Jul 07th, 2016
We have been getting this call as well and we have also been getting cards in the mail about our warranty. The cards say call 800-978-4145. I am guessing they are one in the same.
 Jul 16th, 2008
got yet another 3 calls from these idiots today, but they havent left a voicemail yet. called qwest themselves and they said they would take care of it. i wonder if qwest will get to the problem sometime before christmas.......
 May 23rd, 2007
Just started receiving these calls when I switched my home phone to Quest.
 May 15th, 2007
I get calls from this number 4-5 times a day with no one on the other end. It is from Qwest and I requested that they send me any information through the mail. I told them I was on the do not call list but I have an account through them. The person on the other end told me they are allowed to and will continue to call me. I wish it would stop! It is interupting my business that is operated in my home.
Sherry Tiegs
 May 14th, 2007
We are on Do Not Call list. Yet, they call and never answer. Filed a complaint with FCC. No response from anyone at this point.
 May 08th, 2007
Friday, April 27, 2007 at 4:19 PM.
I was not home and the caller (800-699-3923) did not leave a message.
 Apr 28th, 2007
selling crap
 Apr 28th, 2007
I get calls from this number several times a day. Usually I do not answer it because I do not pick up calls from 800 numbers, but out of curiousity I finally did. They asked for my husband and when I asked if I coud take a message, they hung up, even though I am also on the account and able to answer questions. I'm tired of receiving calls from this company.
 Apr 26th, 2007
"Anonymous"???? And you want us to ask you questions???
 Apr 26th, 2007
I have had it with this number coming up all the time. Never leaves a message.
just me
 Apr 24th, 2007
These guys call daily, usually between 9-9:30 a.m., but never leave a message.
 Apr 19th, 2007
uninvited caller
 Apr 19th, 2007
ok everyone calm down i work for focus we are a client of qwest so yes when we call and say we are calling on behalf of qwest that is true, second the reason alot of you say there is no one there or we hang up is because some reps dont answer there call to talk to you fast enough so by the time they say hello you already hung upb/c you though no 1 was there. i do apoligize for all those people and in some dept we have to hang up the phone after so many rings thats what it is wen u say they hang up on you and the answer machine deal we are NOT allowed to leave a message it is against the law for us to do that since there is no emergency about your phone line so when the answer machine comes on we must get off the call i do apoligize for any inconviences you guys are having any questions just ask me i may be able to answer for you
 Apr 18th, 2007
Caller did not leave a message on answering machine.
 Apr 18th, 2007
I have received a call from this number each day except for Sunday. They do not leave a message. Today I answered the phone and there was no one there. I called the number back and it is a Qwest resenditial sales office. I asked them to put me on their do not call list.
 Apr 17th, 2007
We have continued to get calls from this number for a year. The caller was told after they stated they were from Qwest that we did not want to receive any more calls from them. The calls continue. I know longer answer any calls from an 800 number.
 Apr 12th, 2007
They've been calling daily for about a week, but they never leave a message.
 Mar 20th, 2007
Now that i got too this page, it makes sense, these calls from 800-699-3923.
I'm a qwest customer.
I get this number on my caller id history, but I don't want to bother picking up these calls and ask to get off my call list. will probly fall on deaf ears
 Mar 20th, 2007
As soon as answer machine picked up the caller disconnected.
John T.A.
 Mar 05th, 2007
Gotten this one a few times. No message.
 Mar 05th, 2007
I got a call from this number as well. I suggested if you are on the Do Not Call list to file a complaint via the FTC. Copy and paste this URL: https://www.donotcall.gov/Complain/ComplainCheck.aspx
Justin X
 Mar 01st, 2007
Keep calling, didn't leave a message. I guess they don't really want to talk to me. Maybe next time I will start a conversation on Gods Word the Bible with them. Oh well, they called first.
 Feb 28th, 2007
They called my home land line a few minutes before 8 pm. I called back after 8, and got a live person saying it was Qwest.
Alex Lee
 Feb 16th, 2007
uninvited caller 14:30
 Feb 12th, 2007
Again this company called asking if I wanted a credit card After I declined,they wanted to go "over"my account with me.I told her that Focus Commnications will be hearing from my attourney.She denied that she called from focus and that they were QWEST.
 Feb 12th, 2007
The company Focus Communications called today claiming to be with Qwest. They were trying to sell me a credit card.Since when did QWEST enter into the banking business?
 Feb 08th, 2007
Woke me up
 Feb 02nd, 2007
uninvited caller 1700
 Feb 01st, 2007
This number calls repeatedly with no one answering
Earl A
 Jan 17th, 2007
Please quit calling.
Darla Bauer
 Dec 20th, 2006
when answered, no one there, I hang up.
 Dec 19th, 2006
We've been getting calls from this number for over a year--most often there is no one on the line. When there's actually a human on the other end, the person says that Qwest would like to know how we like the service. Then comes the upsell. I always ask to have my number removed from the call list, but--you guessed it--"Qwest" continues to call. Today I called the number back and requested once again that my number be removed from the call list. We will be dropping our service with Qwest in the next few weeks--yay.
 Nov 30th, 2006
No sound
 Nov 29th, 2006
800-699-3923: Repeated daily hang ups from this number. I called them back and they identified themselves as Qwest...I complained and they hung up in person....very nice!
 Nov 13th, 2006
The company is Focus Communications. They claim to be calling on behalf of Qwest checking to make sure your service is the best it can be. In reality, they are trying to sell internet service and other crap. I have asked them not to call many times before and they hadn't called in about a month until today. When I told the guy this, he said it may take 30-60 days befor ethe calls stop.
 Nov 01st, 2006
5-10 calls per week - relentless!
 Sep 14th, 2006
I'm so sick of getting these annoying calls from Quest I'm considering just cancelling my phone and going completely Sprint.
 Sep 07th, 2006
No one there, just hangs up
 Aug 29th, 2006
Got the call on 08/17 @ 4:13pm. No message, no nothing!
 Aug 25th, 2006
got a call from these people

As usual...don't want what their selling
 Aug 17th, 2006
They call I answer they hang up I am sick and tired of answering their sales dept to "upgrade" my service if iwanted to i would have STOP CALLING
 Aug 07th, 2006
8/2/06 no one there. hung up
 Aug 03rd, 2006
No sound, has called at least 7x's at my job.
 Jul 25th, 2006
Qwest has redeemed itself to some extent.
I called Qwest directly today to complain about the calls from 800-699-3923. The rep took my information, did lengthy research after we got off the phone, and called me back just now.
800-699-3923 is a vendor called Focus which does this calling for Qwest. The Qwest rep expedited my request to be dropped from the list, he spoke to his supervisor and, I believe, Focus, and informed them that this type of calling is unacceptable. He pointed out whocalled.us and other Google results of searching for 800-699-3923 and the problem that Focus is causing Qwest.

I appreciated his followup and thoroughness. Others harrassed by this Focus company might do what I did - call Qwest directly and explain the problem. Maybe they'll drop Focus.
 Jul 22nd, 2006
800-699-3923 - After repeated hang ups, finally talked to a human on 7/20/06. He was calling to find out how we liked our service. We'd LEFT Qwest on 6/19/06, but evidently he didn't know this?, and I told him to remove us from the call list.

Fast forward to today - 7/22/06 - ANOTHER call from Qwest. "how do you like your service" - read him the riot act and told him we'd file an official complaint. Sheesh. This is harrassment.
 Jul 22nd, 2006
2006-07-17 - caller ID showed 800-699-3923 - Tonight got ANOTHER call from this number. No one there, just a hang up.
 Jul 18th, 2006
No sound
 Jun 07th, 2006