The number 1-866-858-6729, that called me the morning, 10/11/08, is from a collection acency calling itself OSI. I've also been called from 1-800-797-5698, another collection agency called NCO. All of the hounding I've been delt is over UPS errors and overcharging me for nonexisitant tracking numbers. Those tracking numbers are J004-603-3121 and J004033158. UPS charged me more than 3 times the estimate it gave me back in early August because of it's own errors. I am not paying for UPS's mistakes or for the accruing late fees that it has also charged me for, and I don't care how many different collection agencies I get calls from! I have emailed UPS's online customer service several times, but that party does not read what you write, it just emails more copies of documents that it somehow handled wrong in the billing process. I wanted to see documents with those wrong tracking numbers on them, and UPS could not give them to me but still tried to charge me for them. I'll not use UPS again until I get an apology from its administration headquarters office, which has yet to respond to my email to several VP's there.
 Oct 11th, 2008