This stupid company called me wanting Social Security # over the phone to verify... I am a bill collector and we don't do that. then they got very rude and angry with me because I refused to give her my SS#.. How Stupid... I recorded the call and now I am filing a complaint with FTC and BBB... Don't give them your personal information. They are trying to collect on out of stat debt...
 Sep 21st, 2011
They called my house today and asked for my husband's ex-wife of 15 years. Too bad this isn't the first one. We get calls all the time. She apparently has an aversion to paying her bills. Here's how I've dealt with them:

First, you need to make sure that you don't know the person they are asking for. If you do, give it up and tell them any information they're seeking. That's the quickest way to get them off the line. Most of the time, they are calling your number based on credit history, address history and phone history. Credit Collectors will go to distant cousins and old roommates to find the information they are seeking.

I usually re-iterate that the phone number they called is publicly registered to my husband and I. That the address attached to that phone number is legally registered to my husband and I. His divorce is public record. And that our marriage is public record as well. Knowing all of these facts, they can reasonably conclude that they are calling the wrong person on purpose and are indeed violating my rights.

After you have both agreed that you are not the person they are seeking, then you need to tell them that if they call your phone number again, that it will be considered harassment and that you will be forced to seek legal action.

Ask for their company name. Ask for that person's name and any extension number they might have. Let them know that you WANT to have this conversation recorded so that when you sue them for harrassment, they will have their own records to reference. Note the date and time that your call began and ended. Let them know that you've written this down.

I've been going through this for 7 years now and I've got it down to a science. Unfortunately, you will have to repeat this process every time they sell the debt to another agency as one threat of lawsuit only applies to the one calling at the time.
New Wife
 Jul 06th, 2011
its a collection agency Capital Management something They call all hours not just when they are supposed to
I keep telling them they have the wrong number but they tell me I am who they are looking for(i am not) and that
i basically am lying. Have several numbers 800-504-2429 also
Frankie K
 Jan 15th, 2011
Called & Left message on recorder to call. No names. I called, they wanted my Spouse. - "Manager" Dan Radell (sp?) got rude & hung up after saying it won't go away, but not wanting to share what his problem was.
 Mar 30th, 2010
debt collectors, first premiere bank charges off to them
 Apr 13th, 2009