rs posted to call 800-481-2110 to put on "do not call list", but that is the number that has been hijacked, it's an old BofA number. It is causing a lot of problems lately, the con-artistry is extremely clever. DO NOT ANSWER or CALL this number.
 Apr 03rd, 2019
If you pick up the call and say you're going to cancel your credit card (or whatever service you belong to from B of A), they'll stop calling you. It worked for me.

You can also fill out an online form that will prevent the bank from giving your personal information to other affiliates:
 Aug 25th, 2008
 Apr 28th, 2008
This number calls everyday. I do not answer as this is a business and I don't have time to deal with things other than my work. I wish I had time to sit and call these people all day long and get paid for it!
 Feb 26th, 2008
Called few times, and they keep hanging up, left no msg.
 Jan 26th, 2008
It sounds like this a market research company which is not with the national do not call list. Ask Them to place you on there do not call list and it will only ban you from that survey and you will be able to be reached a numerous of other ways.
Ex Employee
 Jan 24th, 2008
I got called at my home number this AM. My number has been on the Do Not Call list since its inception and I do not have any current business relationship with BOA. Therefore, they have violated federal law. I called the 1-800-421-2110 below, spoke with a Chris Lampman at 9:05 AM today, Alaska Standard time, recorded the call, and told him BOA was violating federal law.

Even more annoying, there was no customer service rep. at the other end when BOA called me using the 1-800-460-0659 number. I could hear other reps talking to "customers" in the background, but no one took the call -- their autodialer was ahead of the pack.
 Jan 09th, 2008
5 calls today, called their number back and it was a card center from Bank of America, they share info with 3rd parties, call 1-800-421-2110 to get put on their do not call list
 Oct 26th, 2007
5 calls today, said they got my number from Bank of america, call bank of america and get on a do not call list with their company, they share info with 3rd parties.
 Oct 26th, 2007
This was a call "supposedly" from Bank of America... They did address me by full name (this is concerning) Wanting to tell me that I am a loyal customer and wanted to set me up with a new bank account. HA! As if I would set up a bank account over the phone.
 Oct 25th, 2007
I actually talked to the person and had them fill out an application. While he was filling it out I called the callerid 800 back on my other line. They answered as a different company name sooo that concerned me to say the least. Once the application was completed I called B of A business card services and told them the story..asked them to look up the reference number of my application that they guy gave me and it was in their in short this is NOT a phishing scam. They outsource their telemarketing to another company - they are a bit strange as I too got a call and dead silence.. then got another call minutes later and was connected to a person. Though i would pass this info along to people.
 Oct 12th, 2007
800-460-0659 belongs to

recvd call from them on 10-5-07, selling BofA crap. Told them they were calling a phone number on the national do not call list. They responded they would remove the number. Then I requested that they provide me with a copy of the BofA do not call policy and the one from there own company. (There required by federal law to give this too you) Guy on the phone had no idea what I was talking about. Told him that every time I asked and he refused it was $500.00 in small claims to me. (streched the truth on that one) Finally he got so flustered he put on a so called supervisor who tried to give me the run around, until he relizied that he was getting deeper and deeper in trouble. He ended up taking my address to send out a copy of the do not call policies, and I got him to fess up the name of the company he worked for.

800-460-0659 belonds to They are one of the worst telemarketers out there, not to mention collection agency. Hope this info helps everyone sue them in Small claims court. I am filing next week.
Mad N gotem
 Oct 06th, 2007
Called asking for the owner of the "business" but we are not a

Told them to remove me from their calling list....we'll see what happens.

I am in the DNC registry, but since someone in the household holds a BoA CC, they are exempt from the DNC registry...
 Sep 28th, 2007
They called my work office and asked if they can speak to the owner of the business. I just hung up on them.
 Sep 27th, 2007
Continue to call throughout the week at least once a business day. No message ever left. If a solictor, you figure they would at least leave a pitch on my voice mail.
 Sep 20th, 2007
After many calls, and when I answered all you heard were clicks, I called them back and at least the guy answered right away and was pleasant enough when I asked to be taken off the list. He had Caller ID and knew what number I was calling from --all I had to do was confirm it.
 Sep 17th, 2007
For a split second after pickup, there was a recording on the other end saying something. It did not finish the word so I could not make it out.

Caller was female "Sherry" who said she was our account manager at Bank of America and asked to speak to "the owner of the business". I found it strange to have an account manager who does not know the owner's name and who calls our business on a SATURDAY. I asked what the call was in regards to and she hung up.

I believe the chances are very slim that these are legitimate Bank of America calls.
David T.
 Sep 15th, 2007
I got a call this morning and no answer. I called back, and a very polite woman "Evelyn" told me that it was a Business Credit card offer. but Since they called my CEll phone, and it's new, it probably was an old company phone number. They apologized for the call and they told me that they were going to add my number to the Do not call registry. They said that it can take up to 30 days to remore it from the databses. Not bad for being a telemarketing call.
Gaston Rey
 Aug 31st, 2007
They call my home at least 5 or 6 times a day.
 Aug 09th, 2007
Morons keep calling and leaving no message on machine.
Today, some asswipe was too stupid to realize it was a machine (despite the obviously automated computer voice of my machine), and did a few, "hello? hello?"s before hanging up.
Why are idiots and their crappy little pathetic scamming "companies" like this allowed to exist?

They've called at least a dozen times in the past week alone.
 Aug 07th, 2007
Getting the tele-zapper for my phone
 Jul 19th, 2007
Absolutely hilarious!!! I was actually sitting here reading all the comments about this number, then low and behold, my phone rings... and guess who it is!!! Simply amazing. I am filing a complaint at the Do Not Call Registry.
 Jul 17th, 2007
They've been calling my cell phone 3 or 4 times a day for the last couple of weeks. They never leave a message. When I answer there's never anybody there.
david l.
 Jun 28th, 2007
this number calls several times a day. no message of course. no one there IF I pick up. will file a complaint with Do Not Call web site.
 Jun 20th, 2007
Call comes in as incoming call on call id and than hangs up when I answer. *69 gave 800-460-0659. When I called back I stayed on hold forever without any mention of company.
 Jun 15th, 2007
These people call day and night, for weeks now. The one time I answered there was no one on the line
 Jun 05th, 2007
We are a small business, just my husband and I (no employees, and never has been)...they asked for a Stephanie....I told them there was none of us with that name, and they hung up.
 May 24th, 2007
I believe this number is fraud they have both identified themselves as bank of america and quickbooks
 May 24th, 2007
They call and call.This morning(saturday) they called at 8:13am. What crap. I guess the do not call list I filed applies to them.
 Apr 07th, 2007
Ok, they've called me twice this morning with the last call coming in at 9:50AM PST on 4/07/2007. I'd previously told them on 4/04/2007 to remove me from their call list.
J. Hoel
 Apr 07th, 2007
The lady who called told me she was from a radio station and asked if I was aware of the current contest they were holding. I was because I had received a postcard in the mail. She told me the telephone number on the postcard wasn't the "contest line" and gave me a different number to try. I called that number and it put me through to the radio station but whoever answered sounded pissed and told me to call the number printed on the postcard. Weird.
 Apr 06th, 2007
Called again at 9:17 and 9:33am
They just never stop. Get the hint.
 Apr 05th, 2007
Called came in today at 12:31PM PST (4/04/2007). It just said 800 Service o the caller ID and showed the number 800-460-0659. When I answered a girl asked to speak to the business owner of the house (without identifying herself). I just said there aren't any business owners here, please remove me from your call list. Let's see if they call back....
J. Hoel
 Apr 04th, 2007
Have been getting several calls from this number. Finally answered hello once and a man came on saying the he was with Bank of America and offering a credit card for my business. He already has most of my personal info. HAS ANYONE ACTUALLY GOT ANYTHING FROM THEM OR IS THIS A SCAM?/?????????
 Mar 30th, 2007
It was Bank of America and they are calling people who have a business and telling them that they have earned a good credit rating and then offering them a loan.
 Mar 28th, 2007
I have had this company call me AT LEAST 30 times in the last two weeks on my business line. Finally just answered the phone (hello) got a human on the line who proceded to tell me about their card. I told her that I would report to the state attorney General if the calls do not cease. Got another call last night at 11:40 pm. It's time to place that call.
 Mar 23rd, 2007
I've been having to clear this number from my caller ID as many as 7 times a day for the past couple of weeks. Never any message left. When I was finally here to answer, I picked up the phone and said "This had better be good." Click. I called it back and got "Bank Card Services." They wanted to offer me a credit card. I said I wasn't interested and told her to take me off her list. That, she said, will take about 2 weeks to remove from their data base. There must be a law...
 Mar 14th, 2007
they have been calling in the morning,no messages left, I finally called them back, they where calling on my cell phone, they just had the wrong number, they said they will remove my nomber out of their calling list.
 Mar 14th, 2007
I called the number back and got the message - 'This call may be monitored and/or recorded for quality and compliance purposes. Please hold for the next available agent' and was then put on indefinite hold.
 Mar 12th, 2007
Well they called again today and I found out it is a Bank of America credit card offer. Time to file a complaint with the Do Not Call web site.
 Feb 23rd, 2007
Keeps calling and hangs up when answering machine comes on.
 Feb 21st, 2007