Same as others. Called and I let it go to voice mail. All I could hear is someone fumbling around but did not say anything. I guess their robo-dialer does not let the agent know when to talk after going to voice mail. They call ever couple of weeks, so they are now going to be blocked.
 Jun 13th, 2018
Left a message on my answering machine with nothing but heavy breathing and the faint sounds of other telemarketers hard at work in the background.
 Nov 23rd, 2015
Same thing, left a message about activity on my 'business credit report', stating it was important to call back. There was a long pause while he looked up his extension when leaving the call back number. Agree its a scam because there was NO reference as to a name for whom he was calling.
 Jan 31st, 2014
They called and the person (Jonathon) left message about unfavorable activity on my business credit rating. Talked on the message so fast that I had to replay it a few times to understand what was said. I have a small business, but know it's a scam since he did not have my full legal name. pfft!! Gonna tell him this call is being recorded if I get to answer it next time.
 Aug 19th, 2013
Called me too about my "business credit report", left voicemail, gave a call back number of 866-257-4284 x3237 and said to reference my "DUNS number". I do own a small business but don't need any credit. I think they are just gathering information to sell to other people/companies, disguised as a benefit to the business owner.
 Feb 19th, 2013
These idiots keep calling my home number with messages that "it is imperative we speak to you about recent activity on your Dun & Bradstreet commercial credit report"
 May 23rd, 2012