On Monday, October 10, 2017, I received 2 calls in the afternoon between 2:30 pm and 4:30 pm. On both calls, a gentleman identified himself as being John Wilson with Hewlett Packard Corp. (HP), Technical Support. ***PLEASE NOTE: FOR CONSISTENCY AND CLARITY, THE ABBREVIATIONS: “HP” WILL BE USE FOR HEWLETT PACKARD CORPORATION.
1st Call: The man on the phone identified himself as John Wilson with HP Technical Support and he immediately began telling me that he was contacting me because my computer was sending HP reports indicating that there was a virus on my computer. He said: if left untreated it could cause permanent damage, etc. Then without allowing me to even respond he ask me to let him know when my computer was up and running, and he would instruct me what to type in my search menu, which I could find at the bottom left-hand side of my monitor screen on my taskbar. I replied: I don’t have time for computer scammers!! Get off my phone and don’t call back, do you understand me!! Then I disconnected the call.
2nd Call: Occurs approximately 1hr.25min. later and it is the same man. He said: he was John Wilson with HP tech. support, I said: no, you’re not. He said: Yes mam, I am. I'll prove it to you. I said: ok prove it, what is my name, and what equipment is registered to me? He said: You bought an HP-Pavilion on 11-2005, (this is old info. but I don't allow him to know this at that moment) I simply reply: ok I'm listening, go on. He said: you have been having difficulty with the equipment and there is a report we received from your computer indicating the possibility of a virus. I said: what was the case number and date associated with that call. He said: hold one moment, I will have to pull that page up on my computer. I replied: no problem I'm waiting. He replied: the Case Number is 303022569 and before he provided me with the date, he changes the subject and tries to explain why he's calling me and ask if I will let him know when I have my computer on and ready to type in the command info. into my search window. I quickly replied: I need the associated date, sir? He said: I can give it to you and your e-mail address too if you'd like. I said: that was my very next question? Then without ever giving me the date, he begins telling me my e-mail address, etc.
FACTS: This is a scam call!! 1) his accent clearly indicated to me he is from India and I don't know too many people from India named JOHN. 2) the equipment and date of purchase is correct, but is old information on a computer that had been returned due to a failed hardware issue!! It is not my current equipment registered with HP. 3.) The case number is not likely mine but a wild guess. I keep a CALL LOG on every call I make to HP with every case number I’m given and the technician I speak with, along with a brief reason I placed the call, what the end result is and what test was run, etc.
MY TIME TO MESS WITH HIM: I ended the call by telling the man that he had remained on the line long enough for me to get a tracer on his call. I told thanks have a good night. He quickly replied: Oh, so you have a call tracer on your computer. (very sarcastically spoken) and I replied: Oh, heavens no, I wouldn’t even know how to operate one. The police do, and they have one on my phone lines and it has nothing to do with you. You, however, just called the wrong person at the wrong time, and by the looks, on their faces, you are in big trouble. Needless-to-say, he hung up the phone very quickly.
 Oct 24th, 2017