Got a call from these Peres, but they left no message on my voicemail. Easy enough though...I can just block them with my phone company and on my phone.
 Oct 27th, 2011
866-614-6535 888-432-3151 410-986-0085 866-534-0248 866-372-8498 704-523-8444 866-816-1066 877-394-8289 888-804-3484 215-441-3000 888-438-6896 888-804-3488 800-735-6588 877-803-8009 800-842-0640 866-425-8131 800-979-6560 866-767-5640 800-321-7267 866-437-7403 888-841-7074 866-849-2443 800-807-7809 877-888-2043 877-793-8271 877-232-1835 888-816-1066 800-688-3370 888-675-5788 866-856-1299 888-316-3306 866-849-2439 866-776-8221 866-570-4110 800-220-2274 866-287-2543 410-846-2502 866-372-8497 800-709-8625 877-847-0092 866-401-2140 800-765-2733 800-477-1827 866-853-4965 866-429-3592 866-695-3017 888-871-6484 800-432-3988 330-782-6318 888-217-9861 800-915-3992 888-899-4778 866-889-6745 800-275-5196 404-320-0964 620-000-0000 602-000-0000 602-263-1141 866-376-1967 877-860-8153 800-816-5572 866-378-2735 416-932-4500 800-860-4200 800-233-1486 800-816-5576 866-473-9021 800-759-2224 800-213-9882 800-445-4918 866-278-1213 866-576-1447 866-220-7580 866-628-7095 800-810-0590 888-394-0494 800-786-9330 866-358-1762 800-688-7929 800-275-8105 877-273-3495 888-831-6994 888-379-4884 877-847-1486 877-899-0192 888-899-8039 215-244-4200 215-442-8300 800-621-7195 866-381-9807 800-218-1175 866-256-9096 800-477-3826 866-473-6445 866-932-6731 614-827-7500 866-506-2667 800-897-0308 800-303-1995 425-648-9467 267-519-4400 866-671-7222 866-922-1984 800-273-8616 888-858-5979 800-785-1426 800-260-5570 800-616-1171 866-711-4718 866-701-1275 800-511-8670 800-709-8623 800-974-9728 800-273-6816 877-843-7429 866-266-6318 866-319-8981 800-728-3346 866-442-0536 877-231-1251 877-349-7517 800-733-8782 888-788-7033 877-363-0954 810-588-7103 800-727-8444 650-230-1968 800-688-3390 800-480-1534 877-212-7434 866-227-9324
NCO phone
 Jul 17th, 2011
This is from Bernard Madhuff, and I approve this message about NCO Financial.
Bernard Madhuff
 Dec 21st, 2010
You're welcome, Hank. Caveats: Harassment under FDCPA is somewhat subjective, depending on the frequency and content of calls. You can, if you've kept good call records, establish patterns over the past few years, but you get only a year to sue from a given violation date. Nothing prior to mid-December 2009 can be more than a footnote in your legal complaint.

If you've only tried to shoo them away by voice that will be hard to prove. Send a cease-comm like Caribear was mentioning, according to procedure outlined by the FTC and many consumer groups. That could (and should by law) stop the calls with minimal effort. Or the boobs could violate and give you great ammo. Stay safe.
 Dec 18th, 2010
Thank you Resident47. That is good advice. We will look into a lawsuit.
 Dec 18th, 2010
You're not costing NCO so much as you think, Hank. Collection reps are either not well paid or totally on commission, and of course automated dialers don't need coffee breaks. Four years is too long to sit still and not realize you could probably have sued them into submission by now. They pay you and your legal bills for the grief.

All: If you are receiving repeated, misdirected, and/or abusive calls from a third party debt collector, you may find relief in the provisions of the FDCPA, the Federal law which regulates collector behavior. Learn your rights at FTC-dot-gov. See also your state laws for additional support.
 Dec 17th, 2010
We don't ever pick-up unless we know the number. These pimps have been calling for four years now, and probably will for the rest of our lives. We don't owe anyone. It's amusing how greedy they are. We are costing them hundreds of dollars in time wasted, and they will never see a cent. It is almost like they are vengeful. We have learned a few things. 1. They are harmless. That is mostly junk debt, and they can't collect. 2. They are very, very low tech. Real cheap outfit 3. They are so stupid that they trip over their cordless phones. 4. They are so stupid. 5. They are so stupid.
 Dec 17th, 2010
Go get 'em, Caribear. From what I've seen in some NCO and VeriFacts threads, you'll wish you had filed suit weeks ago. But then you might have had fewer violations to count. Whatever, luck to you.
 Dec 04th, 2010
*Sigh* here we go again with these jokers. I don't think I'm going to remind them about the cease-comm I sent them. I think I'll just sue them this time. I'm tired of telling them that I'm not who they're looking for.
 Dec 04th, 2010
When I called and questioned them, they became rude and hung up on me. I called back and they told me they would not call my number again. I hope that to be the case.
 Jun 09th, 2010
FF - Paramedic
 Aug 20th, 2009
That number is one of NCO ( Collections ) Do not answer. Here are some of their other used numbers: 800-709-8625 or 888-804-3488 or 877-803-8009 or 800-541-2742 or 888-688-7929 or 800-445-4918 or 866-569-8956 or 800-218-1175 or 800-448-9576 or 800-684-8429 or 866-429-3592 or 800-976-8307 or 877-871-6484 or 800-735-6588 or 800-220-1942 or 877-778-1799 or 800-227-4000 or 800-807-7809 or 866-626-9112 or 866-425-8131 or 800-967-4100 or 877-252-4534 or 877-202-9074 or 888-691-8955 or 888-259-3021 or 800-437-7403 or
800-383-4761 or 866-360-9791
 Jan 09th, 2009
they called me and said to call them back and I did but they were closed. SO I left a message saying I have no debt and to call me back. The number I got was 1-877-517-1978
 Dec 13th, 2008
This company called for my father. I knew immediately it was a scam because they identified by his first two intials and his last name which is how he signs his name not how he opens accounts. He called them back and they did speak with him saying that it was regarding a bill of 64.00 for a land line phone company which he has never used. She said they would put that into their records and hung up.
 Dec 04th, 2007
hotigerlily: I suggest going to the website of the Federal Trade Commission. On that site they will have the letter you are needing to send it's called a cease and desist. Once you send them this letter they legally have to stop contacting you.
 Nov 14th, 2007
I've been getting calls from these guys for over a year now. (Usually late mornings while I'm sleeping, which is the real reason it bothers me.) I get at least one a week and sometimes several per week. I have no debt and haven't gotten a person on the phone when I've called. I've read about people sending letters to get them to stop, but I'm not sure what sort of letters they are. Any suggestions? They are driving me crazy.
 Nov 08th, 2007
...ooops.....sorry....forgot to say that the number they left to call back was 877-373-5807.
 Nov 03rd, 2007
Called several times & left msgs on my PRIVATE cell phone number I've had for many years asking for a ???? Taylor. Speaker's voice was unintelligble.

Looked their number up on Google and came back as a bill collector named NCO. I called them to ask to be removed from their database as we don't know anybody named Taylor.

Hopefully that will be the end of it, but I get MANY calls from bill collectors and loan agents on my number for various unknown persons. I'd like to talk with those idiot people that keep leaving bogus numbers (my number) in various databases. *ANGRY*
 Nov 03rd, 2007
i'd received a called from NCO or NCL requested that i called them regarding a debt. what is this debt?
gia pham
 Oct 25th, 2007
I think I may have it figured out. I finally after numerous times got ahold of a live person and when they checked on the number they were harrassing me on, it belonged to someone else. I suspect it was the person that had my cell number before me and did not pay the bill. I'll bet most of you are getting these calls on your cell phones. They said they would take me off the calling list. We shall see.
 Oct 19th, 2007
This company called me. They wanted me to call them back at 877-373-5807. They came up on my caller ID as "Out of Area"
 Oct 13th, 2007
i got a call to call me back at 800-477-1827 with the same message that i have a debt outstanding.

they are nuts and are a big fraudsters.
 Oct 04th, 2007
Got a phone call from this number immediately after a junk call from a private number. It was a recording saying to call this number back. Jerks.
 Sep 27th, 2007
I had an acct that got sent to Asset Acceptance LLC for paymt. I recd
>letters from them. Couple months ago, I recd a letter from NCO
>Financial Systems stating that they bought out the bill from Asset
>Acceptance LLC, and they would accept $1,055.63 for the debt.I mailed a
>check for $1,055.63 check #6136 on 6/26/07 to NCO Financial System and
>now Asset Acceptance LLC wants that money. We know this by the bill we
>recd in the mail today. My husband called Asset Acceptance LLC and they
>stated they never sold our account to anyone. They still expect payment.
 Aug 07th, 2007
You should report them to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission). As well as the Pennsylvania Attorney General who already has an ongoing investigation on them. (they are based in Pennsylvania). This is what my husband and I did. Then we also filed a harassment report against them with our local police department. This is especially easy if they are calling your home phone which is easier to tap.
 Jul 30th, 2007
We've been getting calls for over a year and owe no one. When I tried returning their calls, I'd be on hold forever, so I just blew it off, but now I'm over it and what to do something. What is this site for? Are you getting info for a lawsuit? I'm in. If you contact, make reference in memo as to what about
 Jul 23rd, 2007
Does anyone know how long it takes ignoring them for it to go away? Please let us know so we can start answering our phone again someday instead of having to screen the calls.
 Jul 18th, 2007
They keep calling for someone who does not live at this address. I have told them this many times but they keep ignoring me. Who can I report this to?
 Jul 17th, 2007
I started getting calls from this # on 07/05. Hasn't stopped yet and it more than a week later. They call my cell for me and my husband for non-existent debts. I filed a police report for harassment and the offer even called them and they acted like they weren't aware of who was calling me. As I was writing this they called me!!!!
 Jul 13th, 2007
Been getting voicemail messages every day for the past 5 days. When I call back, a recording says they are NCL Financial, formerly Risk Mgt Alternatives. They seem sleazy as they leave threatening messages but are not specific with information. I am not delinquent on any debts. I don't know who in government I need to contact to stop NCL from harassing me.
 Jul 11th, 2007
A company claiming to be NCL Financial Systems called me at 6:14 and left me a message on my answering machine with hesitation, randomly breaking sentences with long pauses. I tried to return their call less than five minutes later and I got no response from their office. I have read throughout the internet through searches that it is possible that they are committing telemarketing fraud.
Christopher T.
 Jul 10th, 2007
They called us and I tried calling multiple times and got a recording. I have been trying for a few hours now. Sounds like a scam from all the comments below.
 Jul 10th, 2007
Call actually came from 877-373-5807. Call came into a huge business and was left on a general voicemail for a person that doesn't work for the company. When called back to have number removed from their system, they answered the phone"Hello" Hello", whats your name?" I started to speak to let them know they had a wronmg number and also that our legal dept. said not to accept calls from these types of agencies, but before I could do that, I heard people talking and laughing in the background saying "Yeah, I gonna get me some o' dat." Yeah Man, make em pay it, u get 10%. Da get scared. I like ta make em scared."" Then laughing. What the heck kind of company is it??? That's crazy stuff.
 Jun 07th, 2007
 Apr 25th, 2007
 Apr 24th, 2007
NCL Financial Assistance Inc.have called me several times and I have responded and told them they are looking for another family and they refuse to take my name off their harassment list! please can you help?
Jo Ann
 Apr 19th, 2007
These folks call me constantly with a recorded message. I try to call them, but nobody will answer. I pay all my bills and owe no debt and would just like to find out why they are harrassing me.
 Feb 24th, 2007
They call me from all their numbers and tell me that they are from NCO Financial Systems Inc. and that they need to speak to me ASAP and to call them back at 800-477-1827and ask for "Ms. Lee", but when I do no one picks up and im on hold for 7 hrs. What am I suposed to do im only 18 yrs. old and they are driving me nuts. please give me help. email me at and in the subject put "help with problem 800-477-1827".
 Feb 23rd, 2007
I got automated calls asking me to call "Miss Lee" five times in 10 days in December.
Only the first call said that
they were required to say they were a debt collection
agency. We don't owe anyone
anything so we didn't called
back. Isn't it illegal to
leave automated messages?
 Jan 26th, 2007
I called the number for Ms Lee given in the message. 800-735-6588. It seems they are a legitimate collection agency. They cross-referenced my phone number against outstanding debts and did not find a match. It was just a misdial.
 Jan 03rd, 2007
Voice mail to call Miss Lee at NCO Financial System. She said federal law requires them to report that this is an attempt to collect a debt. Highly unlikely to be true, since we have no unpaid debts.
 Jan 03rd, 2007
i just received a call from this number, they said NCO Financial - I called the woman was rude, she told me that the call would be monitored for compliance purposes, i asked her, "compliance with what", she had a nasty comment then hung up on me.
 Sep 13th, 2006
after getting numerous calls on my machine, I decided to call back the 800 number. Office was closed and their message said NCO Financial Systems, formerly... blah blah blah... Caller ID read Unknnown Number
 Sep 12th, 2006
definitely NCO Financial Systems...see attached link

May also explain other numbers you may be getting calls from.
 Sep 07th, 2006
This call was concerning a Wachovia account for my husband?? He's never even had one!
 Sep 05th, 2006
I've been getting daily calls. They say it's from Cingular on an acct that I paid!!! It says "unknown caller" and all I get is, please call "800-735-6588
 Sep 05th, 2006
Google NCO Financial Systems, Inc

You'll find a LOT of complaints against these guys.
 Aug 25th, 2006
I may be wrong on the last letter. Doing further research I show it very likely might be NCO Financial Services... See this link...
 Aug 25th, 2006
NCL Financial Assistance Incorporated (formerly Risk Management Alternatives) I called at like 11:30 (their office was closed and this is the name in the message announcing the office hours.) I'm thinking bill collection agency.

Stick it to them!
 Aug 25th, 2006
This call came in on my cel phone. No other ID. I didn't answer.
 Aug 24th, 2006