800-695-7444 now has "Agent Dancy" in charge, calling on behalf of "Dwayne Combs" about my "urgent business matter," which has now been "escalated"! It's almost worth going out and buying a burner phone just to call them back and waste their time.
North Carolina
Received a call Specialist (unable to hear name correctly) from 800-695-7444 x *******. Claimed need to speak to me or my legal counsel to prevent further legal action from being taken against me. First, if you're a professional company, you identify yourself and your company - clearly. Next, you ask for a callback - do not threaten legal action that you have no right to carry out…
 Jul 12th, 2017
I got the same call and it's imperative to make it my priority to call them before taking legal action.
 Feb 27th, 2017
Who you
 Feb 13th, 2017
They give you a Damn name tell you or your attorney to call never once did they state what company it was for they just said I received something on my desk today that is disturbing and needs to be addressed immediately cause it would benefit YOU! Ah ok tell me what it is and who th HELL are you identify yourself dumbass!
 Sep 16th, 2016
I don't like they make it seem like your going to be in trouble... overt nothing
 Nov 23rd, 2015
implied will take legal action immediately
 Aug 10th, 2015
This number called my brothers house and told them that he was an Attorney Mullins and if I wasn't represented by an Attorney, he needed to hear from me by tomorrow. The number was 800-695-7444 Ext 1227616. They apparently had just called my cell but didn't hear it and didn't leave a message or number. I googled it and it came up as WWFNB, this is an attempt to collect a debt. They call from different numbers each time, I must have a list of at least 30 different numbers they call from.
 Jan 31st, 2014
This is Comenity calling to collect for World Financial Network National Bank (or whatever the bank's latest name is).
 Jan 17th, 2013
I knnow I am passed due on bills, but have no unemployment, and working only a temp job and all money goes to buying presciptions for my diabetes. Once I do that and put gas in the car to get to temp job, there is nothing left. Try to tell me to pay and go without my insulin, you will pay dearly!
 Dec 04th, 2012
2 months ago my payments were fine they said- now since I only owe them $359 they want it in full- told them I was being sued by 2 other credit cards so just join them in the line if my payments were not good enough now- I AM TRYING TO PAY ALL CREDIT CARDS AND LOANS OFF BUT YOU SON OF A BITCHES DON'T CARE IF SOMEONE EATS, HAS A ROOF OVER THEIR HEADS, ETC SO TAKE ME TO COURT AND WHEN I TELL THE JUDGE YOU WERE ACCEPTING MY PAYMENTS AND NOW THEY AREN'T GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU WE WILL SEE WHAT THEY SAY!!!!!
 Jul 18th, 2011
They have been taking payments from my checking account for awhile and last time I called to find out what totals were they said I was fine so why is someone calling me now and threatening me with going to court? I believe the only cards I have with this place is Peebles and Goody's
 Jul 02nd, 2011
"Tyler" is the typical "Pay Youse Bills" crank, usually from the collection industry, required in all discussions of consumer debt. Just like on the job, facts and evidence don't matter, just arrogant bully tactics and big payouts.

I enjoy seeing Diana the paralegal's occasional entries here, and I agree that the FDCPA is required reading, at FTC-dot-gov. Understandably from her job perspective she never covered the easier available defenses before any lawsuit is hinted. Collectors must validate claims and/or restrict contact on written request. If the case comes down to wrong person, wrong amount, hostile treatment, whatever, and collectors ignore the laws, you have private right of action to sue them into submission. If their case is weak it may settle rapidly for a check with your name on it.
 Nov 20th, 2010
Thanks for the messages below. This has helped my identifiy who has been calling.
As for TYLER, you should be ashamed of yourself! If someone is injured in an accident and is no longer able to work and pay the bills you suggest that they end their lives? There are many deceint hardworking people out there that have fallen on hard times. Since you are so smart, why don't you find work for them so they can pay their bills? You are the ignorant one. Suppose that you fall on hard times? You can't say it will never happen. I just hope that you donn't run into someone just like yourself, an angry, selfish, uncompassionate weasle.
 Nov 19th, 2010
Caller identified himself as "Agent" Daniels. Agent of what I don't know, didn't give name of company. He made it sound threatening and as if he was a member of some law enforcement agency. which he was not.
 May 11th, 2010
Tyloer you are a looser!
 Mar 23rd, 2010
Just pay your fucking bills you deadbeats. All of you are a drain on the economy. You all are dirt, grime, scum. Take your own lives now, because you're worth nothing and not even a little bit valuable to anyone, ANYONE! There is seriously no point in continuing your lives; this is the end.
 Feb 02nd, 2010
I have been left messages for me or my attorney to call or they were going to turn it over to higher authorities for a month, then they were going to contact my place of employment (which I have no job or would be making my payments and not to them) for a month, now they are calling saying something about a document I received needed to have action taken on it and I haven't received diddly squat from them but phone calls
 Jan 05th, 2010
I got the same message left on my phone from an"Agent Mathews" that I had better call promptly or have an attorney call or he would be forced to make a decision. He called my phone on a Friday night at 715pm and i was at work. I saw the number here so I am not so worried. Can they legally say they are police or I.R.S. when they are not? Unfortunately the number was blocked when it showed up .. but he did leave his number.
 Aug 15th, 2009
Oops, forgot to list the website with Fair Debt Collection Practices Act:
 Jun 30th, 2009
Okay anyone who is getting phone calls from a collection agency. When you owe money to someone, say a hospital, the hospital will contract with the collection agency to get money from you. The collection agency usually gets around 25% of any money they collect. But that is all the power that a collection agency has. They can call you and you can arrange to make payments with them if you chose to. Otherwise, the hospital and/or the collection agency has to turn the debt over to a law firm to file suit in the county that you live in. A collection agency can report the debt to a credit bureau but that is the only power they have over you. If you really want to play games, make sure that you do not answer the door to any strangers, particularly strangers with paperwork in their hand. The are there to serve you. Even if it is a sheriff, do not answer the door - you do not have to, contrary to what people think. That is one of the job descriptions of most sheriff offices. They are sent the Summons and Complaint by a law firm with your name and they go out to your house and serve you. Most people are so intimidated by having a cop at their door that they answer it. Once again, you do not have to answer the door. If by some chance, you do actually get served, you can call the law firm who is listed on the Summons and try to settle the debt and make arrangements to pay or you can go to court on the date on the summons and try to settle it there. If a law firm gets a Judgment against you in court, they can legally get 25% of your income per month and they can surprise attack your bank account and wipe it out. If you get a judgment against you on a debt, clear out your bank accounts because you will get no warning that a law firm is about to freeze the money in the account. One more word on collection agencies - they are governed by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Go here, download and read your rights. Collection agencies have to follow very specific rules on how they talk to you. If you can get them to threaten you and get it on tape, then they will be liable to you for three times the amount of the debt.

Hope this helps. I was a paralegal in a law firm that did collections for 17 years.
 Jun 30th, 2009
I got a message from an "Agent Mathews" you must call me or have your attorney call me or I will be forced to make a decision that WILL affect you. Shaking in my boots now.
Whatever U Jerk
 Jun 30th, 2009
A man called and left a real serious message and left the #800-695-7444. He threatened me to call him or he was going to take action....for what? What a joke! Well I'm waiting asshole come on.
Happy go lucky
 May 23rd, 2009
Recording left said "This is Miss Sinclair from World Financial Network Bank" and message said to call her back at 800-695-7444 Extension 6190.
I have submitted complaints to the FCC and just got back another one today on this very number, saying "We have determined that unfortunately we cannot take enforcement action on this case because it does not indicate a violation of the Communication Act of 1934, as amended, or the FCC's rules."

That's pure bullshit and the FCC knows it. They have a toll-free number which I'm going to call and tell them what I think!

I have a list of these bogus numbers handy, so when I see them pop up on Caller ID, I pick up the phone and say "Go fuck yourself and take this number off your list now!" before they even have a chance to say word one. It's really the only satisfaction you can get with these clowns.
Pissed Off
 Sep 09th, 2008
The call is from World Financial Bank/Brylane Catalog. The call is most likely for collection purposes.
 Jan 24th, 2008