It is indeed AT&T. They left no message. Seems like it was a promotional call of some kind. Screw them, # is now blocked.
 Sep 05th, 2012
On all Toll Free calls coming into our home, from any source, we lift receiver and set it back down; solely for the purpose of not listening to several rings and getting dead air on the answering machine. If it is a corporation, they should not hide behind the TOLL FREE CALL logo. We have received calls from other corporations using 800; 877; etc numbers but which identify the Company name. Seems, an ethical company would do the same; and would require contractors calling on its behalf to do likewise.
 Aug 02nd, 2011
866-614-6535 888-432-3151 410-986-0085 866-534-0248 866-372-8498 704-523-8444 866-816-1066 877-394-8289 888-804-3484 215-441-3000 888-438-6896 888-804-3488 800-735-6588 877-803-8009 800-842-0640 866-425-8131 800-979-6560 866-767-5640 800-321-7267 866-437-7403 888-841-7074 866-849-2443 800-807-7809 877-888-2043 877-793-8271 877-232-1835 888-816-1066 800-688-3370 888-675-5788 866-856-1299 888-316-3306 866-849-2439 866-776-8221 866-570-4110 800-220-2274 866-287-2543 410-846-2502 866-372-8497 800-709-8625 877-847-0092 866-401-2140 800-765-2733 800-477-1827 866-853-4965 866-429-3592 866-695-3017 888-871-6484 800-432-3988 330-782-6318 888-217-9861 800-915-3992 888-899-4778 866-889-6745 800-275-5196 404-320-0964 620-000-0000 602-000-0000 602-263-1141 866-376-1967 877-860-8153 800-816-5572 866-378-2735 416-932-4500 800-860-4200 800-233-1486 800-816-5576 866-473-9021 800-759-2224 800-213-9882 800-445-4918 866-278-1213 866-576-1447 866-220-7580 866-628-7095 800-810-0590 888-394-0494 800-786-9330 866-358-1762 800-688-7929 800-275-8105 877-273-3495 888-831-6994 888-379-4884 877-847-1486 877-899-0192 888-899-8039 215-244-4200 215-442-8300 800-621-7195 866-381-9807 800-218-1175 866-256-9096 800-477-3826 866-473-6445 866-932-6731 614-827-7500 866-506-2667 800-897-0308 800-303-1995 425-648-9467 267-519-4400 866-671-7222 866-922-1984 800-273-8616 888-858-5979 800-785-1426 800-260-5570 800-616-1171 866-711-4718 866-701-1275 800-511-8670 800-709-8623 800-974-9728 800-273-6816 877-843-7429 866-266-6318 866-319-8981 800-728-3346 866-442-0536 877-231-1251 877-349-7517 800-733-8782 888-788-7033 877-363-0954 810-588-7103 800-727-8444 650-230-1968 800-688-3390 800-480-1534 877-212-7434 866-227-9324
NCO phone
 Jul 17th, 2011
Received call from this number at 3:40 on 9-23-2010. No caller ID to identify caller.
 Sep 23rd, 2010
Unknown caller or company because I don't answer. They call over and over.
Donna McCartney
 May 15th, 2010
They SAY they're AT&T, but my Hubby works for AT&T and says it's an outside company hired some time ago by AT&T to help them with current customer services. They are now cold calling and trying to get sign ups for AT&T to show they are worth keeping. They are not and we have told the bosses about these harassing and rude calls! I get them at my office about 8 times a day!! Hopefully, AT&T will fire them quick!
 Aug 14th, 2009
Thanks a million to Jennifer in Texas, who noted on a way to stop these survey calls! Get your phone bill. Then call the main AT&T number on your phone bill. (I accidentally called Jennifer's main number for Austin TX, 800-616-1171, but it worked a treat!) When you get the automated voice guy, confirm your telephone number and then say "Unwanted calls." That will connect you with a human service rep. Ask to be removed from all automated survey and offer calls. You may have to verify your identity (by stating your first name) and authority (by supplying the ID from your AT&T bill - it's a three-digit number that appears just after your phone number in the upper-right corner of the bill). The rep apologized for my trouble, told me that he had removed my number from all automated calls, and said that it would take from 3-30 days for the change to be enacted. Total investment: a couple of minutes of typing (him) and waiting (me).
 Aug 05th, 2009
It's AT&T - won't leave a message. When I return the call it goes into voice mail hell with punching numbers, and that moronic man's voice that speaks to you like you are an eleven year old child. 8:29 AM ... WTF?!
 Apr 07th, 2009
We do not even have AT&T. Not for Phone, Internet, or cell phones. We got rid of our landline phone when SWBell was bought by AT&T. We paid the bill in full when we cancelled it. We have requested this bill they say we owe, and they say they are unable to send it because it was "too long ago." So when I speak to a supervisor, they claim that I still have it, when I don't. I use my cell phone as a modem through Sprint, and I pay that bill in full every month. So these people need to stop calling me on my cell phone and wasting my money. How they even got this number I do not know. I have ad it changed twice since they started harassing me. I have a lawyer friend who is building up a lawsuit aginst them. Apparently they do this to tons of people.
 Feb 02nd, 2009
Looking for new Phone company in San Antonio Texas. Att bough out the others that i know of. Please help!
John an Larry are right PLease find a phone company and let us know! Making Shortcut to this page.
 Jan 06th, 2009
Call came from Texas to Kansas at 0957 hours on 10-16-08. Not answered and caller ID only said "Out Of Area. Others indicate this is ATT Accounts Receivable.
 Oct 19th, 2008
I dont even have at&t and they still call all the time.
 Apr 15th, 2008
Hung up when answered the phone
Helen Hanrahan
 Apr 03rd, 2008
these companies call and don't id who they are calling,if my bill isnt paid on time i'm sure i don't need a reminder i probably dont have the dam money and will pay when i have if ,they always have the option to disconnect,and i'll just go with another carrier,and send them a cease and desist letter to stop calls.
 Jan 04th, 2008
This number calls says to either hold or call bak...when i call bak i get the biggest shuffle around. this co. is a bunch of freakin' idiots. i signed on to a 99.00 dollar a month plan for dish and phone and internet...what i got was a 1st bill for 248.00 month...438.00 next month....198.00 does that sound like 99.00 a month? hell no ! so now i get calls saying my bill isnt paid when i just paid 75.00 over the phone( i cancelled the dish service) when i only had to pay 45.00...and they keep alling...freaking retards!!!!!!!!!!
 Nov 13th, 2007
This number calls 3 or 4 times a day and my bill is not late. Too bad when I answer, it's nothing but dead air.
 Nov 02nd, 2007
For 25 years I've been trying desperately to avoid dealing with AT&T. The company is run by (as Larry so aptly put) idiots. If you know anyone who has a severe learning disability, I know where they can get a job. The company is run by idiots, managed by morons, supervised by retards, and employs dumb-asses.
Finally, I was with Southwestern Bell and guess who buys them out. Now I'm stuck with a company that stupidity aspires to.
They call-I answer. They say I haven't paid my phone bill. I tell them once again they've risen to the cream of the crap. I look at my online statement, the check has cleared. They threaten to disconnect my phone. I tell them to go ahead. They say even if I fax them a copy of the cancelled check I will have to pay re-connect fees once I've proven that I paid them. I told them cancel everything.
I am looking for a new home/DSL/cellular service that will include in their contract that they will never sell their company to AT&T. Any suggestions?
 Oct 30th, 2007
This is an ATT collection center. You probably forgot to pay your phone bill. I talked to some idiot at that number who told me my bill was not paid in full. I told the idiot they would receive the money in a few days, since I do not give credit card and banking info over the phone. I ask the idiot to note the account and not to call back. Sure enough they called back 4 hours later. I requested the idiot's superviser and told them I think ATT, which has billions of dollars in assets, can wait for 5 days to receive payment. I told to supervisor that if they called again, not only would I withhold payment, but I would cancel my att phone, cable, and cellphone service and I would follow up with a customer service complaint to all the executives in the company. I was informed that if I did that they would report it on my credit. I told the supervisor I did not care since I pay cash for everything and I have plenty of positive information on my credit report. I can't stand this type of blackmail. They have more to lose, MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 May 31st, 2007
It's not a phone sex line... I called the number back as well and got an AT&T recording.
 May 30th, 2007
OK - this is confusing. The caller is from ATT and once, they did leave a message. So, I called back at this 800-616-1171 and got a message for live phone sex. So, what is going on here?
 May 23rd, 2007
continiously calling and not saying anything, just hangs up when my answering machine answers.
 Dec 15th, 2006