People, this is a LOWLIFE phony junk collection agency. Their SOLE purpose is to annoy and harass people. They serve ZERO legitimate purpose and once they have your number, they will continue to call, annoy and harass you. It is HIGH time we take our lives back from these types of scumbags. I STRONGLY suggest you do the following.

A. Call them back, REPEATEDLY. Annoy and harass them as they have you. It's the ONLY way pieces of garbage like this get it through their THICK heads to leave people alone. Again, you are NOT dealing with legitimate honest people here. They KNOW what they are doing and chose to do so, so no sympathy is owed.

B. Fax them. Fax them LONG 200 page faxes telling them EXACTLY the kind of garbage they are and what you think of them.

C. File complaints. File as many as you can, you can do so for FREE on the websites of their local BBB, Attorney General and the FTC. You should also file a complaint here That is the address for the local regulatory board that regulates collection agencies where this company is based.

Remember, the ONLY way you are going to get this lowlifes to leave you alone is to take action. The ONLY way agencies respond is when they get a lot of complaints, so do yourselves and everyone else a favor and do your part. Let's put this garbage on the street

Here is their info:

Name: CRW Financial
Phone: 501-661-0710
Fax: 501-661-1029
Address: 6323 Father Tribou St

Little Rock, AR 72203
Principal: Mr. G.D. Peel, Vice President of Operations
Customer Contact: Mr. G.D. Peel, Vice President of Operations - 501-661-0710

Additional Addresses
4l5 N. McKinley, #470
Little Rock, AR 72205
Tel: 888-495-8352

PO Box 15035
Wilmington, DE 19850-5035

507 Prudential Rd
Horsham, PA 19044-2308

Additional Phone Numbers
Tel: 800-569-4835
 Apr 17th, 2010