Today I received a call identical to the previous one published below. I figured it was a scam, but called the number 800-772-1213 from a different phone and got a recording that appeared to be legit. The recording asked for my social security number. I hung up.
 11hours 5minutes
I received a call today from 800-772-1213. This number left an automated message and they are as follows: “Due to this all your social benefits will be canceled until further clearance in case you feel this is as an error you may connect with legal _⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_ of Social Security Administration in order to connect with her Social Security administration officer press one now in case we do not hear from you your social will be blocked permanently to connect now press one and you will automatically be connected with the concern department official”. I knew this was a scam but called back anyway. Some random guy answered the phone asking how he can assist. I told him “you left a message regarding my social benefits “. He asked for my information and I informed him “since your know my phone number and I’m sure you can do a search in your database, why don’t you provide that info to me and I will confirm “. The guy said “thank you” and hung up. What a POS!
The 800 # is the ssa but it’s a fake caller I.d. it’s a tax scam, either call back or the authorities are coming to your house, if you don’t call they wish you good luck!!!!
Call from this Phone # 800-772-1213 with a recorded message about 2nd call and appearing before a magistrate or a grand jury call this number 828-348-9364 & if I don't all they can do is wish me good luck. I have had a call like this a week or two ago and made a report to the FTC.
I was wary at first but it's legit. They left me a voicemail that started halfway through, asking me to complete and return a prescription-assistance form that i never received. The callback number they left checked out 800-772-1213), and I was RIGHT... it IS LEGIT. They did not ask me for any info and told me the message was to inform me that the form was on the way and to look out for it.
New York
 Aug 11th, 2017
Got this call on a Sunday afternoon at 2:30pm. SS doesn't work on weekends, folks. This is a scam or somebody trying to collect on an old debt. Will not answer since they refuse to sat who they are. If they are lying to you and representing themselves as SS-call your local attorney general's office. This is against the law for them to represent themselves as anyone but who they really are.
 Oct 09th, 2016
If you asked for a callback from the SSA, expect this number.
 Apr 04th, 2014
They left message that they had not received the signed paperwork. Sign and return. This is for the extra help for drug prescription overage. If I have any questions, call the Social Security number 1-800-772-1213.
 Nov 19th, 2013
I got a call from this number today 5-30-2013 stating it was the social security administration. They had my social security number. Told me I have an appointment on Tue. With an administration judge????? I called one of the headquarters 800-772-1213... They told me it was not from the SS administration . What can I do about this scam?
 May 31st, 2013
The Social Security Administration's phone # is 800-772-1213.Those good for nothing bastards at Portfolio Recovery are using this # to trick people on disability or retirement to answer the phone.It worked & my wife answered it.The "person" on the other end mumbled a few things then hung up.I am so sick of these people trying to collect 15 year old debits using harrasment & trickery!!!
 Mar 15th, 2013
No message left.
Pastor Ortiz
 Jan 12th, 2013
1-866-559-5731 is NOT an official number, they are a scam, asking for information. I looked up the number, Also the number that shows up on caller ID 718-557-3000....HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MEDICARE, SOCIAL SECURITY OR ANY OTHER GOV PROGRAM!!! CALL MEDICARE DIRECTLY OR GO TO THEIR SITE or www. and the contact number for both is 1-800-772-1213 (spell out 1-800-MEDICARE... I REPEAT- go to the official web site to get information and a legit phone number, DO NOT CALL THESE NUMBER BACK!
 Dec 28th, 2012
This is an automated system of the Social Security Admin. to confirm phone appointments. It is a legitimate call back regarding appointments. The return/callback number is 800-772-1213
 Mar 03rd, 2011
This was a call back from the Social Security Admin. If there is a wait to speak with an agent they offer to call you back when an agent is available.
 Nov 23rd, 2010
Caller Id.: "American Voice"
Number.: 972-497-1400

Msg.: "Help with prescription drug cost. If you think you may qualify please fill out and return with the application mailed with the letter or file on line at If have you have questions or need help please call social security toll free number 1-800-772-1213"...
 Sep 03rd, 2010
This is a callback from Social Security, when you call, there is a long wait, and they offer to call back.
 Mar 01st, 2010
I received a recorded message from this company saying they are representing the Social Security Administration back to work program. They say they were given my info from SSA regarding being on the disabled list and they were offering jobs for persons disabled to work from home. I found the call very suspicious and contacted the SSA. Yes, they do have a back to work program, NO THEY HAVE NOT CONTRACTED with this company claiming to be National Telecom Industries. THIS IS A FRAUDULENT COMPANY!!! This info was verified by the Social Security Administration. Do not call this company NTI or return calls to their 1-866-501-8387. They also refer you to their website address for which I will not list as I do not want to pass on info that someone may want to actually do business with them. If you receive a call from them please IMMEDIATELY call the Social Security Administration at
800-772-1213 and notify them of these scam artists contacting you. These morons need to be stopped before they get ahold of someone who may think they are legitimate. THESE ARE FRAUDULENT PEOPLE. DO NOT RESPOND TO EITHER ONE OF THEIR PHONE NUMBERS 617-778-1860 or 866-501-8387. We are on the DO NOT CALL Registry, but apparently it does not work for scam artists acting as a third party representative (saying they are SSA). That is how they get away with scamming people.
 Aug 06th, 2009
A recorded message saying they were representatives of the Social Security Administration. Said they were authorized to call and have me join their company. They are specifically targeting people who are disabled and receive benefits. They are offering a back to work program not associated with Social Security. Caller ID showed another number 617-778-1860, But they say not to contact them at the number to call the 866-501-8387. Or they tell you to go to their website. I will not list it, as it is a scam. I notified Social Security Administration and said they are not associated with this company. Yes, they offer a back to work program, but this company has absolutely nothing to do with the SSA. They say on the recording to press 9 if you no longer wish to receive calls from their company. I tried but the call was disconnected before it could be done. I hate companies that will call and have a recorded message and you cannot speak to a human. These are the companies I refuse to do business with. If you receive social security, please contact the SSA at 1-800-772-1213 and make them aware of this company calling that it is FRAUDULENT. I am on the national DO NOT CALL LIST. I still receive calls.
 Aug 06th, 2009
i was on line looking for social security disability and later went back to" I called to see if some one answered in person, a female answered Jessa i wanted to phisicaly go to office near by she said i didn't need to. called back next day 2-12-09 spoke to Trina she said go back on line and finish application I never did but i did give personal info on line application Is this a real office or a scam?
 Feb 14th, 2009
These people call my house and my husband answered they told him they were from the social Security office and it was very important they talked to me. They had him so upset that he called me at work to tell me to call the social office immediatly. The ss office# is 800-772-1213. They call everyday and leave message saying they are collecting a debt.
 Feb 22nd, 2008
Social Security Admin.
 Oct 03rd, 2007