got a call today from this number asking for someone I don't know. got the number by using *69 on telephone. Caller had east indian accent. Told them didn't know person and if called again would file complaint with my state consumer affairs office and ftc
 Mar 10th, 2014
The rep asked for my wife by name. He was from India calling for allied interstate, a debt collector. We owe no debts but do get many calls for my wife who has a common name. It seems the debt collector was looking for someone else with the same name. So if you are getting calls from Allied Interstate talk with them and prove to them that they are calling the wrong person by asking them for the middle initial and address of the person they are seeking. It won't match and they will accept that and will stop calling you. They will move on to the next person with the same name in the phone book.

Before this was resolved there were several calls with no one there, this was just the poor job the computer dialer does in connecting the call to the rep, there is a delay as it reroutes to India.
So stay on the line and wait to talk to the rep and you can then end the calls. If you hang up they will call over and over.
Good luck.
 Oct 02nd, 2013
This happens because someone is not doing their job (*gasp!) as usual...WTF, man. Just stop these people from doing this crap! I have children, my youngest being 7 months old who I breastfeed! It pisses me off to no end to get up while I'm feeding my little guy only to find out it's some POS calling unnecessarily! We owe no debts and cannot afford shit right now! What a nuisance these calls are! Oh, but let my dog bark for a few seconds and a cop is at my door lickity split! But people are allowed to just call and call and drive you out of your fucking mind...yeah, again I say, someone is not doing their job as usual! Lazy bastards! I'm going to file a complaint against the FTC that they are not doing their job!!!

I've also been on the DNC list for quite some time. Get off your ass, FTC! Do something about these harassing calls NOW!
 May 28th, 2013
In speaking with the representative, he 'Dinesh Joshi' indicates that is 'calling from Allied Interstate' which seems to be a collection agency

He would not provide a physical address on his call to a number on the federal 'do not call list'

A google search turns up:

This website does not have any address information on it either

A further google search indicates they maintain (or formerly maintained) principal corporate offices at:
Allied Interstate, Inc.
3000 Corporate Exchange Drive
Columbus OH 43231

In looking through the prior reports, it appears that this number may be being used as the displayed caller ID for multiple entities as well, which is a technique used got firms selling telemarketing services, usually delivered through the new VOIP technologies. But using a common caller ID for multiple, it pollutes the 'reputation' of a number, and so makes calls harder to screen on an automated basis
 May 10th, 2013
That's two in two days from this number along with multiple other telemarketing scam calls that suddenly started happening EVERY &^(*&@# DAY and we're getting %$^@$%(@ TIRED OF IT. If I EVER find out who's making these calls, they'd better hire a SEAL team of bodyguards, because if I get my hands on 'em, they're as good as dead. Time to hunt down these scum and end this annoying daily disturbance once and for all... THE TELEMARKETING DEATH POSSE IS COMING FOR YOU!
Watch your back
 May 04th, 2013
Another hangup %$^@#! tired of this! Somehow, spam calls have increased 1,000% over the past month...not sure what's going on or how to stop it, since we've been on the DNC list since its inception...
 May 03rd, 2013
these calls come in 3 to 5 times a day. I answer and no one speaks. After a while it gets annoying. It makes you think someone is waiting for me to not be home. What is the location of 800 441 2982 and what is their regular landline. I will annoy them for a while.
Elmer McCoy
 Apr 25th, 2013
SCAMMERS / Robo Phone Calls here is my list for 2013. I will be collecting these numbers each time they call my home.

01/03/13 - 213-725-5669 -Home Security
01/07/13 - Out of Area - FBI
01/11/13 - 458-201-0235 Service a call
Reports a/Break-IN
01/16/13 - 678-395-8342 ??
01/17/13 - 770-284-3719 DRIVER's LISCENSE SCAM
01/17/13 - 770-728-6043 - GEORGIA
01/28/13 - 905-000-0000 Name not Found
01/29/13- 360-322-6030 - TimeShare
01/29/13 - 425-320-5061 - INTRcalling/FBI reports home break-in
02/27/13 - 347-502-2574 FBI reports home break-in
03/03/13 - 616-613-2092 -lower your interest
03/04/13 - 213-344-4839 Servers TDM
03/08/13- 312-340-5562 Member Services
04/08/13- 770-405-0270 - Headband VR
04/09/13-860-791-6718 - Out of Area
04/09/13- 312-327-9690 ED-Quest Info
04/10/13-770-854-0343 - Bill Collector looking for a Person that does not live here
04/11/13-860-791-6718 - Selling Pharmacy services Spam
04/15/13 - 312-775-1287 IPSOS
04/23/13 - 360-322-6115 - Your healthplan
04/23/13-360-322-6115 your health plan (called twice)
04/24/13 - 800-441-2982 (asked for Romero?) sounded like a call center in the background. Guy sound like from INDIA.
 Apr 24th, 2013