picked up phone - collection place for Quest Diagnostics. If I don't make a payment they will keep calling.
 Nov 11th, 2013
These collections agencies call me constantly,and my husband constantly.We changed r cell phone #'s,had TMobile unlist r new #'s,but r paying my hubby's current Neurologist/Orthopedic/Poditatist bills differebt DR's than he had back when we pd n2 USELESS,WASTE OF $ MEDICAL INS! How'd they get r new cell phone #'s?
 Aug 17th, 2013
I paid into Ominbus Cobra Ins & United Health Care Ins for 5 yrs after my hubby's auto accident medically retired him.My son had surgery that both ins said would b pd 4.Then I got $40 grand worth of denials from ALL the many PO boxes the medical Dr outsourced to 2 annistiaologists,2 radiologists,2 different surgeons,pathologists,why not have ALL those Dr's take payments/paymt arraigements @ the hospital.2 many people 2 keep track of whom U pd twice/not @ all.Also why can't those Dr's/hospitals etc SUE THE USELESS INS COMPANIES,& NOT US WE PD $75 grand into the ins companies,the hospital refused 2 take $40 grand cash we'd saved up 2 pay for the surgery (saying they only do surgeries thru ins company payments)We paid the debts down 2 $25 grand,fell behind on r property taxes,no longer have ANY savings,& realized breakin myself 2 try 2 pay them.put me n collection anyway,& payin them did NOT help r credit score.We have NO credit card debts,own r van outright,owe $14 grand on r mortage,& r $10 grand behind on r property taxes thanks 2 medical ins,and my DAd died 2 yrs ago (from a sudden heart attck, I used some property tax $ 2 pay for what we were short on his burial expenses;being Catholic were AGAINST cemation!)
 Aug 17th, 2013
no message
 Jul 29th, 2013
they call every day in spite of my asking them not too. I hope everyone will file a FTC complaint every time this number calls. Filing a complaint doesn't even require your name, just the two numbers involved.
 Jul 20th, 2013
Collection agency for LabCorp
 Jul 19th, 2013
this person keeps calling and is annoying
lucia shorts
 Jun 02nd, 2013
3 to 4 times a day I receive calls from this number
I don't answer the phone
Gail Harrison
 May 21st, 2013
I didn't answer the phone. The caller ID said unavailable. If they are unavailable so am I.
 May 10th, 2013
they just called me and a woman said, 'hold on i have a call for you'. i held, heard music..dum dee dum...i gave it 10 seconds. then i hung up.
 May 10th, 2013
On do not call list. Intend to file complaint with FCC.
 Apr 18th, 2013
A man called me ans said that I was a homosexual and that if I paid him money, he would not tell anyone.
 Jan 19th, 2013
If your bill is over 90-100 days old it has been written off. Then these debt collectors buy your $300 debt for
say $30 , and try to get get you to pay the total amount! Tell them you'll pay what they paid and your not going to pay
more. Some have even tried to send legal looking threats about garnishing your wages or placing leans on your name.
As far as I know a debt that has been written off or sold cant have wages held or liens places on it.
Good luck! Wake up America, don't become a slave to corporate greed!
 Dec 29th, 2012
They called and after 2 rings hung up no message
 Dec 11th, 2012
debt collector rmcb
 Aug 18th, 2012
Mr. Talbot, if your son is a minor you should be able to revoke call permission on his behalf, via cease-comm as I'd described in April.
 Oct 15th, 2011
We got my son a new cell phone a couple of weeks ago. This number started calling yesterday and has now called twice. We don't answer and the phone does not have voice mail set up.
Tom Talbot
 Oct 10th, 2011
2 rings and hungup
 Jun 16th, 2011
This number is for RMC Collections agency
 Jun 16th, 2011
ChexSystems, ChoicePoint, your mobile carrier selling your data ..... Plenty of ways for collectors to sniff us out. The abandoned calls, likely autodialed, may work in your favor for a TCPA case. Meanwhile, a collector's knowing calls to mobile phones are banned by FDCPA. So get them knowing and revoke call permission in writing.

If AMCA has your name on some account, wait a week for a dunning letter. Dispute the account with AMCA and make it validate, whether you get dunned or not. Else write a cease-comm notice if you're not the target. Send your notice via USPS Certified with card. The FTC and many consumer watchdogs explain how to draft these letters and the 'peace dividends' they bring you.
 Apr 27th, 2011
Just got this brand new phone and i had only given out my number to 4 family members and no one else. So, how did they get my number? They call and i answer and they hang up. WTH!
 Apr 27th, 2011
Calls everyday never leaves a message.
 Mar 23rd, 2011
A collector posing as law enforcement is in hot water if you file a Fair Debt suit. Document everything, record calls if feasible.
 Feb 26th, 2011
They say they are the sheriff's department
 Feb 26th, 2011
Donna: I'm glad you were able to find relief from the original biller before AMCA did anything more hostile, like try to "sewer serve" you a summons at the defunct address. But first the seemingly disorganized collector would have to decide if it's been assigned the account! Though Quest is on your side I would still get AMCA to validate, which will suspend collection activity and put them on notice that you won't be snowballed into paying illegitimate debt.

The FTC site is curiously shy on advice for debt validation. A few decent guides are linked below:

This I think is a teaching moment. Here is the lesson plan I see:

1] Do not rely on debt collectors to remember your story for you. They may have calling records, but it's in their interest to fudge the facts. Always take names, note times, and document the content of verbal communication, or better still shift the whole discussion to paper as the law permits.

2] Collectors are frequently given faulty contact data with the assigned accounts. The rest is discovered through skip tracing. But getting paid quickly is paramount to getting the facts straight, which leads to many of the abuses the laws address.

3] The burden of proof of a debt claim rests with the collector. Being armed with your own documents and facts certainly helps, but you don't need to be bullied into a detailed discovery process unless you're already in a lawsuit.

4] If you want to send supporting document copies I would avoid fax channels. Slow baud, volatile thermal paper, no solid proof of delivery, no thanks. Go with USPS Certified with receipt card, as with any written contact of a debt collector.
 Nov 14th, 2010
This is what I posted on another site on October 27, 2010. The update is from today.

I just got off the phone with AMCA - American Medical Collection Agency. (This is their website: , and phone number 1-800-666-8097. I got tired of the 2-3 calls every day, and took matters into my own hands!
They claimed that my husband owed over $300 to Quest Diagnostics - we have insurance that paid 100% and we owe nothing.
They were claiming that they had sent several notices to our house. They had an address that we had over 4 years ago, but they claimed this debt was from April, 2010! There is no way they would have had our current home phone number and not our current address. (My husband never gives this phone number anyway, he uses his cell number.)
They asked for our address so they could send us the notice. I gave it to them, then they said the system didn't take it and asked for it again. I gave it again, then she told me to hold on. She came back to the phone and said that AMCA NO LONGER HAS OUR ACCOUNT! She said we would not be called again. We'll see.

November 12, 2010
UPDATE: Got a bill in the mail from AMCA. I called them and tried to tell about these phone calls, and that I had already been told by their office that they did not have this account - Dorena cut me off in mid-sentence. She was very condescending and rude throughout the conversation. I did raise my voice at her provocation, but I did not curse and tried to get her to listen. She finally allowed me to tell her my story of the recurrent phone calls, but refused to comment on it - acted as though I said nothing. She also stated repeatedly that I was rude to HER! She didn't believe that I was told not to worry about this because I didn't have the name of the person at AMCA that I spoke to! (I would think that there is a computer ID on the person who made notes on my account.) She insisted that I owe this money and that I HAVE to deal with her company. She refused to give me the phone number to Quest Diagnostics. I told her that I would call Quest and straighten this out with them. Again, she didn't listen and kept trying to give me her fax number so I could send her my insurance statement showing payment. I told her I didn't need her fax number - I was going to call Quest. She said I couldn't do anything with Quest because her company was handling this. (And I was to call back and talk to her - she is the only Dorena there. That's D-O-R-E-N-A in billing.)
I hung up and Googled Quest Diagnostics. Got the number and called. The woman at Quest was very apologetic and told me that her supervisor is trying to get Quest to stop using AMCA because of all the complaints against them. She looked at my account and discovered that the claim was rejected because of a coding error. Notices were supposedly sent to an address I had four years ago! Weird. She said she took my account out of collections and refiled the claim with my insurance.
We'll see if this ends now.
 Nov 14th, 2010
The high jackpots from medical debt are too attractive to collectors not to lead to abuse. Add to this problem the sloppy billing practices endemic to the medical admin at large.

Debt collectors don't all care if the correct person pays or if the debt account is legitimate. Since you do care, on a live call question everything, reveal nothing, and make no verbal agreements. If you are receiving misdirected or abusive calls from a third party debt collector, you may find relief in the provisions of the FDCPA, which regulates bad collector behavior. Learn your rights at FTC-dot-gov.

The same FDCPA mandates privacy protection, which would explain any reluctance of the caller to identify. If pressed, the caller should at least give a business name, fulfilling the concurrent "meaningful disclosure" rule.

A few other points .... The FCC is not much going to help unless canned calls are placed to a mobile phone, which may be covered by the TCPA. The abandoned calls are likely from a predictive dialer. There is a legal limit to how many of those one caller can generate. Meanwhile, the DNC registry is for telemarketers, meaning sales. Charities, debt collectors, political speech, and surveyors are all exempt as they are not included in the FTC definition of "telemarketing". This was made known to you when you registered your numbers.

Stay safe and be smart when the next calls come.
 Oct 17th, 2010
These mesage is for you , crooked bastard , your mother is a whore so quit calling
fuck you
 Oct 17th, 2010
They left a prerecorded voice mail for me but it was so garbled I could barely understand it. But, after reading some of the other posts here, I now know that they were talking about debt collection. The odd thing is that they left the message on a cellphone that I have but rarely use and I don't have any debts so we'll see if they call again.
 Oct 15th, 2010
They call every night. I answered once and there was a long pause followed by a recorded voice (India) telling me to stay on the line and wait for ? Needles to say I hung up. They are a collection co.
 Oct 13th, 2010
Got a voice mail from these people. They had my name and phone number right and said to call them back about debt collection. I pay every bill within 24 hours of receipt, so that can't be right. I called thim back at 9:15am the next day and got a recording saying "Sorry, we're closed. We're open at 8:00am." I'm not calling back.
 Oct 06th, 2010
Was a guest at this house, house sitting. Ansered this call, got a recording saying they were a bill collection group. They ask for the name of the phone they just called. Their iformation is given in a prerecorde message. Do not know if they are okay????
John Brown
 Oct 06th, 2010
RMCB Retrieval Masters Creditors Bureau, Inc. They have a recording that tells you some random name to get you to call back. Then you sit on hold. No thanks.

They called on a Sunday. Father's day. That shows no class, if you ask me. I was going to tell them the name is not at this address and phone, but let them take the time and cost to call. It amuses me.

Their website ( ) brags about how good they are. But they got my number and some name for a guy I never heard of. Ya, you are so good.

"Our collection philosophy is simple. Work harder and smarter than any other agency in the country. We develop collection programs that require hard work, skilled personnel, and statistical modeling to ensure that we offer top-notch service to every creditor we partner with." ... I think not.
 Jun 20th, 2010
The machine voice said initials (the ones you show sound right) and it said it is an agency trying to collect on a debt.
 May 03rd, 2010
Calls at least once per day and sometimes twice. I never answer unknown callers but sick of them calling over and over. Just says Toll Free Number 800-804-0057. I have only lived here five months so why are they calling my unlisted phone number all the time. No message is ever left either.
 Apr 19th, 2010
Calls twice a day at lunch time and supper time. I never pick up the phone for any outside unknown number for any reason. No message has ever been left that I know about. Have received no regular mail from any place showing this number either. People are always being warned to not fall for scams so is this one?
 Apr 10th, 2010
this number calls 9 times a day 7 days a week you hit redial and it says this number cannot be reached
 Mar 13th, 2010
i get the number answer and then it acts like i have dialed a number that does not work and i am tired of them calling and not saying a word they call in the evening like today it was at 702pm business is over by then if this is for medical i have medicare and medicade i should not own anything i have had these insurances for 10 yrs for gods sakes give it up turn it in what ever leave me the ---- a long
 Mar 04th, 2010
Who is it?
 Jan 31st, 2010
Welcome to the land of Loan/debt and bill collectors ! I get these calls all the time and it is not even for me ! just relax and don't let them to get the best of you ! that's what they want ! PRESSURE ! All the calls are automated dialings, when you answer it then it will put someone online with you ! ignore it and relax.
 Jan 31st, 2010
This number keeps calling me, when I answer and say hello, there is a few seconds of silence, and then the caller hangs up. This has been happening almost every day for weeks now. WTF.
 Jan 20th, 2010
calls at 8am everyday dont answer
 Nov 13th, 2009
These people used to call us all the time asking for someone who did not live with us. We moved about a month ago to a new city, new number. Somehow they got that number and are still calling asking for this person!! Stop already!! I do not know this person!!
 Sep 02nd, 2009
Here is all the contact info for AMCA:, 2269 S. Saw Mill River Rd., BLDG. 3, Elmsford, NY 10523. I just thought some of you might want to get in contact with them. Good luck.
 Aug 28th, 2009
they called 4 someone else that i knw who not here no more and i ask who was this the lady said personal. i told her since so dnt call back my phone wrong #
 Jul 29th, 2009
I don't owe anyone anything, haven't even been to the doctors in years, when I did, I and my insurance paid promptly and all owed money. Most of these idiots call you asking for someone else, when they realise it is the wrong number they just sell the debt to the next idiot who again starts to call your number, it does never stop. Someday I am going to say I am the one they are looking for and tell them to just have me arrested as they don't have the correct number, name, address or anything. They are all just a bunch of leaches that such on what you leave in the toilet.
To "a" (I assume for A$$hole) you are one of the morons with these bunch of idiots, most of the people who get these calls have nothing to do with the debt they are trying to collect. YOU ARE THE DEADBEAT!! and yes they will keep calling as leaches always keep sucking!
 Jul 01st, 2009
Ok after some research I found out that AMCA is acturally America Medical Collection Agency they have 3 diffrent numbers I hope this helps some one
 Jun 23rd, 2009
called on Sunday at lunchtime. Did not answer and i never answer any 800 number.
 May 19th, 2009
A recording from this number came into my house on Sunday May 17, 2009. I do not know what this is about. I have no medical debt.
lee hatfield
 May 17th, 2009
2009-01-13 17:29:28 UTC
Quoteing: a
umm hello people... pay your bills and they wont be calling you anymore....
damn deadbeats

This person must work for a debt collection company. I have no debt, as for medical bills I have none.
If you keep getting calls from this number turned them into the FCC @ the following address
 Apr 29th, 2009
No message --- just calls early in morn
 Apr 20th, 2009
Keep getting calls from this automated machine. Some kind of collection agency.
 Mar 05th, 2009
Got this automated call a couple of times, we have no debt, especially medical. I'm wondering what kind of scam this might be. If they really needed something legitimately, they'd have a real person call or send mailed notices. They're probably trying get personal info.
 Feb 28th, 2009
There are more complaints about this very number 800-804 0057 on the website below. They just started calling me too in Dec 08, even though I don't have a cent of depth - it might be some crook using the RMCB - company's name. I will inform the NY Attorney General - just in case!
 Feb 09th, 2009
umm hello people... pay your bills and they wont be calling you anymore....
damn deadbeats
 Jan 13th, 2009
I am still getting mail from these people. They will NOT stop! They are asking for money that I DO NOT owe!! I just want them to stop!!
 Dec 31st, 2008
some joker india accent here is company info retrival masters creditors bureau inc. 2269 s.saw mill river road Elmsford,N.Y 10523 800-804-0057 the bastards can't hide.
 Nov 01st, 2008
American Medical Collection Agency
Retrieval Masters Crediters Bureau, Inc.

both have same call back telephone 1-800-666-8097
So can request a DNC for all connected/affiliated/associated companies

File complaint, easy, documented, fines:
 Oct 26th, 2008
They've been calling my number since March. Most of the time they ask for someone named "Britney." Lately, it's been someone else's name. I never answer but just listen to the electronic message. I think it's a ruse to trick you into providing personal information regarding your finances. Why do I say this? Because our number is on the do not call list and the law allows a company to call a number that's on that list if it is for debt collection. It's a loophole that needs to be closed.
 Sep 25th, 2008
AMCA called on 8/20/08 reguarding an x girlfriend's debt. I explained that I had no way of contacting her (not that I would) and to please not call back. Diana from amca said "I wolld have to put this in writing". These people are leachs. Does anyone else want to get a class action suit started.
 Aug 20th, 2008
Got a call today from this number. My cousin answered and they asked for me. Said her name was "Nicole" and to call back the company was supposedly AMCA (whatever that is)
 Jul 28th, 2008
go to and file complaint with FCC...
if you are listed on do not call list
 Jun 20th, 2008
I found... You may file a complaint with the FCC by:

E-mail :
Online :
Telephone : Voice (888) CALL-FCC, or 888-225-5322)
TTY (888) TELL-FCC, of 888-835-5322)
Mail :
Federal Communications Commission
Consumer & Governmental Affairs Bureau
Consumer Inquiries and Complaint Division
445 12th Street, SW
Washington, DC 20554
 Jun 20th, 2008
Received a recording asking to call at 6:35pm and called back and it was recording says 8am-8pm.
I just reported ID theft today to police and getting this call is very interesting...
Could we all get together and file class action against them?
I do not owe anyone... and recording said was collection agency... as they are the only ones by law can call blocked or cell phone numbers.
Abuse of system is what I can see here...
 Jun 20th, 2008
Continually Harass by calling and not leaving who they are.
Preys on medical cases and sick individuals
 Jun 05th, 2008
some sort of medical but really a collector
 Mar 13th, 2008
left a message stating it was not a telemarketing call and gave the number 1 800 804 0057 to call back. I called, waited on hold for 30 minutes. I said exactly "Hi, I received a voicemail saying that I needed to call this number." The lady hung up instantly. I don't know who these people are but they're rude as hell.
 Jan 18th, 2008
Call constantly for a debtor who is in no way related to anyone in this home.
 Dec 27th, 2007
I emailed them and flat told them do not call me, take me off your do not call list.
I filed a complaint with the FTC & Attorney General.

Hope that they stop harrassing others as well..
 Dec 11th, 2007
I gotten two calls from this Number 1-800-804-0057 with a recording operator,telling me to contact them asp calling this number 1-800-720-7718 i returned the call, gotten a recording operator saying sorry all agents are busy, please hold the next agent available will be with you, and over and over same recording, was getting pissed,and than said sorry please call back some other time. over and over, i did a search and i gotten GMC FORD & AMCA.

I what it to stop!
 Dec 11th, 2007
Left recorded message around 6 p.m. Sunday while I was online (thus no caller ID) asking for a person who doesn't live here, said "we are not a telemarketing company" and told me to call back. As if.
 Nov 18th, 2007
I have had numerous instances of this number show up on my caller ID. They never leave a message. My phone number is unpublished as well as unlisted. I wonder where they got it. I see that this is listed as RCMB a collection agency, according to those that have spoken with a person.
Do they even know who they are calling??? Makes one wonder.
 Nov 18th, 2007
Called them back they answered "Good afternoon how can I help you" but did not identify who they were. The are Retrieval Masters Creditors Bureau, Inc. 2269 S. Saw Mill River Rd., Elmsford, NY 10523 Telephone #800-666-8097
 May 16th, 2007
GOT IT ! if this a$$holes call you again, here is their website
fax or email them NOT to call you again, or tell them you are not allowed personal calls on your cellular phone or work number! it works folks!
 Apr 25th, 2007
This # has called and called, leaving voicemails to call them back - I called back - no one "live" answers during their "normal business hours" - they called me on a sunday afternoon at 12pm - I called immediately back - says they are closed...WTF? harrassing!
 Apr 25th, 2007
I called again and they stated that it is a collection agency (AMCA- RMCB)
 Mar 15th, 2007
I called them back and they stated that they did not call any of my numbers, that is strange.
 Mar 15th, 2007
wish i could get an addy on the assholes... i would put a stop to it for good!!!
 Mar 10th, 2007
no idea who these ppl they don't get to talk to me
 Jan 19th, 2007
Left message on machine."This is not a sales call". Then it gives me hours of operation.
 Dec 23rd, 2006
Called on 11/30/06 again. They have left MANY messg. telling only hours of operation. Would not ID themselves to another caller from my line but asked for me personally. Asked to remove me from list but they have begun calling again. Thanks for this site.
 Dec 01st, 2006