A few minutes after I purchased an item in the UK, I got the automated call from this phone number. I quickly Googled the number. All they asked for was my billing zip code, nothing more. Because I read this was a scam call, I hung up while the automated message was playing. Well, a few hours later I tried to use my debit card and it was declined. When I called Wells Fargo, it was because they were trying to verify my last purchase. SO. Not a scam. It may not be listed as Wells Fargo, but it IS them. You can ignore it if you want, your credit or debit card in question will just decline until you call them back.
 Aug 16th, 2017
I received a phone call from this number at night, shortly after I had made a PayPal purchase for software from outside the US. It left a voice mail saying there was suspicious activity on my Wells Fargo account. I researched it, and most sites said it was a scam. It is NOT a scam. I received another call the next day and ignored it. I went to use my Wells Fargo debit card at the Dollar General (of all places) and it was declined. I called the number on the back of my card and indeed it was flagged for suspicious activity. It is a real number. If you receive a call from this and don't feel comfortable calling it back, call the number on the back of your card so you don't get embarrassed at the Dollar General like I did.
 Aug 08th, 2017
Ii got a call from 800-704-0855 totally legit call!!! They read off a lot attempted charges and a real one my recently made. I asked them to cancel the card and send a new one. Will check account today and make sure a new card is being sent. Those that don't take this seriously you could be at risk. Call your bank now, cancel any cards you have and get new ones!!!
 Feb 20th, 2017
This is COMPLETELY fake. Anyone saying otherwise is a SCAMMER. I mean, really. Why would anyone take a chance on calling this number if even ONE person says it's a scam? This number has been calling my house and cell phone number. What BANK calls you with important information, and doesn't leave a message? What BANK calls you at odd hours like 8 and 8:30 pm? That is unprofessional, and it is NOT Wells. PLEASE just call the number on your card or go to your bank! You've been warned. -AlmostFooledCollegeStudent
 Feb 15th, 2017
Call was an automated system claiming to be Wells Fargo wanting to confirm suspicious activity on my card. I called Wells Fargo using the number from their website and the live banker I spoke to confirmed that the call was legitimate.
 Feb 10th, 2017
This was legit for me-Wells Fargo contacting about fraud on my account.
North Carolina
 Oct 14th, 2016
I called Wells Fargo and it actually was Wells Fargo trying to reach me regarding unusual activity. Not a scam.
 Jun 09th, 2016
Wells Fargo Anti-Fraud SCAM!!!!!!!!!!
 Jun 03rd, 2016

Talked to the real Wells Fargo Fraud department and said they would never use a "text to speech" software reader you can find online for an automated call (they said it would be a live person) and that the number would never be blocked or show up as UNAVAILABLE

all the "whew so glad they called!" bs comments below are lies...if they were real, why would that many people go out of their way to claim this was a valid number...PUH=LEEEZ
 Mar 27th, 2015
Particularly since I have no association with Wells Fargo. Nice try.
 Apr 09th, 2014
**** Just got off the line with the Wells Fargo Fraud Rep at Wells Corporate: ****

----------- WELLS FARGO WILL NEVER CALL YOU ---------------

Pay NO attention to the comments saying this is a legit Wells Fargo number --- the positive comments are from the SCAMMERS themselves.


This particular call is only ONE PIECE of a puzzle: it verifies your IDENTITY and your ZIP CODE and links you to one or more SPECIFIC TRANSACTIONS that they can use as a cross-check to find and verify your home address and link it to your other Identity info.

A related call from a different number, attempts to get the LAST FOUR DIGITS OF YOUR SSAN and your email address.

Another related call attempts to get the names of your pets and/or of your children ... lots of folks use these in their passwords.

A series of related Emails attempt to elicit additional information under the guise of an online order that seems to be undeliverable or a late insurance premium payment... or an older child in the emergency room of some urgent care center ... and BLAH-Blah-Blah.

SO -- If it says: UNKNOWN or PRIVATE NUMBER or PRIVATE CALLER or NO ID -- D O N' T A N S W E R T H E P H O N E !!!!!!!!!!!
 Mar 20th, 2014
Called Well's Fargo, was a LEGIT fraud alert. Someone tried to use my card in U.K.
D. W.
 Feb 24th, 2014
these calls have SURLY caused extreme hardship on my family PLEASE!!! STOP these calls from coming through or tell me how to stop them
rebecca macswan
 Dec 20th, 2013
It is valid. Called number on card and resolved glad i did. user tried multiple transaction. Wells Fargo replaced funds immediately. If you questions use the number on the card or call your branch office.
 Dec 16th, 2013
Phone number for Wells Fargo Fraud Department. I called the number on the back of my WF card and had them conference call the 800-704-0855 number for me - so they could help me determine if phone number was valid for WF. Automated message - asks only for your zip code and then gives a couple charges on your account to verify if they are legitimate or not. Glad I called.
 Dec 10th, 2013
I called the main number on the card and 1-800-704-0855 was verified as the anti-fraud unit number
Danger lose
 Nov 17th, 2013
This is a legit call from the Wells Fargo ATM/Debit card anti-fraud department. All they ask for is your zip (they already know your name). Glad they called, I had 2 fraudulent charges on my card which they will reimburse, and cancelled the old card and sent me a new one to prevent any further fraudulent charges. It's a shame we live in a world where this is necessary, but hats off to WFB for spotting it so quickly. If you get a call from this number, answer it, if they ask for anything more than your zip, hang-up.
 Oct 29th, 2013
don't be a bonehead. all they ask for is your zip, then read off transactions that you made, if you didn't make them they cancel your card. it doesn't even ask for any acct numbers. the people saying it is a scam are typical uninformed republican voters. get real
 Oct 24th, 2013
I got a call from this number saying I had fraudent activity on my account. I called Wells Fargo at the number on the back of my check card. This was Wells Fargo who called me. I had 2 fraudulent charges on my check card that had been declined. They closed out my check card and are sending me a new one. No matter what call your bank from the number on the back of your card just to be safe.
 Oct 20th, 2013
OK It was Legit here is the story of how I verified it. My guess is previously people who called Wells Fargo asked the wrong questions.

Left message to call same number back. Caller ID said unavailable so there was no way I'd doing that. Always call the number on the back of your card.

I called the number on the back of my card (1 800 TO WELLS) in case I was being phished. Took several verifications by the girl who answered at Wells Fargo. She eventually transferred me to Anti Fraud division by the bank. Turns out my debit card number is in Spain with out me. It had two smallish attempted transactions which were declined. Bank cancelled card number sending replacement.

These banks need to fix caller ID listings for their call out lines. They look like scammers even when they are legit.
 Sep 18th, 2013
Wells verified with me that this toll free number is a fraudulent ring of criminals posing as Wells Fargo. Yesterday my acct was hacked, & today I rec'd a call, coming up on caller ID as TOLL FREE 1-800-704-0855, It was prerecorded message saying to call Wells Fargo at this toll free number regarding fraudulent activity on my account. NEVER CALL BACK! Huge Scam. Report this info to FCC. Same number called me last year too (even when my acct had not been hacked). They are merely trying to get more info from you, including security code on back of your card). Your savings account number, checking account number,zip code etc. The FCC will absolutely prosecute them and you may receive $ for reporting it when they are found guilty. If you do have fraud activity on your acct, only call number on your card, or go directly to your bank. After you report it, Wells will give you a
 Aug 15th, 2013
Is Wells Fargo. They canceled pending transactions as they were fraudulent. Only asked for my zip code.
 Jul 30th, 2013
 Jul 25th, 2013
I don't know who to believe. Message said Wells Fargo Fraud Div. When you call this number they want you to input the phone number they called from, however that did not work, they next ask you to put in your credit card number. I think NOT. I hung up and called the bank directly. They said that this is not the number to their fraud division. However the actual number the bank gave me 800-TO-WELLS is not the fraud division either. Whole thing is suspicious.
 Jul 18th, 2013
This IS Wells Fargo fraud prevention if they call you with your name and ask only for your ZIP code.
 Jul 07th, 2013
I got a call from this number. I called it back because I did have unauthorized activity on my account. They voided my card and sent me another one. However, before getting my new card I was getting nervous thinking "OMG, maybe that was a scam call, too". So I called Wells Fargo's number from their website, and they verified that it was them. I got my new card today so I know it was legit. I am seeing mixed responses on these sites and I don't know if scammers use this number, too. Luckily for me it was WF.

In short: Call Wells Fargo from your card just to be safe.
 Jun 05th, 2013
This number is a SCAM.

Those on here saying its not are SCAMMERS.

If you ever get a call or message about your bank or credit, call them back using the number that you put in your address book/contact list or the number on the back of your card or your statement NOT the number that called you.
 May 22nd, 2013
this is wells fargo
 Apr 27th, 2013
This is most certainly Wells Fargo fraud prevention. I live on the West Coast and made some purchases on the East Coast while on vacation and the automated service called me in less than 2 minutes after the charge was approved. The only info I was asked for was the billing zip.
 Apr 19th, 2013
I got a call from this number about "fradulent activity" on my card and wanted to ask me information about my account for "verification." I immediately hung up the phone ,called Wells Fargo, and they told me that it wasn't they who called, and that if they needed to speak with me, they would have me call them, not call me and ask me to verify myself.

Don't trust that number. And don't trust that person above assuring you that it is a wells fargo number either.
 Feb 24th, 2013
No, this is NOT Wells Fargo fraud prevention. They asked for my full card number, myself, knowing that isn't right, I hung up and called the REAL Wells Fargo. There was no out of the ordinary transactions. And Wells Fargo told me they do NOT ask for the full card number, they only ask for the last 4 numbers. So Jason sir, you are mistaken. Better cancel your card.
 Jan 28th, 2013
This IS Wells Fargo fraud prevention. Received a call from them after making a purchase in the UK from California. The other commenter is mistaken.
 Jan 25th, 2013
Did not answer, but they left a message the first time. They said they were Wells Fargo Fraud services wanting to ask questions about some ATM transactions. Called them back, no answer and just sounded like buzzing. Called the Wells Fargo number on the back of my card to ask about the call, they claim to not have any department numbers with that number. The previous night someone had charged my card for a fraudulent purchase too so I had canceled my card. The bank thinks it could be that person who used my card trying to figure out my account further. DO NOT TRUST THIS UMBER!
 Nov 25th, 2012
Claims they want to verify ATM transactions
 Jun 09th, 2012