Greg : Reported as a violation of the DNCL
 Jun 16th, 2014
Like Arch said below, it's a scam. They are located in Nevada, and call with the claim that they have authorization to change your telephone long distance carrier. If you let them, you are screwed. Poor quality service at outrageous costs, plus all kinds of extra charges showing up on your telephone bill.

Many of these telemarketing scams are being run by the same small group of criminals (organized crime), and are operating out of the same small set of boiler rooms.

Too bad the feds won't identify and put a bounty on the criminal kingpins. Eliminate them, and the problem would go away.
 Mar 20th, 2014
The call center now calling itself Integrated Services is run by a scam operation known as "29 Prime" (Russell Wallace: 9701 Jeronimo Rd, Irvine CA).... these are the turds that repeatedly call with a recorded message about getting your Website better placed on Goggle and Yahoo search engines.

Previous caller IDs associated with the number were "r2j2 & co" which is a documented 29 Prime alias.

Russell and friends sell what he calls the "prime marketing platform", which is the system being used by many of these illegal telemarketers..... listen carefully, they all sound pretty much the same... even the voices are the same. A lot of the annoying, repeated calls are coming from the same set of call centers (boiler rooms), operated or powered by Russell Wallace and 29Prime.

Not a whole lot you can do to stop these assholes.... you can try blocking their calls, but then they start using spoofed telephone numbers to get around the block list.

Best method to shut them up..... REPEATEDLY call their toll free telephone numbers and leave the line open until it disconnects. If everyone did this, over and over, and over again.... the cost of the toll free telephone charges might eventually bankrupt the assholes.

Some scam operator numbers to call: 800-491-5611; 888-513-77463 (29Prime); 800-291-1933 (Royal Bahama Cruise Lines)
 Mar 20th, 2014
 Mar 01st, 2014
Received several calls. No one on line when we pick up?
 Oct 30th, 2012