This is a legitimate call from the Capital One fraud department. It's actually listed on the Capital One website as their fraud department number.
 Sep 10th, 2014
It's the Capital One fraud number. They called, and I got an email about possible fraudulent activity. Checked my account and there were indeed two pending charges from outside the country. Good to know they're on the ball with this kind of activity!
 Aug 29th, 2014
Well they just called AGAIN. This time they asked to speak to "Amanda Altan". Apparently this Burhanettin and Amanda Altan either are MAJOR deadbeats racking up debt like mad all over the place or they are into a fraud operation. Apparently these people had my phone # right before I got it and have at least 15 different collection agencies after them. I've been getting occasional call after call from various collection agencies and credit agencies asking for them.
Now, to do a little research and find these people and get to the bottom of this......
Steve Dogan
 Feb 06th, 2012
Seen # on I.D. Similar to one I got yesterday so I decided to shoo them off by answering: "_____ police dept.!". BOY! Did that get rid of them in a hurry!
Steve Dogan
 Feb 06th, 2012
This REALLY is Capital One's direct number to their fraud department. They saw some suspicious activity (4 charges from the same vendor in a short period of time) and sent the e-mail with the phone number. I called the number on the back of my credit card and got the fraud department. Indeed, there were 4 pending charges, but they were from ME! I used my card to place test orders (then cancelled them) on a commerce website for whom I test software changes. THANK YOU Capital One for being concerned about my credit activity.
 Sep 28th, 2010
I received several calls from this number saying it was Capitol one. When I called back they wanted me to punch in my CC number which I declined. I went on line and found my account suspended for fraud activity. When I contacted the fraud unit, they advised me of $1000 worth of charges I had not made. They then told me to shred my card and would issue a new one and asked me to fill out an investigation report. It seemed all very legitimate to me. Haven't received the new card yet but was advised it was shipped yesterday.
 May 13th, 2010
Your credit card company is not going to contact you by email.You have been scammed if you called them back and gave them any information. Just calling a 800 number gives them your phone number, even if you have it blocked.
Think So
 Apr 07th, 2010
We recieved an email claiming to be from C1's Fraud Dept. with this as the callback number. I was very very suspicious of the email because it had all the ingredients of a scam. I also found many pages online where opinion was split over the legitimacy of similar emails refencing the number, and that's unusual for the typical email banking scam. Normally the opinions are not so evenly divided, so we called the number on the back of the card to ask if the email was legit. The C1 rep connected us to their fraud dept and they confirmed they had actually sent the email and that the number was good. We reviewed some recent transactions, no CC# was asked for or given--just the last 4 digits which are visible in online transactions anyway. We requested not to be contacted this way because it was too similar to the various scams and such email would likely go unanswered. They agreed to call us directly if any future transactions required review. Although I was almost totally convinced at first that the email was a scam, it turned out to be legitimate, but to be safe, if you get one of these emails, call the number on your card and not the one in the email. By the way, they said they would have called us had we not responded to the email.
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 Apr 07th, 2010
Contacted Capitol One directly - they say this number is NOT them. Hang up, and call the number on the back of your card.
 Feb 02nd, 2010
They ask you to key in your card number almost immediately. Even though its legit, the method of contact (email) isn't. So out of principal, I went thru the Customer Service #, and then asked for the fraud department. Never respond dirctly to an email solicitation unless you solidly know the number you are asked to call is Currently assigned to the caller you think is on the other end of the line.
 Oct 22nd, 2009
It's legit... I received the call, followed by an automated message asking me to hold for a member of the CaptialOne Fraud Dept., once on the line I was never asked my CC#, and she gave me details and locations of legitimate transactions I had made, as well as the information on the suspicious charges. After the initial suspicious charge they froze my account pending verification from me, in the mean time the thief attempted to make two additional charges, one online and one in Montreal (I'm in the Buckeye State btw). She was also able to verify my home address as to where I wanted fraud paperwork sent, and affidavit forms needed to initiate my claim for the one fraudulent charge- which was btw lol- I bet you the thief has that he's an "honest and trustworthy person" in his profile... I verified that I was not assigning any rights away by allowing Capital One to pursue the investigation, and made sure that I was still within my rights to file a police report on the incident so that it could be pursued from multiple angles - as I still am not aware of where the breach occurred. No reason to not believe she was on the up and up, unless she's super sleuth and knows where I ate dinner last week, got my gas 4 days ago, and had my card declined last night due to the fraud alert... LoL My god, if the identity thieves have gotten that thorough, we're all going to be in the poor house...
 Aug 03rd, 2009
capital one fraud dept
 Aug 02nd, 2009
Have received numerous calls in the past 36 hours from this number followed by a brief silence before a live person on the other end asks for someone NOT at my home #. They have been told 3 times that this is the wrong # for that person and to PLEASE stop calling but they still do...
 Jun 23rd, 2009
We came across another phone number on these tax payer bailed out thugs and crooks after they started terrorizing our family and refused to stop, even after showing we DO NOT HAVE AN ACCOUNT WITH THEM! This number was listed on another web site dealing with Domestic War against America Citizens.

Capital One Legal Department
888-567-2271 Extension 4538741

This takes you directly to one of their little Legal Pukes where you can return the harassment they are perpetrating toward your family. We started calling this little puke right after each harassing call was made to us. It said to stop calling because we were harassing it. The nerve of these bastards. We said fine! Sue us and take us to court because we would love to discuss what is going on in open court. It hung up on us. After this continued for 5 days, the 8 month long Capital One attack on this American Family stopped, or has for now.

Don’t count on the law or politicians to stop the war on your family by the filth at Capital One because they are all in bed together (remember the $Billions$ of your money the Gov freely gave them!). They are all in bed together, laughing at you and me each night when they all get together for fine wine and steaks on your bill or Business Jet trips to Las Vegas for Gambling and Wholes also on your bill. You have to take their War back to them and take matters into your own hands. Turn the war waged on your family by Capital One back on them and call the above Capital One puke each time they call you.
 May 24th, 2009
I received a call at 8:26am EST from this number claiming they were Capital One fraud department. I told them they would have to call back as I was just leaving. I called the Capital One customer service phone number listed on their website about 45 minutes later and spoke to a rep. I mentioned that I had received a call from the fraud dept, and he looked at the notes and verified they did call. I was transfered to someone in their fraud department who wanted to verify some transactions. The lady read off about 5 recent transactions and I confirmed them.
It seems as though this is their way of randomly making sure that their customers are protected from fraudulent charges.

I would suggest to anyone who is concerned that the call may not be legitimate to ask the caller to log a note on your account, then call the customer service number on the back of the card 1/2 hour later and let them know you received a call from someone claiming to be Capital One fraud dept. They should see a note logged on you account if it was legitimate. They will then transfer you to the fraud dept. to verify transactions.

Hope this helps.
 Apr 09th, 2009
They are kind of screwed up, but this does seem to be capital one as verified by the number on the back of my card, but call the number on your card to be sure.
 Apr 01st, 2009
I received a message on voice mail today (March 2, 2009)and they left this phone number. Instead, I called customer service (on back of my card). The woman I spoke with said Capital One did NOT leave me the message. Scary.
 Mar 02nd, 2009
Called twice in 3 minutes this morning and three times yesterday but did not leave a message. After reading posts here, I went online to check on my capital one accounts and one had been disabled with a note to call customer service. Upon calling capital one at their online customer service number, they confirmed that their had been several fraudulent charges over the past 5 days, some of which they had already approved and one which they had declined. They cancelled that account number and issued a new one. As noted in other posts, several of the charges were online merchants in England. I rarely use this card (last legit charge was nearly 2 months ago) and don't "save" my accounts with online merchants, so based on the fraud pattern from recent posts I suspect this might have been a capital one server breach (which they would not confirm or deny). Glad they caught it, but wish they would have ID'd themselves in their calls!
 Jan 27th, 2009
Dec 26th 2008 2:18. I just off the phone with Capital One customer service at 800-955-7070. The 800-427-9428 is really the Capital One fraud department’s phone number. I spoke to a male Account’s supervisor named “Dan” and then a female Senior Account’s supervisor name “Sam”. I tried to communicate to them that the way the Fraud Department handles suspicious purchased was timely but the 800-427-9428 phone number was unverifiable as Capital One. A better number would be the 800-955-7070 customer service printed on the back of every customer’s credit card. This number is verifiable. They were both apologetic but apathetic and I really don’t see any change in the future
 Dec 26th, 2008
On Dec 26th 2008 at 1:30 pm I received a call from a phone robot claiming to be Capital One Fraud department, claiming that there was fraud on my card. I was told to call this number 800-427-9428. When I called, the answering system claims that it was Capital One fraud department. I chose not to enter my credit card number but wanted to speak to someone. Rashid answered and wanted my CC #. I refused and asked him to verify that he was really Capital One. He promptly and abruptly hung up.
 Dec 26th, 2008
This is the direct phone number for Capital One Fraud. It was given to me by the Customer service department that is listed on the back of my Capital One card when I received some suspicious phishy phone calls claiming to be from Capital one but coming from 800-968-2231 which Capital One claims not to own.
Paula Kelman
 Dec 11th, 2008
So I got this call today too - and she said the same as the others have mentioned "unusual activity on my Cap one Card." However she TOLD me the charges and the amounts and where the charge were done at to verify if they were mine or not (they weren't) one was for 19.99 and the other 49.99 which she said triggered their alert system because of the size and one followed the other quickly. I asked her to tell ME what my cc number was to confirm it was a card I had - she was able to do this. She then asked me for the last 4 digits of my social and my mailing address to confirm who I was. All seems legit. She said tomorrow I would be able to see the charges on my online acct statement - however she did kill the card and is sending a new one.
 Dec 10th, 2008
I received a call at 4:10p today on my work cell phone. Was on another call and could grap the cell. So I called the 800# back. Automated message said Capital One and suspicious activity on account and asked for me to input my account number. Didn't think at the time, I don't have a Capital One card anymore and why would they call my work cell that is not listed with anything. When I finally spoke to a lady, she said they are Capital One Fraud and maybe someone was using my work cell # with their account. Doesn't really make any sense to me. I still am suspicious and was almost stupid enough to input my other credit card # into the phone.
 Dec 09th, 2008
This is legit. I wouldn't dare call the number back, so I called Capital One, and it is indeed a call from their fraud department. There was some activity on my acct that was fraud. Someone in Great Britian tried to use it. Thank goodness for this alert.
 Dec 04th, 2008
asked info they should have already have had on file. they tell you all to verify ID but consumer has no way to verify their ID. called capitol one after regretting information I gave them. they told me this is a Capitol One number. Still call doesn't sit well with me.
double checker
 Nov 17th, 2008
We had a message on our answering machine telling us to call the Capital One Fraud Detection Department. We called this number and it immediately prompted us to enter the credit card number. Being suspicious, we called the regular customer service number on the back of the card instead. Someone actually did steal my wife's credit card number. If you get this kind of message and have a Capital One card, I'd suggest you call the number on the back of the card. If you do not have a card, the home number they have is probably an old number for someone that does have an account with them.
 Sep 25th, 2008
I received a phone call from this number indicating fradulent charges on my account. Ironically, I do not even have a Capital One credit card. I called Capital One (from the number listed on their website) and they were unable to verify that this was their fraud department number. Seems like a phishing scam to me - I would not give them any information.
am suspicious
 Aug 04th, 2008
I too have been receiving these calls & cannot use my card.
 Mar 20th, 2008
Called and number seems to be a legit Cap One number. Unfortunately they won't tell you how and where your acct was compromised. They just issue you a new cc number.
 Jan 07th, 2008
I received an email to call this number, which I did. It was an automated system that asked for the credit card number input. I did the same thing that qwerty did and entered random numbers. The person the call transferred me to asked for the credit card number. When I refused to give it, they asked me to call the CS number on the back of the credit card and ask to be transferred to the fraud department. I did and there were in fact suspicious charges on my account. Even one for today of over $500, and I just got out of bed! They closed the account, are sending an affidavit to contest the charges, and so on. I don't know if the number for the "Consumer Fraud Department" is legit, but certainly call the main CS number if you get a message from them.
 Jan 05th, 2008
received a call, I was not home so they left a vm message. Told me to call back because of a fraud report and to have my credit card ready to enter the required numbers. The caller ID number turns out to be from the fraud department at Capital one BUT on their voice mail they want me to call a different number, that being 800-427-9428. to verify recent activity on my CC. They want me to enter the CC number on the phone. I am NOT going to do this---even though it sounds legitimate, why didn't they have a real person leave a message on my phone with an extention number. I don't even know which cc capital one cc they are referring to, I have more than one. I would think that if it is an emergency and someone else is using it that they would contact me with a real person on the other end of the phone and NOT leave a message. I checked all of my capital one cc's online and none of them have fraudulent activity---THIS IS A SCAM!!!
 Nov 10th, 2007
Same messages heard from other comments made. Not sure if this is legit. Called the number and was asking for my cc# and I hung up. Chkd on-line to see if there were fraudulent charges to my acct and there were none. The number is also NOT listed in the website nor the the Fraud Dept.
 Sep 11th, 2007
Confirmed w/Capital One this is their Fraud Dept. Told them they should post this number on their website and on the back of the credit cards. Was told the number "is confidential" which is the most asinine response ever. Why they wouldn't want to save the time and energy of their cardholders and customer service agents is beyond me. What a ridiculous waste of everyone's time just to confirm this is indeed Capital One!
 Sep 09th, 2007
Calls from: 617-231-2039

1st call/no message;
2nd call/left message to call Cap. One Fraud Div.; two #'s given:
w/ 7 digit access #
and / or


legitimate # for Cap. One Fraud Div: 800-427-9428

...thanks to postings here we knew NOT to return call to either #

tried to report bogus #'s to legit Cap. One Fraud Div. .............
overall attitue:
"And, what do you expect to
do about this?"

Know you're on your own ..
maybe think twice before
applying for Cap. One Card
 Aug 31st, 2007
I verified with Capital One 800-955-7070) that this is their Fraud Department phone number. They had originally left a message on my voicemail to call the number. Always call the number on your card first though, my two cents.
 Jul 17th, 2007
Got a message telling me to call this number. The woman said she was with Capital One Fraud Protection. I didn't bother calling back as it sounded really bogus. I checked my online account and everything looked in order. If there were something actually wrong with my account, why wouldn't they have asked me to call the number on my card? BEWARE OF THESE PEOPLE; do not give them personal info. If you have doubts, call the number on the back of the card, not the number they [whoever "they" are] tell you to call.
 Jul 12th, 2007
Someone from this number called my WORK extension with the "possible fraud on your card" spiel, so I called the number, input random numbers for CC number and SSN (strangly let me in!), and waited for 28 minutes to get a person. When she finally answered I explained that I DON'T HAVE a Capital One account. She asked for my SSN, but I refused to volunteer it, but gave her the phone number that THEY called to leave a message, and said I would verify the SSN last four, but she wouldn't bulge. I accused them of phishing, and she said she could not help me. LESSON: Do NOT input personal information, only verify incomplete, but still identifiable, information to determine legitimacy. If this is ACTUALLY Capital One, they sure don't approach this in the correct way.
 Jun 25th, 2007
E-mail said call number they had listed right away. Suspious activity they wanted to verify. We were leary when nothing happened at number called.Still waiting for them to verify themselves as Capital One.Hope it was Capital one.
 Jun 12th, 2007
Was indeed Capital One fraud dept. I was suspicious when I received an email from them to call this number. But it's legit.
 May 21st, 2007
Got Call from 800-427-9428, I did not pickup, no message left.
Not sure who the caller is.
 May 10th, 2007
Same as the two callers above.
 Mar 22nd, 2007
Confirmed with Capital One customer service that this IS their Fraud Department phone number. Still, it seems to me they should not just announce who they are and then ask for my credit card number, but should have asked me to call the customer service number on the back of the credit card, so I would know for sure that I'm talking with Capital One.
 Jan 25th, 2007
Call to Capital One confirmed that this is their Fraud Dept....Would be a good idea to check and ensure you are calling a legitimate number, though.
 Jan 18th, 2007
Caller says your name and asks that you call back Capital One Fraud Department. But this number presumably does not belong to Capital One. They are probably phishing to get credit card and other personal info.
 Jan 17th, 2007