Phishing Call came in at 8:07pm this evening from a number listed as:
Googled the number like everyone else here to learn any helpful information about these Potential Phishers. Logged on to:
Clicked on the "Report Suspicious email" link under the "Privacy & Security" section.
Emailed Bank of America at:
Explained the phone call and gave the (514)940-3507 phone number so as the Customer Representative at Bank of America informed me that indeed it was not them who were calling from that number. The CSRep notified me that "IF" Bank of America ever does attempt to call their customer's they add a notation for verification on the account so that it can be validated by customers with similar concerns.

To report a suspicious email that uses Bank of America's name, forward it to us immediately at
Suspect you are a victim of fraud?
Report fraudulent activity not associated with Online Banking:
CA: 800-678-1433
ID, WA: 800.442.6680
All others states: 800-432-1000
Report fraudulent activity within Online Banking:
CA: 800-678-1433
ID, WA: 800-442-6680
All other states: 800-933-6262
**We also filed a formal complaint and recieved an immediate Case number with the Federal Trade Commission at:
Hope this helps you all too, Be Careful and let's get these guys!!!
 Jan 12th, 2008