, 2010
Called and asked for my husband. No identification of who was calling, no message. If it is about a mortgage, I am on the mortgage so there would be no reason not to speak to me. Said they would call back, I told them not to bother. There is no way my husband would take the phone call.
 May 02nd, 2010
I receive a call from this number daily. It is CHASE. However, when I called the number back today, there is a recording that goes to a moving service - I bet they are loving that! Chase is in FCC violation, as they are not allowed to call me, but they do anyway. And now for the number to roll to another business - what idiots. I am reporting Chase to the FCC today!!!
 Apr 05th, 2010
Received a call from this number called Chase and this is the number of their collections department. They start calling if they do not receive payment by the first of the month even though you have a grace period of fifteen days that is just the time you have to pay before a late fee is imposed. They started doing the calling about four or five months ago. They have changed their calling procedures because they did not call before the sixteenth of the month. They say it's a courtesy call to let you know they haven't received your payment and give you the option to pay. In reference to LISA who has her payments done on the fifteenth you will still receive these calls if your actual due date is the first of each month. The fifteenth is the last day you can pay without a late fee. As for the lady who said they wouldn't talk to her they will only talk to the person/persons on the account whether they are your spouse or not.Do yourselves a favor if you do have a chase account pay it by the first of the month and the phone calls should stop for you.
Tired in Ohio
 Mar 14th, 2010
My mortgage payment is NOT late. Never is. This is the second month they've decided to call me over and over again. This is what happened last month: I didn't answer the phone the first time they called, but instead called the number back. The woman I got on the phone checked my account and saw that I wasn't late, made a note in my account, and we called it a day. A few days later, they called me again. I did the same thing where I called back. This time I got a man who also checked my account to see that I was not late. I gave him the transaction number of my payment, which he noted in my account. He also told me he would place a "do not call" on my account. I thanked him, and thought that was the end of it. Later that very same day, I got another call from Chase. This time I picked up. It was some man who insisted I owed money. He refused to check my account (or he was looking but refused to read what the other two customer service people wrote in the notes). Whenever I tried to explain what had already happened, he talked over me. I got fed up and asked to speak with his supervisor. He said, "Why?" I replied, "Because I asked to speak with your supervisor." This back and forth continued a few times until I finally just said, "I don't need to be abused like this." Then I hung up and called back to get another customer service rep. This time I got hold of a very helpful woman who took care of everything. It was the last call I received... UNTIL TODAY!!!!

If I knew all those years ago that having my mortgage with Chase would cause me to be harassed this much, I never would have done it.
 Feb 13th, 2010
Chase Home Finance LLC.
 Feb 03rd, 2010
Chase Manhattan.......They call my cell phone multiple times a day asking for a person other then me....told them they have the wrong number...Didn't help so I block there number
 Jan 06th, 2010
Harrasment from collector even though we have a temporary modification. Planning to sue for a permanent mod soon. The only way.
 Dec 21st, 2009
They call me multiple times a day. I've asked for MAIL response so I have a paper trail and asked them BY MAIL to quit calling me. Stop the harrassing phone calls. They will not leave messages.
 Nov 22nd, 2009
I'm reading that this number is a scam and not really this for real or am I just gullible? I've called the number and they answer as Chase, you can check your balance/payment history, etc...

I have my mortgage automatically debited from my account on the 15th of every month...not late, and within my grace period. That's what some of us self-employed people do.

Starting about 3 months ago Chase starts calling on the 11th asking for payment. They call 6-10 times a day. If they weren't so intellectually challenged you'd think that they could look in their system and see that my payment has already been set up, just as it has been for the past four years. I hate them.
 Nov 12th, 2009
Called number it is chase,.
 Oct 15th, 2009
The listing of mortgage providers on the link below shows it as a Chase number.
Most likely it's Chase but I don't answer.
Down the Shore
 Sep 28th, 2009
Chase Home Mortage
 Sep 26th, 2009
They call the main line of my work number and never respond when I answer the phone. In 2 days I've received 15 calls.
 Sep 22nd, 2009
Scammers. Like hell my mortgage is late, I rent...
 Jul 23rd, 2009
Called number person answered and acted like chase rep. Said my payment was late and wanted my indormation. I hung up.
 Jul 21st, 2009
No message left. They called on my cell phone. I called it back and it says Chase Home Finance, but that is NOT my mortgage company....
 Jun 24th, 2009
Plano, Texas Today is 5/7/2009. Received a call at 12:59 pm CDT on my work phone number.
Caller ID says JPMorgan Chase. Then they immediately called my cell from phone 800-848-9380.
This is the first time this has happened this way. Usually they just call both my numbers showing from 800-848-9380. I get these every day of the week.
 May 07th, 2009
chase manhattan asked for my husband would not talk to me
 Apr 16th, 2009
No message, no company name...
 Apr 02nd, 2009
It's really Chase Home Finance. They just called, I answered, my payment really was late.
 Jan 29th, 2009
Does anyone know how they know I am desperately waiting for a call from Chase regarding my house? When I answered it was a recording asking me to hold for an important call. Are you sure it's not Chase?
Chase Cust
 Jan 26th, 2009
I have received calls in the last several day from this number, I haven't answered and they haven't left a voice mail.
 Dec 17th, 2008
After reading the post here I called Chase and they stated that this is NOT one of their numbers, and if I recieved anymore calls to call their customer service and report it as a fraudulant call... it is not REALLY Chase home Finance.
 Dec 02nd, 2008
Left no message
 Nov 04th, 2008
called at 8:20 a.m.!! Isn't there laws against that? Government bailed their butts out, and did nothing for us!
 Oct 25th, 2008
This is not a Chase number. It is a scammer pretending to be Chase in order to obtain personal information. They are ID thieves. Do not provide them with any information.
Chase Customer
 Oct 11th, 2008
Soliciting services that may "of interest" to us.
Refuses to speak to female head of house.
 Oct 09th, 2008
 May 17th, 2007