I'm at work the present time. This morning when the phone rang, I could tell by looking at the CID, it wasn't a client so I pressed the speaker phone button "saying NOTHING". After a few seconds I got "if you are trying to make a call - - - - - - " I then hung up. I don't say anything. They don't say ANYTHING. They just hang up. Every call that comes to this office will be reported to the AG (Attorney General). In my case > TEXAS. I suggest everybody else out there do the same exact thing no matter what state you live in. If they say they can't do anything about it, Tell them "WELL, TEXAS IS & THEY HAVE CAUGHT SOME OF THERE IDIOTS & STILL DOING IT". Have them to get a hold of our AG if you are not successful. You should do one of the following below if not all, to get your AG's attention;

1} call the toll free #> If you don't have it for your state, either call INFORMATION or call TEXAS asking if they have your state's toll free #. The TEXAS # is 800-252-8011

2} Make sure when you call & get a hold of an AG representative (NOT THE PERSON THAT ANSWERS THE PHONE), if you can get their (your AG's) address for writing them to turn these people in &

3} Get their E-mail address to that state.

Another # to call for all of this is 888-382-1222 The Federal Trade Commission (FTC). If they say something to you about putting your name on the do not call list, inform them "THAT DOESN'T WORK > IT JUST MAKES THE CALLS COME IN MORE" (which it does).

EXTRA > You can also file a complaint with the FTC at www.donotcall.gov

I hope this works out for everybody.
 Oct 09th, 2009